2015 toyota tundra double cab tr
Altair Club Cars 2015 Toyota Tundra Double Cab TRD (short)

2015 Toyota Tundra Double Cab TRD (short)

New Car Review of the 2015 Toyota Tundra Double Cab TRD (short)

Hello driver do fans richard rush here today with my good friend walt mclain behind the camera and we’re going to take a short look at the 2015 toyota tundra trd pro double cap it’s a mouthful but really this is a toyota tundra with the trd off-road package that they’ve added for 2015 added on to it and it’s the double cab versus the crew max which tundra also

Makes toyota also makes so really i’m a fan of this and for those of you that are interested the trd gives you a few different extra features if you want to know more about that well actually talk about that here in a second and we’ll also go into the specifics when we get into the long review but let’s actually take a quick look look excuse me take a quick walk

Around the vehicle head on it i’ll give you my opinion and we’ll get on out of here so as you come to the front of the vehicle it looks like a typical tundra not much different i do love this orange trd color i call i know that’s not what toyota does they also make these in a white with the black wheels but i just love this orange color it’s very attractive it’s

Very eye-catching eye popping and my personal fan i love the look of the tundra truck i especially love the look of the tundra truck when they add it the trd pro package so as we kind of come around to the side you’ll again that see the different body angles i know some people have complained oh it’s too foxy it’s too much of a look i’ve gotten more comments than

Not about how aggressive this truck looks and how much people like that so it’s a toyota something to keep in mind that you’re doing an excellent job at so you can see again you have the kind of the blacked out emblems here the decals right here you will notice for the trd model well again the trd wheels right here this does come with trd exhaust actually let

Me give you the specifics real quick comes with 18 inch wheels trd dual exhaust 2 inch ride height increase unique styling front skid plate bucket seats with red stitching with which we’ll show you in the long review in a larger 7-inch touchscreen with hd sirius all that good stuff you’ll see the exhaust right here you’ll also see the trd pro is actually stamped

Into the bed right here on the side tundra is stamped into the back here the two-inch ride height is a definite advantage to the to the tundra especially for the off-roading that you may or may not be doing i recommend if you are going to be using your truck for off-road capabilities not i’m not talking just a dirt road i’m talking about maybe you’re gonna take

It racing on a dirt track maybe you’re gonna go up to the mountains or do some rock crawling with it definitely the trd is gonna be the most capable tundra of them all there are some nicer ones you can get the the 1794 edition and some of those some of you’re gonna ask what does this compare most closely to this compares to the sr5 tundra which is going to start

It actually when you pull up my notes here about $31,000 for 2015 so with that we’re gonna head on out of here my opinion absolutely love this truck it works great the engine works great it’s got more than enough power especially at our elevation the exhaust sounds awesome love the looks of it love the features that toyotas done plus you get a toyota which really

Above all else for some of you is gonna be what sets this apart so with that if you want to learn more head to toyota’s website check out our a long review we’ll get we get into the specifics of this specific truck and if you want to learn really a lot more actually hits your local toyota dealer tell them that john and richard rush from drive radio sent you oh

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