2015 kia sedona sx driven car re
Altair Club Cars 2015 Kia Sedona SX | Driven: Car Review | The New York Times

2015 Kia Sedona SX | Driven: Car Review | The New York Times

Families have been filling their driveways with crossovers, but minivans, like Kia’s new Sedona, still offer a lot of utility.

The new sedona excels at hauling people in cargo it has suv design cues kia calls it a multi-purpose vehicle most of us see a minivan on tom bulk with driven for the new york times yes there is a stigma to this segment at the very least sedona is fashion-forward compared to its rivals the interior is swank enough in top sx limited trim that parents might designate

It a child free zone family life can be hectic every advantage helps take it from a guy who’s driven over 500 cars in the last 10 years no vehicle makes your life easier than a van not much as many about them anymore your kids future dorm room might be smaller sedona can bus up to eight this sxl hall 7 a low floor keeps loading easy and kids can’t make door dings

With these that’s worth something do i need to explain the appeal of these seats i don’t think so there’s one powertrain the 3.3 liter v6 delivers 276 horsepower and 248 pound-feet of torque the gearbox is a six-speed drag racing the little league coach sets a bad example but sedona gets the team home right quick zero to sixty happens in about seven and a half

Seconds don’t believe for a second that any vehicle in this segment handles even remotely like this that said and driving dynamics don’t get much better than sedonas it’s certainly more maneuverable than a large suv and it’s quiet too it won’t have to shout to get the kids attention kia keeps improving their steering feel though i’d like a little more fuel economy

Varies between sedona models by a few miles per gallon this van is an iihs top safety pick it can be argued that sedonas cabin quality has gone from worst to first the plastic lumber looks real leather is supple feel free to heat the wheel and cool the chair if you’d like and ipad like interface is quite good the screen is a bit of a reach though storage is found

Here here here here here and here a purse maybe a child could get lost in the console unlike others though it’s not removable you’ll know for certain who hit who first safety features include blind spot warning available radar assisted cruise control and this bird’s-eye camera system that’s very helpful in a vehicle of this size angles are selectable to about the

Mid row these indulgent thrones are exclusive to the sx limited model surprisingly they are not heated the second row is not removable in any sedona but lower trim models fold flat and tight up against the front chairs to create maximum cargo space chrysler vans keep the title of most flexible it’s fairly easy to get into the third row i am 5 foot 9 i don’t think

People taller than that will want to spend an awful lot of time back here the second row slides so legroom isn’t an issue let’s say you have your hands full with the proximity key in your pocket or purse you just need to stand to tailgate for about three or four seconds and it automatically opens eight packs of the two ply is what some two row crossovers hold there

A lot of handy stuff back here chrysler products are the only others with a rechargeable and lose a bull flashlight the seats are easy enough to drop though they’re a little heavy i can only bring 20 packs of this stuff out before it starts falling off the cart that’s all of them there’s no loss of visibility fully loaded sedona is an exceptionally nice van and

Should be for forty three thousand three hundred dollars starting at twenty seven grand the base model has the same powertrain room and deceptively elegant design suvs and crossovers might be the fashion statement families prefer these days but arriving relaxed and happy never goes out of style oh

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