2015 audi q7 review
Altair Club Cars 2015 Audi Q7 Review

2015 Audi Q7 Review

My thoughts on the 2015 Audi Q7 with the 3.0L supercharged V6 and an 8 speed automatic transmission!

This review has been made possible by toyota of naperville as you know toyota has tons of brand-new toyota’s available for purchase but did you know that they also have a remarkable selection of used cars head on over to toyota of naperville calm and look through hundreds of used cars for sale right now all right what’s up guys my name is zack and today i’m driving a

2015 audi q7 up front is a 3.0 liter supercharged v6 and down below is an 8-speed automatic transmission this video is sponsored by car marshall comm if you’d like to support the channel click the link down in the description below car marshall comm advertises for over 100 thousand vehicles across the us but let’s get back to that 3.0 liter supercharged v6 well this

Is not the first time that audi has used this engine and everything this is actually a pretty common setup that they used a 3.0 liter supercharged v6 driven a couple other cars with this same engine setup and i always always love it but this is a large suv the q7 is one of the largest suvs that they’ve offered and so let’s get it on the test track get it warmed up

And we’ll see how the 3.0 supercharger does with such a heavy heavy car all right it’s fully warmed up 3.0 liter supercharged it definitely gets up and moves it definitely gets up and moves but not with as much aggression as it does in the smaller cars like i drove an a6 that had the same engine it doesn’t quite move like that however it still definitely moves and

I don’t think i can say moves anymore it’s a quick suv it’s not gonna be fast you’re not going to you know see a wrx on the highway and do a highway pull and make them want to sell this car you’re not going to be breaking any records at great lakes dragway however if you’re gonna pay a premium price like you would with this vehicle you do get premium of performance

It’s not a 2-liter turbo it’s not sluggish it’s not i don’t know if i can merge or i don’t know if i get past this car on the highway you could pass them you can merge you do everything you need to do and that’s the luxury of power or power of luxury like i said para do it is an 8-speed automatic transmission nothing really too crazy there you can shift it if you

Want it’s not really anything too special my mind isn’t blown or anything it’s a very well working transmission but i haven’t felt anything weird i haven’t gone through any weird things with it i’m not praising it i’m not hating on it it’s just it is what it is last but not least the q7 is all wheel drive so let’s talk about the interior well in front of me i have a

Couple different gauges on the far left is my coolant temperature and then my tachometer in the center i do get a display screen which we’ll talk about in a second and on the right i have my speedometer and my fuel on the very far right so getting back to that center screen i can cycle through a couple different things i have my audio options looking at fm am stuff

My speed in digits as well as the outside temperature my cell phone notes and then we’re back to my audio options it’s very basic i don’t mind it it’s nothing wow i like it it’s a very clean display and of course the gauges remind me a little bit of the r8 that i drove earlier this year on the steering wheel on the left i have selector for that gauge screen as well

As my heated steering wheel which when i turn on steering wheel heating on that’s a little exclamation point it really wants you to know heated steering wheels on yeah that on the right i do have my navigation information active what was that navigation is not active okay okay and my volume things like that to the left of me i do have my headlight switches as well

As my fog light switches and all of that jazz and on the door i have my lock and unlock a blind spot monitoring on and off my window switches and child locks interestingly enough i can lock either one on the side so i can actually only lock out either that window or that window which is really really interesting i guess if you have one bad kid you can lock them out

But not the others in the center i do get a little screen this is a little bit outdated of course it is four years old at this point and so i can’t knock it too hard but it’s a little bit of an outdated screen but surrounding the screen i have a bunch of interesting buttons i do have parking sensors on and off my gauge dimmer switches are actually to the right of

The gauge instead of to the left which is interesting and then to the right of the screen i have the power button so i can actually turn the screen off which is really nice and it comes right back on valet mode and then my glovebox button so the glovebox actually doesn’t have a handle it just has a button to open it up and i really like that then down below that

Then we get our giant vents they are very very massive and then our hazard and traction control buttons below that we have a cd player which just says outtie multimedia audio d how do you guys pronounce it leave a comment i always say ow d but as a kid i said aw d however you pronounce it and then we have our climate controls now the interesting thing with the

Climate controls is the knobs they look pretty standard but if you look around them there’s the fan control the directional control and the heated seat control and so what you do if you want to adjust any of those three is you tap that the little inside bar lights up and then you the dial to adjust whatever it is if you want to adjust the fan you click the fan

