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Altair Club Cars 2015 MINI COOPER CONVERTIBLE For Sale


This is a 2015 mini cooper convertible in a color called white silver let me show you around coming around this side this is the passenger side clean lines all the way down that’s her rear alloy wheel my shadow tire tread is all good she has got to the parking sensors across the back as i said she is a pupil the boot is all in great condition nothing to write home

About coming around this is the rear driver side alloy wheel through the back here three nines no dings and dents but i am just going to open her up and i will show you the back seats first so they are full leather punch leather no rips in there at all this is the front passenger seat again all in really good condition full punch leather sports seats in the front

Tooth bolsters are good they often get ripped but this hasn’t all pretty clean in price i’m just going to step in turn the radio down so you can see just here she’s done fifteen thousand two hundred and sixty nine miles she has got full service history she’s got multifunction steering wheel with these being the controls for your audio your radio and cd etc and

This side are the controls for your cruise control coming across here you can see the doll in the middle take it back to the home button i don’t know if you can see here but you’ve got the settings here you can go and go around multimedia your settings vehicle info many services your contacts and your bluetooth etc so that’s all in there and i’ll show you the the

Buttons that i was operating are just here so this is your home button and this is the one that i was just turning around to change what you were seeing she is six forward speeds and one reverse these are all her controls across the center console she has got full heated seats at the front don’t know if you can see that song yep they’re working she has got aircon

These are your window buttons either side this is your front and rear fog lights this one here is your rear windows and this is door locking because she locks herself down when you’ve gone over a few miles an hour so if you want to let somebody in you don’t have to reach across you can just literally push the button she has got the piano black interior she’s got

A full book pack etc in there so you can see in there that’s just her extra club box piano black all around the doors don’t know if you can see because of the sunshine and as i said she has um 15,000 miles so i’m just gonna show you her history in here i can there we go here we go her service information so next mot is july 2020 no that’s brake fluid sorry brake

Fluid is 2020 let me zoom out a bit then you can see mot is july twenty twenty nineteen thousand miles or july twenty twenty-one for an oil service thirty-seven thousand miles or oh seven twenty-three before she needs a major inspection 31,000 miles on a front brake pads and thirty four thousand on the back so as cars go this one is ready to go that is your last

Remaining door carver shoot the other one inside and i am just going to show you if i can see down here she has got two keys so here’s one and the others actually i don’t know if you can see yeah there’s actually in the lock there i don’t want to turn her off just shift because up here we have a button here which when i push this one you’re gonna see i would come

Up closing there we go now i can turn her off so you can see she is to keep let me finish showing you around the front that is the front driver side alloy wheel and again the tire trade isn’t really good and no dings or dents around the front here so she’s all in really good shape so if you’d like to see her more details on her she’ll be on our website which is

Mrs. mini coat uk and if you’d like to see her in the flesh give me a call i’m on my mobile oh seven five four zero twenty nine twenty two twenty two and thanks for watching

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