2015 ram promaster city van vs d
Altair Club Cars 2015 Ram ProMaster City Van vs Dirt Bike Loading & Hauling Review

2015 Ram ProMaster City Van vs Dirt Bike Loading & Hauling Review

( ) The 2015 Ram ProMaster City is a small Van that can haul both people and their things. In this TFLTruck test we see how well a dirt bike fits into 2015 Ram ProMaster City Van.

Ladies and gentlemen this is a 2015 ram promaster city what makes it unique well it has a nine speed transmission 117 horsepower engine and enough room to be a work van or a passenger van and this well this is my dual sport suzuki 200 ccs and there’s a problem with it it’s not running very well so normally i would load it up in the raptor and take it over to the

Suzuki dealership to have it looked at but today since we have the ram promaster city let’s see if it will haul this dirt bike to the dealership and that is coming up right now in the fast lane truck he seats will fold and give me more space in the back of the van so let’s fold him let’s see how easy to fold follow me sliding doors nice over here there’s a little

Tab i hit that and then i pull up on this lever and the first thing i notice is that the seat won’t fold i have to move the front seat forward like so and then voila i can open up the room for the motorcycle let’s do it with the back seat as well up the ramp we go look at that barely and this is a 200 cc motorcycle it’s for a bigger bike i’m not sure it would

Fit and it may not fit even as we speak because the issue is well look at that it’s just a little too long maybe if i put it in like this and scooch this end over it might just barely fit not gonna be easy not easy at all let’s ride this way hmm i could probably scooch it over some but i may need some help with this this you get in here keep that good smooth good

White go over all right the kickstand down i will use tie downs when actually wrong with the bike but these fam shield doors of course have to be closed in the right order that one and this one and now come on over here let’s eat this door closes just barely so a 200 tc dual-sport motorcycle will fit in a van let me go get some tie-downs and we’ll take it over to

The suzuki dealership all right i’m trucking over to the suzuki dealership and in case you’re curious i’m getting 19 mpg and mixed city driving the epa says i got the sticker right here 21 city 29 highway 24 combined as a motorcycle hauling machine it’s not bad the nice thing about this is easy to load it keeps things safe and secure keys are inside and of course

Dry but the downside is this is a 200 cc motorcycle it anything bigger would probably not fit in here very well or at all and let’s face it if you’re loading a motorcycle on a truck there’s a lot more room to load it and of course if you’re really talented you can write it up the ramp which i am terrified to do so that’s why i gave it a 2.5 or 2 and a half out of

5 as a motorcycle hollard overall the van is very useful including my favorite feature which is this little comfortable up here which holds something like this camera that’s pretty good size company whole for holding your stuff maybe a sandwich maybe some files so check it out guys we’re approaching the suzuki dealership motorcycle has not come barreling into the

Driver’s seat i guess i did tied down okay and as always this is rhomin reporting for the fast lane truck check out tfl truck comm from our news views and real world truck reviews and of course come back again well we’re going to take this fan up the icarly we’re gonna tow something probably that jeep trailer since the total capacity of this thing is only about

1800 pounds that’s not a lot and the jeep trailer that extreme trailer we use for motor mounts at least 1500 that may not be adapting it to fbi anyway see you guys next time ciao you

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2015 Ram ProMaster City Van vs Dirt Bike Loading & Hauling Review By The Fast Lane Truck

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