2015 porsche macan s review
Altair Club Cars 2015 Porsche Macan S Review

2015 Porsche Macan S Review

The all-new Porsche Macan S is the latest Porsche compact Luxury SUV. Porsche calls the Macan the sports car of luxury crossover utility vehicles. The Macan S is the base model for now. With seating for 5-passengers this Macan is a smaller option than buying the larger Cayenne SUV.

Well i’m pretty excited because this is the all-new porsche macan what porsche calls the sports car of compact suvs and i’m excited because i have two porsches i’ve got an older 911 carrera 4s and i have a cayenne suv that we use as our daily driver so i use both a sports car and i use their utility vehicle and they’ve baked both they say into this the sports car

Of suvs the basis of this car as many people know is the audi q5 platform but porsche says they’ve basically used that platform built everything up its brand new suspensions engines the way it handles and performs staggered offset wheels all kinds of things to make this a true porsche so we’re here in california taking this new makaan on the racetrack at willow

Springs so here we are at willow springs oh boy this is always fun when you get to go on a racetrack with any car but when you get to go on the racetrack with a porsche well that is a special day it really is and this is a technical technical track and this makaan we’re driving the the base ass with the 3 liter 6-cylinder is really quite a machine i’m surprised you

Know when you drive these when you drive this makaan on the road you really don’t get an appreciation for what it’s capable of doing but when you take it out on the track it really is a lot of fun now this this one has ksm added on to it so you do get the ability to change the suspension feel but it is it has a lot of fun so what i’m finding here now that we’ve

Been around this track i don’t know half dozen times or so is that you know it is not a sports car it has more mass obviously it’s heavier so therefore you have to be more precise with your transitions and your braking points but if you get it wrong i’ll admit i’ve had a few have not been spot on the car gathers itself it really is quite collected and balanced and

When you start to you know get a little pear-shaped in a corner it’s not the front end plowing through or the back end rotating around it’s actually the whole car just feels this one unit like the whole all four wheels are are are kind of capturing you and bringing you back to where you should be so it’s really impressive that it’s it feels so safe all right we

Had a chance to drive the turbo and now we’re getting a chance to drive the makaan s which is also a turbo it can be really confusing the turbo quote turbo version is a 3.6 liter v6 with 400 horsepower this ass is a 3 liter with 340 horsepower and 339 foot-pounds of torque its no slug i’m going to tell you that right now now with the turbo the steel springs also

Have the addition of pasm that’s porsche stability system and it’s optional on the makaan s and i would suggest if you’re interested in buying the makaan ask that you actually spring for that update because it does make a big difference having a chance to drive it on the track with or without and having a chance to carve through the canyons outside of los angeles

Here it really does make a big difference and this is the car that i really wanted to drive because this is the one most people are going to get they’re going to go for the makaan s about 70% of the people shopping for this car will probably get the s model so i really wanted to drive it and i got to tell you if you spend the money and add on the extra features

That you really want it really is an avenue of a step down it’s a very nice car and 340 horsepower does a fantastic job especially with the 7-speed dual-clutch pdk transmission the makaan s really was the vehicle that i wanted to drive the most today sure the turbo is a lot of fun but the line share of people are going to choose the less expensive vehicle and add

More features and it really isn’t that much of a step down 60 horsepower is noticeable when you’re going flat out on the racetrack but when you’re driving it in the conditions we were today on curvy canyon roads and out on the freeway going to work coming home doing regular activities it’s going to do just fine and you can use that extra money and add in exactly

The way you want it to go the makaan is not big that’s one thing i want to stress when you compare it to a cayenne which i have i noticed it’s quite a bit narrower the backseat is a lot smaller and obviously doesn’t have the cargo capability i really think this isn’t the vehicle for a family of four probably a bigger vehicle is this is more a car for a professional

Or a professional couple that likes to go out and do some activities on the weekend go skiing things like that it’s a wonderful vehicle their own be making 50,000 mekons around the world so i don’t think it’s a question of whether people are going to like it i think it’s going to be more of a question as are they going to be able to get one when they go into the dealership

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