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Altair Club Cars 2015 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Vans RWD 3500 170 EXT Walk Around Car Tour Review Part 1

2015 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Vans RWD 3500 170 EXT Walk Around Car Tour Review Part 1

All right here’s the one we came for extender style paint job looks definitely a little bit older but the railing is a little bit missing there too as well standing cab definitely way bigger tires threads a little bit lost maybe we got 20 20 30 left on the tires was a double double tire though thank you sir um side here side entry nice little step here oh

Definitely deeper yeah i’ll ask him this obviously could be all removed it doesn’t look like any moisture damage or anything like that pretty well intact obviously these are just all framed up screwed in here sounds pretty quiet sink installed already i’m not sure what you’ll need that all for but it was pretty deep here’s the interior definitely been used a

Little bit all the scrapes and what have you see what this door does can’t open that door it’s probably locked i don’t know how to open it got a little ipad here i’m not sure he didn’t leave the keys got some kind of breathalyzer here or something 50 000 miles got the cruise got the phone the lights big big blind windshield uh visors not sure where he went

Right next to the airport so it goes pretty deep it’s really hot too can you work out it’s pretty pretty high up there i’m staying right here got about another foot and a half i would say nice little fan here too adding fan to attic fans pretty spacious like why five six feet five five feet really five and a half feet green span let’s go ahead and go look

Around yeah i’ll walk around it for you the tire is pretty bald see if we can open this back opened up pretty solid don’t saw any squeaks or anything a little bit of moisture damage there well that’s just glue i believe there’s the back of it got your components here let’s say you got some kind of compressor sub-pump water line shower lines fuse box some

Power generators the paint seems alright a little bit of dated stuff is faded a little bit tired or bald once again try to open up this oh here we go this door just throws over from the inside somehow let’s take a look at the hood i don’t know how you pop open the hood okay i think i just did it how about this bit definitely dirtier than the last one i’m not sure

Where the railing is to hold this up this is not a spring hood apparently there’s not a definitely dirty but i mean comes with it it’s got interstate nice interstate battery the wires all look pretty solid no leakage or anything like that it seems like everything is intact air filter is kind of interesting apparently the filters through this this hood which

I never seen that before apparently the other mercedes missing the over here i think was missing the thing too but that’s apparently how it attaches to this thing up here kind of kind of weird connection but overall looks pretty solid let’s take for test drive 2015 diesel oh it’s diesel 2015 diesel and uh let’s turn on the ac and stuff all right bumper looks good intact let’s see

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2015 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Vans RWD 3500 170" EXT Walk Around Car Tour Review Part 1 By MICHAEL HOME TOURS

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