2014 volkswagen passat car revie
Altair Club Cars 2014 Volkswagen Passat car review

2014 Volkswagen Passat car review

The Volkswagen Passat makes a fine family car and an even better company car, we find out why.

The volkswagen passat has always been a hit with uk motorists especially company car drivers thanks to its grown up driving manners it’s solid smart interior and its sophisticated image the latest version of the car aims to deliver on all these virtues better than ever before so the question is does it well there’s little doubt that this car will draw admiring

Glances in any company carpark the design is very simple with clean crisp lines rather than bulbous curvy ones but that simplicity gives the purse at a certain sophistication and elegance the long bonnet and boot lid give that executive car feel the owners absolutely love and all versions come with smart alloy wheels however entry-level s versions miss out on

This chrome trim that surrounds the windows for a bit of extra classiness and if you specify our favorite trim the se business version we’ve got here you’ll get these smart front fog lights you get more and more design flourishes as you progress further up the range and the sportiest our line cars get a seriously racy makeover thanks to bespoke bumpers and twin

Exhausts and if you thought the purse app looked like a class act from the outside just wait until you climb inside family cars don’t get any posture than this all the materials in your eye-line are really plush this squidgy plastic on top of the door trims being case-in-point the plastics get a tiny bit less appealing in the lower reaches of the cabin but even

Then they feel really solid and dependable granted the design is a little bit conservative it’s gone analog clock for heaven’s sake but that all adds to the cause grown-up feel it also helps keep things nice and simple all versions come with a touchscreen that handles most of the cars functions and with clear graphics and logical menus it’s all really easy to

Get to grips with even better the perset is one of the most practical family saloons on the market adult passengers have headroom and legroom to spare in the back and the boot is just as roomy it’s a nice square shape as well but you will have to haul your cargo over a slightly annoying lip the theme of keeping things simple and easy very much applies the way the

Purse app behaves on the road as well this is a very relaxed easygoing car the steering’s light so it’s easy to maneuver the rides stay super super comfortable even over the glottis of road surfaces and the overall refinement of the car is really really impressive because all sources of noise are exceptionally well isolated granted it’s not a car that’s going to

Have your heart racing through a set of bends but importantly it always handles in a really secure predictable way one of the biggest priorities for company car drivers is low running costs and on that score the passat does pretty well most of the engines available have co2 emissions of less than 110 grams per kilometer and that means affordable monthly tax bills

It also means cracking fuel economy this car has a 118 brake horsepower 1.6 liter diesel mated to a 7-speed twin clutch gearbox and that combination returns an official fuel economy figure of almost 71 miles per gallon but even so it’s really nice and punchy with a good spread of power and it’s smooth and quiet as well so the percept does the same job but as it

Always did but it does it better than ever before it gives you smart looks a swanky image affordable running costs a practical high quality interior and a comfortable and refined driving experience as an all-round package it’s incredibly hard to fault and it’s one of the very best cars of its type you

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