2015 volkswagen golf r review
Altair Club Cars 2015 Volkswagen Golf R review

2015 Volkswagen Golf R review

The all-new Volkswagen Golf R arrives soon. With 300hp and all-wheel-drive this hot hatchback is a blast to drive. The all-new VW Golf is built on the MQB platform, shared with Audi, the same engine and platform as the Audi S3

This is exciting getting a chance to drive the seventh-generation golf r around lake geneva in switzerland a year before it’s available in canada but not to worry the seventh generation volkswagen golf is arriving in canada in the summer of 2014 i’ve had a chance to drive the base model already gone is the two and a half litre five-cylinder engine with 170 horsepower

Replacing it is a 1.8 liter turbo 4-cylinder also with 170 horsepower the exciting news for canadians yes the golf tdi is coming as well right out of the gate that’s very popular over 50% of all golf sold are tdi’s then i had a chance to drive the gti in austria last year 210 horsepower what a wonderful engine beautiful car and nice-looking interior and today we get

A chance to drive the golf r now it’s not going to be available for a year but this car might just be worth the wait it’s going to have roughly 300 horsepower the horsepower hasn’t been finalized because they calculate horsepower differently in europe than they do in north america 300 horsepower all-wheel drive manual transmission or a dual clutch automatic wonderful

Looking platform now when you look at the golf any iteration whether it’s the base gti or the golf r you think to yourself you know it looks a lot like the old model but it’s actually longer it’s wider it’s lower and the main component it’s lighter which means it gives you better driving dynamics too stiffer chassis and it’s going to have better handling but here we

Are in switzerland first of all before we get going i’ll show you what’s going on inside it doesn’t matter whether it’s the base golf or this top of range golf r the interior is very similar from model to model and what you get with this new mqb platform is much more space it’s a wider car longer car a little bit more squat but the dimensions on the inside certainly

Help you notice that right away with the centre console here you’ve got a bigger screen the system is very easy to use and that’s one of the things that volkswagen is known for simplicity of use and you can see the execution here in the dashboard soft touch materials you’ve got the straight forward looking radio a navigation system three easy-to-use dials beneath

At four your hvac system and then you have a little storage area behind the shifter here the seating position is wonderful you can see there’s all new switched gear for all the switches on the steering wheel and on the car all new for the seventh generation model the center console is large as well and that’s because the car is just a little bit bigger but what

You get with this arm model are these wonderfully supported seats big bolsters and you get the name emblazoned on the back of the seat there so overall this is a very functional car well one thing i should point out and one of the reviews i did of the base model golf i noted that it doesn’t have a handbrake any longer they’ve gone to electronic parking brake and

When you drive with a manual transmission you kind of miss that hand brake but this car is available with the manual or with the twin clutch automatic when you have this transmission and the electronic parking brake you have the ability to have the auto hold feature what that does is allow you when you have the system on every single time you come to a stoplight

And you’re sitting there for 20 or 30 seconds lift your foot off the brake and the car will hold itself even when it’s in drive you push your foot on the throttle it disconnects and away you go during a commute to and from work you would use this hundreds of times and it’s a feature i think once you’ve had it you’d want it in every car now the golf gti has 210

Horsepower from a 2-liter turbocharged direct-injection engine this car is also 2 litres direct injection and turbocharged but it pumps out 300 horsepower in europe we picked the canadian version of 290 s the way they calculate horsepower in europe versus north america not the byzantines the engine it is a lot of scoot the other thing it’s got a fantastic noise

It just scoots along no problem at all now the difference between the golf r we got a year ago in canada and this new one that’s coming next year is the fact that it’s available either with a 6-speed manual transmission or the 6-speed dual-clutch dsg transmission that has lightning quick shifts the other thing about the shifts is that this car now is programmable

There’s a menu here you hit mode and it goes from comfort to normal race-inspired individual you can set up things like how crisp you want the transmission to shift how much throttle response you want with the engine the steering feel and all those features that you get with a modern car so this new golf r can be dialed in just the way the driver wants and be a

Very rewarding and invigorating drive the all-wheel-drive system gives you confidence really is a great overall package for people who don’t want a front-wheel drive high horsepower car this is the one to get from volkswagen because you’re putting the power to all four wheels when you look at this golf you kind of think to yourself it looks like the old golf they

Have evolved the design but take it from me this is a brand new car brand new platform brand new everything so even though it looks similar to the old model it really has nothing in common what it does have in common is the same platform engine transmission and all-wheel drive system as the new audi s3 i’ve had a chance to drive that car it’s equally as fantastic

But it’s going to be more money that car starts at forty four thousand dollars the price for this has not been officially announced but expected to be right at the same price as the previous golf r which was $40,000 all you have to choose is the color of the car whether you want manual transmission or the dsg so really this is a better value you get the same

Underpinnings but it’s a golf it’s not an audi but a whi shopper will choose the one that has the go with just a little less show

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