2015 chevy silverado 3500 hd die
Altair Club Cars 2015 Chevy Silverado 3500 HD Diesel 4WD First Drive Review

2015 Chevy Silverado 3500 HD Diesel 4WD First Drive Review

( ) The 2015 Chevy Silverado 3500 Diesel Heavy Duty pickup truck is a work horse that’s built to haul and tow as much wight as possible. For 2015 Chevy has updated their HD trucks with an all new design, interior and even exhaust brake. However the Duramax Diesel engine remains the same. So how does this big rig haul and drive. In another accurate, fun and informative TFLtruck review, Roman drives and reviews the newest heavy duty Chevy dually pickup.

That’s right today we’re driving and reviewing the big boy trucks this is and get this a 2015 chevy silverado duramax dually with the 6.6 liter turbocharged diesel and we’re going to be hauling and we’re going to be driving well we’re going to be hauling gold no not gold sand and that is coming up next on the fast lane truck you now shelby flew me out here to

Beautiful sunny arizona to test-drive these big rigs and just like the 1500 the 3500 heavy duty have this great hand hold and foot step so i can get up here gracefully are about as gracefully as i can manage today we’re hauling 3,500 pounds worth of gold now i fear it’s sand but we want to test is the trucks new engine brakes the way that it works is that the veins

In the turbo actually change rotation so that it applies more back pressure to the combustion which actually gives you engine braking and that’s the big news of course besides his hand hold on the new heavy duties from chevy heavy-duty trucks are all about numbers so let me lay down some numbers for you a chevy heavy duty will tow at its maximum conventionally and

That means bumper pull nineteen thousand six hundred pounds and in this particular truck you can load the bed down with seven thousand three hundred pounds worth of sand or gold if you happen to have it but let’s face it those are huge numbers i don’t know how many trailers can actually be set up to haul over nineteen thousand pounds bumper pole but let’s take it

To the mountains let’s take it in the hills and see how the engine performs with the 3500 pounds worth of sand in the back all right so i’ve got 3,500 pounds of gold a high wish for a gold i think i drive this right back to colorado actually sand as you know in the back of the pickup and i’m going down a pretty steep rate here i’d say it’s probably right around 4

To 5% and i’ve got the trucks cruise control system set and lets me limit and i’m not breaking my foot you guys can’t see it but my foot is completely off the brake and here’s something out if you’re used to driving let’s say the ram heavy-duty trucks you will hear that exhaust break here nothing it’s under the hood we have the duramax 6.6 liter v8 turbo diesel it

Puts out 397 horsepower and 765 pound-feet of torque and this particular truck has the allison with the six-speed automatic and a 3.7 3 ideal for towing rear axle ratio that means that we’ve got all the big-boy toys to see how this pickup does i’ve got the trucks minority right here which is always nice and the duramax is a 7000 $195 option which is quite a lot but

Surprisingly 3 out of 4 heavy-duty trucks these from chevy are purchased with the diesel engine you get all-wheel drive and you get a very nice interior in fact the interior is very similar to the smaller version of this pickup the 1500 silverado same design language same funky little toggle switches it’s basically a bigger version of the smaller brothers interior

Of course this is a dually on the sides do stick out quite a bit so you have to keep that fact in mind but otherwise there’s not a lot of difference between driving a heavy-duty truck and a light duty 1300 so here’s what you’re paying the big money or at least $7,000 for let me demonstrate here that oh yeah that is the sound of many many torques that are about to

Power those four wheels in the back that’s full throttle with 3,500 pounds and yes it is relatively perky surprisingly so and there is no black smoke as i can deduce from looking my rearview mirror pouring out the back and black smoke is always bad in a diesel because it means unburned fuel all right let’s face it diesel’s sound like triple-xl coffee percolators

But i do love the cannonball shooting exhaust on the back of this thing it’s just enormous and it’s way cool style-wise is 3500 silverado 4×4 is very similar to its younger brother the 1500 it’s got the same design language the fist in the wind at the designer said the biggest difference between this truck and the gmc version is right here the gmc has led lighting

This has projector beam headlights there’s also a denali version of the gmc which takes it up another notch makes a little bit more luxurious but basically the two trucks are almost identical now once upon a time driving one of these big rigs was kind of like piloting the queen mary you had a steering wheel but you kind of gave the front wheel suggestions is where

To go let’s face it road feel and trucks are two words that never went together but that’s all changed nowadays even in the heavy-duty trucks there is and i say this with a little bit of hesitation a little bit of road feel you can actually kind of tell what the front wheels are doing not enough to make it a canyon carver of course but certainly enough to make it

Drivable with one hand park able and when you have road filled and you have a sense of where the four corners of the truck are it gives you a lot of confidence when you’re driving something that’s big well this is a big rig and a lot of people use this big rig for towing and there are several thoughtful features on this truck one of them is of course the mirrors

Fold in and says you’ve got really they also pull out so you can see what’s behind you especially if you’re towing something wide another thoughtful feature right here is this little step but let you reach in to your toolbox if you haven’t have a toolbox in the back the one feature that is missing that some of the competitors have is this yes it will lock and unlock

But it will not lock the tailgate and as you know the tailgate is the most own part of a pickup so it would be nice to have or remotely locking tailgate so it does been stolen so on the tfl scale of by at least it rented or forget it i’m going to say i don’t know because i’ve only driven this pickup for about two hours and that’s not fair to you and it’s certainly

Not fair to gm so we’ll have to wait until we can take it up the ike got let in colorado as always this is rhomin reporting for the fast lane truck thanks for watching remember check out tfl truck comm for all kinds of different and unique truck reviews truck news all trucks all the time

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2015 Chevy Silverado 3500 HD Diesel 4WD First Drive Review By The Fast Lane Truck

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