2015 acura tlx or honda accord p
Altair Club Cars 2015 acura tlx or honda accord poo87 high pressure fuel pump

2015 acura tlx or honda accord poo87 high pressure fuel pump

Hi youtube um today i have a 2015 acura tlx and this is the second time working on this car um the first time was like you know road noise vibrating and this time is um the person that owns this car saying that one day he was driving and stopped and tried to press the gas to go and it doesn’t go just slowly dying and after he shut it off and cooled down a

Little bit and start working back again and i want to bring it back for me to check to see what’s up okay and i got my obd2 so it’s saying that a few real system pressures too low so po87 now mostly on the new honda or dream or anything like that you know they do have this um fever pressure thing if you have this problem here that means one of this problem

Is you have to fix it if you don’t fix it then i don’t know you keep dying or it doesn’t work in the old day you don’t have this problem okay i put one of this in a for focus before and now it’s a honda turn to have one of this very expensive you can get online i think about 200 something dollars i check on ebay and this one i got it from o’reilly so the good

Thing about this is um i bought it locally so in case anything failure i can get this replaced again and i know that this so expensive um the price on this is 600 so 554.99 plus tekken for 5.99 25 cents so which is expensive in case you want to look online part number right here okay that’s your part number for this is work on the acura tlx tl i’m not sure

The v6 was same but the tsx four cylinder ak series what i mean okay k series is it could be to the uh tlx or tsx on a chord and i would say maybe the crv and also go to the acura rdx you know this probably in there too and uh show you where located on the the k series okay look at here the bad boy is right under here what you have to do just take top pop

This up about like that yank this wires away first okay it located right there i’m going to disconnect my um plug here first can i tie a little bit and use a little clip here out the bottom one kind of hard to see it yeah okay so there’s two bolt holding it and then there’s another plug down the back okay i’m going to remove this number 12 right here okay

Best is to move this piece right here too because this is cannot fitting inside here okay okay okay so now i’m going to take these two bolt here out so for the open wrench here it’s a 19 and this is hack number six okay and i don’t know why they don’t use a nut or socket but maybe it’s not enough room for socket that’s what they’re using hack it is more

Work than i thought so i need to remove this air duct here to remove this bracket here and then move this piece right here to be able to pull this out i’m not sure any other way but i think this is only way okay so i’m going to take this air duct out first okay take these screws out okay and from here you just attach this uh air hose right here take this one out

Okay okay take this one now take this sensor here out and take this clip it’s more moving apart than i thought yeah so now you don’t have to take this one out just take the air box lift this air box out out of the way okay okay if you put your finger down here okay i’m not sure my camera can see it right here have a number 10 just like the one right here okay

Take this number 10 out okay take this number 10 out you be able to yank this sensor here out of the way so you can pull the uh um fuel pump out so move this boat just holding it shouldn’t have so many of this on the way uh i’m getting old so i have to complaining complaining in the whole day i don’t complain but now starting to complain more because they

Crowd it a four cylinder with all kind of stuff on the way all right so take this one out right now don’t drop this you’re gonna have a hard time to find it okay now down here just unclip the water heater hole clamp and take this clip out of the way okay and um if you want to move this use a screwdriver to pry this little clip here out okay now i can pull

This bracket here out see okay so now you can see the bolt that down here and that would be number 10 socket okay why don’t they put this somewhere on top of the manifold beside pulling right here that have to be removing the other two to get into this right here you know without this just pop out the uh the uh um fuel pump and then just out of the way to the

Road already see so when you have this blocking you can’t really take this things out so making extra work for you but it’s not hard though it’s pretty easy i mean because only two bolt but you have to take so many other stuff out too you know so come down here you have to um okay let me get my camera close close it down here so i can show you you see this

Too right here use your finger and pull that out clip down you put your finger and hold it or then i’m going to be using my ring pliers to uh to hold it beside my finger okay and pull these things out like that okay so now you can pull this sensor out if you come out okay pretty easy don’t don’t get me wrong but just because on the way so many things on

The way all right the new one in the old one let’s see how much different okay they look exactly the same because uh there’s a denzel and this also denzel aftermarket denzel so it don’t matter you get it from the dealership or from auto part you get denzel so i think i’d rather buy from the other part why this is lifetime warranty from auto part and this is

O’reilly you can get autozone autozone selling delphi and then i think they just check the name everything else internal approach the same thing okay they just stamped the name right here delphi and denzel’s standing their name dance over here okay now it’s time to put this back now to install okay very simple um you have the spring pressure so slowly screw

This two bolt down clean this area here to make sure no dirty to install pretty easy you don’t have to be watching this video to take him out is the hardest part because you have to move in uh the bracket or whatever okay all right so i’m going to start installing my palm first before connecting everything else slowly screw in make sure it fit in there don’t

Force it and slowly work press down the spring in you don’t have to do all at once if you do one side a little bit and then the other side so you will compress evenly in there okay you don’t want to compress one side and then you damage the o-ring and the spring all that stuff okay slowly you don’t have to be over tight it this thing here is uh i would say

No more than 20 foot pound okay no more than 24 pounds just a small boat okay and now time to put the uh this one’s on i should take the bracket out first so make it easier this way but hey i take a shortcut i’m getting oh i take the shortcut okay but sometimes work okay don’t over tighten this too and now i press so now time to put the uh the uh fuel line

Okay and then lock in with this in two okay to get the top one align and then the bottom one easier to fit in okay like that like this and tight only not too tight i don’t think this will handle a 20 pound so about 10 pound that’s fine 12 pound um you don’t have to be tore with every single boat i know that every single boat comes with the torque you know

But you don’t have to okay all right so now the bracket back in there okay and put the heater hose clamp hold this thing here i like swirl they are easy to work for um you know something that tight space this swivel here i got it from autozone um they are pretty cheap about 20 or something dollar and you get number eight to number 19 i think and they they

Guarantee for life anything go wrong they just get you another set okay all right so make sure you put this clip back up and then the top here that’s it and plug in your two sensor here okay like this sensor so make sure you put the clamp back to where it belongs so it won’t leak cooling okay don’t take shortcut when you work on the car because i finish

A lot of people that who work on car and take shortcut missing a lot of a lot boat stuff and that’s no good tight this up and then that’s it i reset the ecu already so it should be just fired up and go very simple easy i recommend it take this out and then take the bracket out before you do everything else because this here is does not come out by itself you

Have to take the bracket out you have to take the sensor down the back to be able to pull out the uh um fuel pump okay all right thank you for watching and hopefully you solve your own problem too and easy work like this don’t go to a dealership they will charge you over a thousand dollars just for that little pump here and then labor will cut you down you buy

A new car and you have to spend that much money forget it just drive all call like me okay thank you for watching please help me subscribe see you guys next video bye bye now

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2015 acura tlx or honda accord poo87 high pressure fuel pump By All Tsab

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