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Altair Club Cars 2015 Ford F-150 XLT Supercrew – AutoNation

2015 Ford F-150 XLT Supercrew – AutoNation

The all-new 2015 Ford F-150 features several innovations: including a body made of military-grade aluminum, an EcoBoost turbocharged 6-cylinder engine and advanced safety tech throughout. In this episode of the AutoNation New Car Test Drive, Ryan takes a look at the Supercrew 4×4 with a little help from his friends.

Today we’re taking a look at the 2015 ford f-150 the most polarizing aspect of the new ford f-150 isn’t the looks believe it or not no it’s the fact that the new body is made of aluminum in fact the only steel in the body is in the firewall and that’s for noise suppression now granted the frame it’s sitting on is still steel of course so under that bold hood is

A 3.5 liter ecoboost v6 yeah it’s turbocharged it puts out 365 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque it’s connected through a 6-speed automatic transmission and on this particular car it powers all four wheels epa ratings at 17 city 23 miles to the gallon on the freeway now the model we’re driving today it does have some additional packages on it first off it

Has the fx for off-road package that gives it off-road suspension and some gnarly tires this one is also equipped with the tow package that means it has a hitch in the back and all the hookups you need to tow up to eleven thousand five hundred pounds of cargo without breaking a sweat we spent the afternoon pulling bmi racing’s lucas off-road racing truck around the

Parking lot and it was a cakewalk but you don’t get a truck for just towing that bad better be useful to fold this down and we have little grabbers for tie-downs very handy and overall this is a perfect size bed whether you need a haul hay or motocross bikes the truck we’re testing can carry just over 2,000 pounds of cargo in the bed special configurations can boost

That to more than 3,000 pounds every once in a while a manufacturer has an idea that’s so straightforward and smart you wonder why doesn’t everybody do it well case in point the second row of this f-150 crew cab now what you see here are standard second row seats with lots of legroom that’s great ah but here’s the trick one finger they fold up this is great for

When you have stuff that’s too important to be putting in the bed of the truck now we also have some extra benefits here it does have 12-volt power it also has an inverter so you can use traditional power plugs pretty cool now let’s just say you want to get the truck seats back down oh hell it’s so simple even kids can do it simple lever and down you go one step

Process that’s super easy and super smart once inside the f-150 we get a large truck experience everything is big bold oversized but it’s not to the point of corny so that’s good it’s tasteful and utilitarian so to start it up we have a key fob which we can use for remote starting or traditional key to crank it over now we’re immediately greeted with this large

My four touchscreen it has the traditional four quadrant design with phone in the top left navigation on the top right settings on the bottom right and media on the bottom left this one is equipped with xm stereo so got that going for it navigation is consistent with other ford products it’s easy to use with clear maps and decent search capabilities down here we

Have the transmission control which is this large beefy shifter i have huge hands and i still think that’s pretty big but it actually has a lot of utility you have the release on the front but on the side you also have the up-down control on the side it has plus and minus so you can isolate the gears that are available while towing it also has below it a sport

And tow modes which optimizes the transmission for each application in front of that are the aircon controls which are very smartly designed straightforward easy to read they have really nice rubberized feel to them which is good and next to that is the all-wheel-drive control system so right now we’re in too high to switch into four high you just flick the switch

Want to go into four low just turn the switch you don’t even have to go into neutral it just does it that’s how good these trucks have gotten and then in any mode we can also pull to lock the rear differential how cool is that so we’ll put it back into too high now if you are towing one of the most critical things is an integrated brake controller this one’s got

It right down here it’s a traditional slider with a plus and minus that’s really neat if you like towing over here we have usb not just one but two it also has sdm power and then right here huge bin put a baby in there not like you should because that would be wrong also has this nice little slider that you can stick coins business cards in the main gauge cluster

Is a really serious to dial affair it has tach on the left speedo on the right it also shows the current gear position and has for nifty multi-info dials up on the top showing oil temperature water temperature / a fuel level and engine temperature very very useful very clear very concise and because this truck is simply loaded it also has this over here 12 volt

And 120 volt you know case you want to plug in a computer while you’re on the road you can do it so that overall makes this just an awesome work office for somebody who actually does work out of their truck so prices equipped this particular ford f-150 with the tow package with the navigation with the off-road package you’re looking at just under fifty two thousand

Dollars including destination it’s a lot of money but seriously this is a lot of truck because this truck comes with the off-road package our first order of business is to take this rig on one of the many fire routes just outside of los angeles these routes are maintained for off-road vehicles and motorbikes the f-150 is larger than the average user but that’s

Okay with the optional four-wheel drive dirt tires and underbody armor this f150 should have no problem though it’s mostly easygoing there were some areas that were washed out and overgrown it was in these spots that the nine point four inches of ground clearance really helped out quite frankly it was so easy we never even had to engage for low once on the open

Highway the truck was switched on the fly into two-wheel drive mode the ride was smooth and comfortable yes it’s a truck and yes it still drives like one with a commanding view of the road and the need for a wider turning radius than a compact car but it’s never uncomfortable in fact i could see myself driving a few hundred miles in this rig no problem paved or

Not and that’s our look at the 2015 ford f-150 for more information visit autonation.com today i’m your host ryan douthit thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe to the autonation channel right here for even more new car reviews

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