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Hey this is mike i’m down here at judge kuhn chevrolet again and this is an awesome vehicle 2015 chevy suburban four-wheel drive half-ton and it’s an ltz trim package and this one’s all black with shiny wheels and just stunning vehicle so here in the front we’ve got the projector headlights and and you have fog lights as well you also have your front parking sensors

Here across the front and just the sleek styling i mean it’s it’s a simple but very impressive styling of this you know just the overall looks all right and if you got the privacy glass here in the back that’s pretty dark and it is a proximity key so does have remote start and all that good stuff now i’m i’m just going to open up this side just to kind of show you

That it has a power folding step so basically when the open up the door the step comes out when you close the door step goes it back inside after a second so pretty neat so let’s start right here so here’s the inside of the front door now you notice it’s it’s simple design and it’s just a sleek awesome styling it’s all black you’ve got some white stitching and

Then you’ve got some wood grain now i’m you know it’s not doesn’t look like appear to be real wood but it still looks awesome plenty of storage options here your window control you’re doing like control but just overall a very simple and sleek styling door you do have a bose premium sound system and i power seat and lumbar support here on the passenger side it is

A black leather with perforated perforations here in the leather and it’s kind of kind of smooth leather so you can slide it you know kind of slide across the seat and get comfortable it’s not real sticky and here’s some slush mats and big old slush mats that’s probably something they added in this vehicle because i’m seeing the chevrolet slush match underneath so

This just gives you a little bit more coverage you have the separate chevrolet threshold they’re here on the date the dash here you do have some soft touch pretty much everywhere and this is a little bit harder these do see some stitching that goes around and you do have the storage pocket there on the side for papers and stuff glove compartment kind of a mediocre

Size i guess you can say you do have a handle here it’s not a very tall vehicle but you do have a handle to get in you all right you’ve got your captains chairs here in the back there’s the back door it does have an armrest on the inside but not the outside these are the same quality perforated leather seats here in the back and now i’m notice in these little holes

Here i wonder if that’s some kind of little accent to the speakers or if that’s not really sure maybe you can let me know what that is maybe there’s a speaker in there i’m not not aware of or maybe that’s some kind of climate control thing and i’m back here you have your controls for your heated seats you also have some temperature controls and some connectivity

Options you have sd card usb auxiliary inputs as well as like rca jack input there you get a power supply there and you have a ac adapter 115 volt ac adapter more than likely it’s around 150 watts down here you got a kind of like a pocket plenty of space here between the seats i’m assuming you can put you know cooler or anything you want there you can also kind

Of get up and walk back there or something when the vehicles not in motion so it’s kind of lift this little lever up and lift this up alright that kind of gets out of the way so you can access the third row seating seat here which is very wide it looks like it you can you know you can put three kids back here easy do you have a cup holder some pockets over there

As well as looks like a charger there and up here i’m seeing dvd screens and go ahead and lower those lowers down they got a controller there so it probably has some kind of gaming option with the dvd controllers and you’ve got one there as well here in the ceiling we’ve got all kinds of vents very very high quality vehicle you can really the sleekness of it the

Simple design the roominess of it just you know screams quality alright so here’s the back this one looks like it has a covered tow hitch there or it could be a place for it to occur you do have the backup sensors as well as the backup camera here so i’m going to go ahead and open up this is a power liftgate so i just push the button there and it’s going to open

Up by itself tons of room back here especially considering you can lower down these third row seats and even have more room back here there is a cargo net already installed somebody’s already put that there and you have a cargo mat back here as well and these are power folding seats to the second row so let’s just kind of see what this does okay so that lowers

That down and i can lower it back foot pull it back up because i guess it would be kind of hard to reach over there and try to lower it yourself so that’s that that’s that’s pretty neat there but um you know power supply back here more cargo space there for your third row passengers and let’s kind of see what’s it under here nets kinda in the way so let’s get it

Out of the way all right so it looks like some kind of small storage area there and i guess this whole thing might lift up and you access all that storage area there but i guess you can put some books or small fat items apparently alright to lower the lift the the tailgate here there’s a button here so i’m going to push that button and it’s going to come right on

Down now notice and it’s not beeping at me it’s not telling me warning me or anything it’s just lowering there’s the fuel cap now it is a flex-fuel vehicle if you don’t know what that is you can check out my video explaining that there’s that cool step just kind of give you an idea of what it looks like from this side now we do have a side mirror here most likely

Heated but it’s showing a little symbol here so i’m kind of assuming that that that is a blind spot monitoring type symbol there may be a little bit more involved and i’m aware of so here’s the inside of the driver’s door was where all the all the controls are and you can you can set your your power seat you can lock out the the back doors with this power windows

Side mirror controls and apparently you can thinking yeah you can fold in the side mirrors if you wanted to they both fold in it out got the automatic headlights you have oil for drive control and it does have a trailer break gain so that’s pretty interesting to see on a suv i’m usually would see that on a truck so you can adjust your trailer the gain on your on

