2015 ford transit 150 radiator r
Altair Club Cars 2015 ford transit 150 Radiator removal

2015 ford transit 150 Radiator removal

This is a 2015 ford uh transit 150 uh changing the radiator so first thing you have to do you start with the headlights headlights only two bolts no more one here one in here and then it’s like a clip in the bottom so you just remove the bullet you pull it up from the top then you push the lower side outward and it’s going to come off then you open the these

Trims there’s two clips on the side and if the rest is all clips you just pull it up and you pull it out you’re gonna have one clip with a bolt in here it’s a 10 mil and same with the other side and then when you move the headlights there’s two bolts over here that’s a t25 you remove them in order to remove the bumper after you remove that there’s bolts and

Clips on the very top okay but when you do all that still not gonna come off because you’re gonna have clips in here it’s a plastic clip you just lift it up i’ll pull it backwards on one in here same thing so you’re gonna have four clips one here two three four this is under the headlights and this one you gotta remove the this the white cover a little bit up

And you’re gonna see the black one it’s a hard one so you need to remove this uh bumper a little bit off like that after you move the bolts then you will have a little access to it where you can release it then still not gonna come off because right here where the if you have a plate you’re gonna have two bolts in the very front it’s a 13 mil bolts and by that

Then afterward you’re going to have another 10 ml in the bottom very bottom you will take them off too then you can take the bumper off after the bumper comes off you’re gonna have to remove the radiator top support which is this one right here easy and simple you have four bolts in here five so all together is ten bolts but before you do that you’re gonna have

To release the airbag wire connector which is right here do not take it off from here you don’t need to remove it from the center there’s a simple plug you just remove it’s easily it’s going to come off same thing for the air duct you remove it from this side makes it so easier uh support the hood with something else because that’s what holds the hood disconnect

The horn um where else do i head in here okay there’s the power steering you don’t have to open the bolts also that’s a clip just remove the clip lift up the reservoir up it’s gonna come off don’t forget to take this clip off too and that’s how you’re gonna get very easy access to the radiator and you should be able to get it done in couple hours no more than

That if you have any questions please comment below and thank you for watching this video

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2015 ford transit 150 Radiator removal By Frank The Tank

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