Then use the same dial you would use for the heated seats and direction i think this is really great i think it kind of decluttered the instruments a little bit that’s kind of gimmicky one switch doing three different things i actually sort of like and i think that’s really cool and it’s intuitive and once you figure out how to use it it’s very simple and you don’t

Have three different dials or three different giant buttons you just have three smaller buttons with one singular dial then we have just a little tray and we come to the shifter the shifter is pretty standard outie at this point it’s nothing really too crazy i like it it is sort of leather wrapped as a leather shift boot as well i think overall it looks pretty

Good then we have the selector for the center screen has decent feedback and then there’s also four different buttons that go with the buttons seen on-screen which change it works pretty well it like i keep saying it feels pretty outdated but it is four years old what’s surrounding that selector we have a bunch of different buttons for navigation info telephone

Menu radio media tone and car right now we’re on car the interesting things we can look at we can go to servicing and checks tire pressure monitoring service intervals wipers service position off you can actually put it into wiper service position so it actually puts them up which is really interesting turn that back off we can look at the vin number of this car

And go back here vehicle settings exterior lighting interior lighting that’s just daytime running lights and stuff for exterior lighting driver assist we have speed warning parking aid and audi side assist there’s a lot of stuff going on here in the center screen with all of the controls down here now we got to talking about the seats like i mentioned they are

Heated of course they are power but they are six different levels of heating you can actually choose between six different levels which is pretty pretty vast especially given the fact that this is essentially at this point five year old car six levels of heating is quite a bit what they are nice and comfortable there exactly what i would expect out of a nicer suv

Like this they’re not super aggressive they’re not overly plush or sloppy or feel like jello they’re just good solid seats and i can’t complain too much but speaking of seats let’s do a back seat review hey all right we’re in the back of the 2015 audi q7 and i get to twelve volt outlets back here which is really nice i do get heated seats as well i get wow six

Different heated seat options as well for the rear seats i do have a little center console here if i can try to dig it out i’m pretty sure there’s a center console for some reason that does not want to come out and this is not my car so i don’t want to pry on it but just take my word for it there’s a center console there is also a third row of seats i will not be

Hopping back there because i am not feeling particularly acrobatic today however it’s just two seats and they have their own cupholders at the sides i’ll show you the seats seem to be sad i think they’re emotionally embarrassed about something but besides that decent back seats so that is the big draw of the q7 over the q5 or any other outtie suv is the fact that

You get a third row let’s being a third row we’ll hop back and take a look at the tailgate apologize for all the salt and whatnot but we’ll get back here obviously these seats do fold down so we’ll do them like that tons and tons of space 12-volt outlet down here absolutely great only one of them though you could do a privacy cover if you want overall tons and tons

Of space that second row goes down as well then essentially you have a flatbed van tie-down straps i mean the whole nine yards definitely if you need to haul things and you’re considering a q5 or q7 go q7 now we have to talk about the looks i like the look i definitely like the look of modern more modern newer audi’s better but i don’t think a bad-looking suv i’m

Actually like the look of it i think it’s classy and i think it’s pretty reserved you know i’ve always thought that audi’s aren’t as show bode as other luxury companies from germany i won’t name any names but you know who i’m talking about they’re not as show bode i feel like now i might you might feel different about this but i don’t feel like they’re as in my

Face shouting yelling down my throat as some other companies i kind of like that this is more reserved i could see myself owning one of these and taking it to the store taking it to school taking it to work and not really thinking all too much about it you know i feel like with more expensive you know more highfalutin cars or vehicles anytime you take it somewhere

There’s a little bit of an expectation i’m not quite sure what it is and i’m sure it changes but there’s always a little bit of an expectation i feel like there’s no expectations for this car overall i have to say i’m decently happy with the q7 i think it’s a good suv i like it i really genuinely do like it it’s just nothing really jumps out at me the engine is

Cool but it in this chassis it’s so heavy that it doesn’t really do a whole lot i like the six-way adjustable seats i like all of the comfort options but besides that it’s nothing really too crazy and so that’s what makes this car a great second-hand market car is the fact that now you can get a nice nice outtie for a fraction of the price because it’s used that

Is absolutely great and i’d say that now this is a good value suv when new not so sure but now for sure well i hope you guys enjoyed the video huge thank you to toyota of naperville for allowing me to take out their used out eq7 a link to this car will be in the description below as well as two toyotas website if toyotas are not your thing or if outies are not your

Thing they have over 400 cars in stock at all times so you will absolutely find what you are looking for i promise you that they have a vehicle that is right for you if this or toyota is not your first pick but i hope you guys enjoyed the video don’t forget to rate the video comment on the video and subscribe if you really like to take care guys

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