2015 ford t 250 cargo van transi
Altair Club Cars 2015 Ford T-250 Cargo Van Transit | Condition Report at Ravenel Ford | Charleston, SC

2015 Ford T-250 Cargo Van Transit | Condition Report at Ravenel Ford | Charleston, SC

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Stock # 7437

Hey folks welcome to ravenel for videos if you’re looking for a 2015 ford c250 cargo van here’s one for you today we’re doing a condition report video what does that mean to you no two vehicles in the world are the same they have different mileage on them in different conditions after their purchase when they’re brand new so i will show you what the current

Condition is like on this vehicle right here because you may be interested in buying this vehicle right here so let’s go ahead and take a look front end looks good you get a little rain water on us today no big problem our little lens here is getting a little wet let’s fix that just real quick there you go or make it short it’s nice and clean for you folks while

You’re watching on youtube or on our ravenel ford website so body looks good let’s look at the price that’s important 24 880 mileage thirteen thousand 641 stock number again at 7437 7437 stock number these are really pretty neat if you got a business and you got to travel and take things at different companies and things like that almost like a parts van this can

Do it for you does have a good-looking set of tires you do have steel wheels with a ford hubcap they’re running boards on the bottom which i really like because they got grip tape while and i’m like a skateboard so you know your feet are going to grip really good on a rainy day like this when you got to get in and out of the vehicle let’s go ahead and open her up

So this opens up just like this now i did a chevy video yesterday on their cargo van and it does not open up that white i mean that is absolutely stunning ford goes the extra mile compared to gm with air cargo van and on this side look it opens up just as why i know that may not be important to you but let me tell you some people would really love that feature it

Helps when you’re loading things in and out vinyl floors you do have the wall right here so that’s pretty nice nothing’s going to fly and hit you in the head while you’re driving you get your wooden racks on the sides you can hang up your brooms whatever you got there for you put your cabinetry in here you got some lights in the back very clean your wooden on the

Walls there as well i mean lots of different options on the inside of the back of this this transit cargo van weatherguard you got a music music band or something like that this might be perfect for y’all to get out on the road and carry all your equipment in definitely looks better than a u-haul truck the transit 250 back it’s clean i mean look at it no major

Dents dings or scratches in great shape put your vinyl graphics on the side for your business whether you’re a plumbing company or whatever it is that’s pre advertisement for you right there everybody in the world can see your vehicle sitting at the light stoplight so that’s good stuff if you’re wondering where the fuel tank is i’m going to show you right now on

This video who open it up and fuel goes right in there easy fuel step right in you gotta step right there you got your seats right up here vinyl floors easy to wash out with a water hose seats are nice and clean still has that new car smell on the end very nice very clean cruise control got a nice little screen right there 13,000 642 of the miles does not have a

Cd player but does have an auxiliary port am/fm radio cold ac and automatic transmission and decent size cup holders and a little spot to throw you quarters in does have power windows and power locks so it’s not just your basic cargo van people like to have some extra features even if it’s a work vehicle they spend a lot of time in there and you got your key right

Here lock her up good sounding horn come on down to ravenel 498 over invoice on all new vehicles and pre-owned a new no deer rabbit fees no doc fees of any kind it’s just good old car buying here ravenel we’ll see you then

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2015 Ford T-250 Cargo Van Transit | Condition Report at Ravenel Ford | Charleston, SC By CCV TV

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