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Altair Club Cars 2015 Volkswagen Golf TSI | Driven: Car Review | The New York Times

2015 Volkswagen Golf TSI | Driven: Car Review | The New York Times

The classic silhouette of the Volkswagen Golf hasn’t changed much in 40 years, but its high-end touches and fuel-efficient power make it a good value.

If we all had to drive the same car the seventh generation volkswagen golf could be the egalitarian choice i’m tom volk with driven for the new york times think about it when launched in 1974 it replaced the beetle the original people’s car a two-door golf starts at just under 19 grand but various models can please all but the luxury buyer volkswagen does not skimp

On the powertrain choices there’s the all-electric e-golf the incredibly fuel-efficient tdi diesel high performance gti one of my favorite cars and if that’s not potent enough for you there’s the all-wheel drive r model this is the version most will buy the tsi it gets its scoot from a velvety 1.8 liter turbocharged four-cylinder there’s 170 horsepower and 200

Pound-feet of torque low in the power band a six-speed automatic is standard in this top-line sel model it’s not the dual clutch unit in the gti with a hint of turbo lag the tsi does the dash to 60 miles an hour in just under eight seconds there’s no torque steer that’s the tugging of the steering wheel in front wheel drive cars with decent power golf has that

Intangible german feel to it very quiet comfortable and refined the fyi most golfs sold in north america are made in mexico longer wider and lower than the outgoing car it’s lighter by up to 79 pounds that helps fuel efficiency compared to the old base engine it’s up by six miles per gallon highway a reason to smile but it’s the driving dynamics that will make

You grin it’s a hoot to chuck into corners remember this is the standard golf it handles better than most competitors sport models makes me really want to drive the gti the iihs rates golf a top safety pick if the cabin’s material quality were any better golf would be draining sails away from audi there are premium touches it sounds solid too gauges are clear

Well bolstered heated seats work for nearly everyone but real leather is not available the interface is smartly designed the screen is small but uses its real estate well the fender sound system rocks plugging directly into your phone or ipod requires a proprietary cord there’s no usb port that’s a feature that’s been pretty common in cars for the past five years

Volkswagen you might want to look into that you’ll hear the backup camera doing its thing at least it stays clean if you have a family or carpool often this space is very usable the seats are nicely contoured foot knee leg and headroom are good not overly generous two grown-ups will have few issues back here allow me to demonstrate why hatchbacks rule sedans have

A tough time handling one of these golf happily swallows two who needs a crossover choose between maximum cargo room or a little space under the floor to stash a computer out of sight golf does the usual hatchback tricks and can haul skis with folks in the back with the floor in its highest position the trunk is as large as many mid-sized sedans that’s a 5-pack

Score reliability well golf is new but consumer reports says volkswagen as a brand is average these days with quality varying depending on model the chiseled lines are evolutionary the silhouette hasn’t changed much in 40 years this one fully loaded comes in just under 30 thousand dollars if that seems expensive the spendy feel gives it value thankfully there are

Many cars to choose from but if there weren’t the volkswagen golf is a crowd pleaser you

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