Your trailer there this trailer brakes you can turn your parking sensors off there you can also there’s a lane departure warning there’s also a blind spot monitor and you can turn those off you can adjust your pedals here your your pedals down there your gas and brake so you got some pretty neat controls there windshield wipers alright so getting in probably one of

The most comfortable chairs i’ve sat in a vehicle so i’m going to go ahead and let’s see here i’m going to turn it on i’m right next to the dealership so i’m just going to turn on the turn that on so we can look at this screen is here i’ll put it in one load i’m going to start up why not alright so it started up let me turn the volume down got to turn the volume

Down okay i can do that with this knob here i can also do it with the volume on the back of steering wheel on this side but so here’s the steering wheel too leather wrapped stitched and it does have your cruise control on that side heated steering wheel this little button here is has to do with the like your distance and the cars in front of you how the distance

How far you want to be from the cars while you’re and in cruise control okay has like a radar system if it’s anything like they the the jeep cherokees has like a radar system and keeps you at a certain certain distance while you’re in in cruise control on the highway there’s your gauges on this side you got arrows here which kind of scrolls through you get your

Different chip trips fuel range oil life all that good stuff tire pressure fuel economy timer speed limit i’m not sure that is engine hours and get back up there she’s not any injured now this is a pre-owned vehicle with 12,000 miles on it looks like a brand new one i would have guessed it was new so anyway this crook keep on scrolling trailer brake game and then

It goes back to your speedometer and here’s your your sister your computer system i guess you can say your navigation here your navigation screen is there and shows a little suburban there and you can put an address and destination and all that good stuff let’s go and push the fun button in case your once your funs paired you can access your contacts and all that

Good stuff and this is your ready to go and there’s a back button let me hit the home button so you can see what all the icons are you got your pandora even have the weather here and you can go into takes a minute for the weather load up for some reason but you can go into like a three six day or even a weekly daily or weekly you know forecast and it shows you what

The weather map with little suburban well it’s kind of a big suburban oversized what it tells you where you’re at here’s your your volume this is for your radio temperature on both sides you also have you know your rear climate controls there your heated and ventilated seats are here for the front now this lifts up and you’ve got a power supply here you also have

Two usbs and a little pocket this happens up cupholders you got a woodgrain there armrest has a little place to put a cell phone this opens up and you’ve got a pocket and then here’s your connect connectivity here for your sd card usb and auxiliary inputs that’s pretty cool it’s got like that okay i see what that is it’s like a file folder type thing that’s pretty

Neat i incorrectly thought that was a pen holder and another vehicle but anyway it’s like a file holder thing i guess that we can grab it and pull it out you have all your stuff in there all right up here you got your onstar button sos voice recognition tap lights this one does have a sunroof so you can adjust your sub north here and and you can open up here

We’ve got the dial here for opening up your tailgate and you can turn it up a maximum or a three-quarter all the way away the reason for that is because if you’re in your garage and your ceiling isn’t that tall you don’t want your tailgate to touch the ceiling or hit some lights or mess it up so you can put it up a 3/4 height and still access the back all right

So we can also turn that off to here just put some here’s a place to put some sunglasses now if you lift it up and drop it down like that turns into a conversation mirror so you can see keep an eye on everybody back there but yeah you can open up the the sunroof using these buttons here and but yeah really really nice vehicle super good screen it’s a little small

Smaller than you know i would i would i would kind of preferred slightly bigger but i mean you know it’s very easy to read it’s out of the way it’s not too distracting so i mean there’s there’s some good reasons to have it that size so let’s see what it looks like back here just everything about this vehicle just it’s smooth lines simple large comfortable soft to

The touch well this isn’t very soft but a lot of the self to the touch here where you’d actually you know touch it and just overall the the all black with the black dot wheels and i mean the blacked-out windows and the shiny wheels just stunning vehicle now i’m going to pop that just kind of see what’s under there because i’m kind of curious to see what’s under

There to power this big thing i’m going to save some gas in the meantime turn it off so let’s find this here open it up now i want to show you why we’re out here and this more light here’s the key he is very just has like a very good quality feel to it and it’s dished out here in the center to where you can kind of tell where the buttons are but it’s a very good

Just very solid feeling cookie all right so let’s open up this hood all right so it is spring-assisted then you’ve got a va engine i’ll put all the specs in the in the description because i don’t want to say stuff off the top of my head and get it wrong and then you think it’s right and all that stuff so i’m going to put it copy and paste it in the descriptions he

Could know what the vid the engine transmission all that good stuff is alright if you have any questions i’ll be glad to help you find out the answers and just leave me in the comments if you have any clarifications corrections anything to say leave it in the comments and if you can share these videos with your friends like subscribe i’d really appreciate it see you next time

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