2015 kia sedona back seat remova
Altair Club Cars 2015 Kia Sedona Back Seat Removal Part 1

2015 Kia Sedona Back Seat Removal Part 1

Okay this is a 2015 kia sedona i’m going to show you how to take out the rear seats unfortunately kia decided not to make them removable but i need them out so i’m going to show people how to do it there’s been a lot of people wondering how a few things are going to need a small hammer channellocks 9/16 socket t-55 stardrive zack don’t ice and i philips head

Screwdriver and first thing we’re going to do is start by taking out two front bolts there’s a door here door here these are the 9/16 bolts a little slot i’m gonna put these actor knife in there pop it open put this actor knife in there pop it open we’re gonna take these two bolts out right here i already got them started so it’s going to be a little faster i only

Have to take one i already removed the others okay we’re going to close those doors next we’re going to take the big lever and move the seat forward and there’s the door that cover that goes on here which i have removed because just like that you can swing it open feel free to take it off the hinges if you want and then there’s going to be two more bolts same size

One here one here we’re going to remove those i already have them taken out so now that the four bolts are removed two in the front two in the back we should be able to lift the seat straight up and take it out it’ll come back the seat a little bit in the bar in front just grab that set it right here for now all right next you’re done with the 9/16 drive i’m going

To put all my bolts over here with a 9/16 drive next we’re going to use the t-55 and the t-55 star drive it’s going to be for removing six bolts total here’s one in the front and one two in the rear same with the other track two in the rear and one in the front now the back one is covered with the rail so you need to move that forward so if you can see this switch

Right here got it depress that and this will slide forward give you access look straight down on those two bolts same thing here i’m gonna have to move this forward to get access to both those bolts so i’m going to push the latch in here move it forward now we have access to those bolts okay so next we’re going to loosen up each one of those six make sure i could

Break them all loose first okay i’m going to take one tray out here i’ll show you the whole process of that tray and then we’ll do the same thing with the second tray okay now that the star bolts are out i’ve got the tray out next thing we’re going to do on the back you see two screws black phillips head one on this side one on that side we’re going to take those

Off and there’s probably a lot of grease on this because they grease the rails so just know that might want to have a rag with you or not work in the van for this portion so phillips head screw out phillips head screw out next we’re going to slide this right off back okay next we’re going to slide both these rails out now we’re going to make sure that we keep them

In the order and we slid them out i know that’s the back this is the front next step is we have this pin right here with a sleeve on it and we have to remove this to get the whole rail out otherwise you’re going to have this rail stinking up the whole time and you don’t really want that you want to flat back so that’s where the hammer comes in you see it’s got two

Heads it’s got a flat top and then it’s got a a kind of a friction fit and that’s the end we’re going to hammer out i’m just doing this on my legs and that should be enough okay i’m going to put this sleeve back together so i don’t lose it and now we can take the rail out and in order to do that we’re going to depress this lever again it’s lat because that’s what

Latches into these stops here i’m going to depress that and slide it back in at the same time actually i’m going to take these starter bolts out as they’re getting in the way of the rail there’s my three stardrive bolts now i could slide this whole rail right up and in this part is full of grease the wheels are all greased up so i’m going to put this over here

Next i’m just going to wipe some of the grease off this track i don’t want get everywhere and i’m just going back in this up

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2015 Kia Sedona Back Seat Removal Part 1 By mark a

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