2014 used ram 3500 megacab mega


Today we did a walk around review of this 2014 Ram 3500 megacab mega-cab Cummins diesel.

This is stock number nine 172 a 2014 ram 3500 mega cab short box dual rear wheel this truck has the 6.7 liter cummins diesel from this hd video you’ll be able to tell that this truck is extremely clean all the way around didn’t see any dents or dings on the hood it has factory fog lights the front bumper is an excellent condition didn’t see any dents or dings

On it the front grille and headlights are in really nice condition as well this color is called maximum steel metallic very good-looking color you can see as a factory steel rims with the wheel covers it has big ol big foot tires these are lt 235 a tr 17s and they have about just a little ball at half the tread left maybe a little bit under what’s still decent

Tread left on those tires max steel’s probably one of my favorite colors personally on the dodge color scheme here in the bright light it looks blue low light it looks great at night it looks black so it’s really a good multi color color that’s because of all the metal flake in it which you can kind of see there if you got hd capabilities turn them on because we

Shoot everything in 1080p so that you get the most accurate representation of the vehicle as possible it’s like you’re walking next to the vehicle with me beside the trucks in really nice condition you can see the wheel covers or wheel simulators and back are in really nice condition as well these tires have just as much tread as the front tires see the frame and

Underbody on this truck is in really nice condition looks like it has all the remaining factory exhaust all the lower rockers look like they’re in really nice condition no major corrosion or anything like that as the bedrail covers the rear bumper is in really nice condition as well no dents or dings on that tailgates in pretty nice condition too it does have a

Locking tailgate a backup camera has the fifth wheel and gooseneck prep pack and actually does have a gooseneck hitch in it factory spray in bedliner and it does have the 7 pin wiring for that gooseneck or 5th wheel if you were to put it in but very clean back here the beds in really nice condition does have the cargo cam as well down this side of the truck is just

As clean as the passenger side i didn’t see any dents or dings down this side of the truck very very nice condition it does have the fold-out toe mears those are heated as well and then they also fold in like so inside this truck has the bighorn package which gives you the gray cloth interior there are no drips or tears on these seats both of these seats are heated

Power driver’s seat see the carpeting is very clean underneath does have some goodyear floor mats in here you can see that this truck has 47,000 302 miles you get these 7-inch tft display digital speedometer you got your compass you got temperature miles per gallon miles to empty your range your trailer brake control you can program everything in the corners there

To be something different we have the heated leather wrap steering wheel that’s in really nice condition has cruise control on that side bluetooth audio controls on this side and controls for your instrument cluster auto headlamps has the 8.4 touchscreen radio this radio is capable to have navigation installed on it so if you wanted nav i believe it’s five ninety

Five to install that on there or at least it was a couple months ago turned out four-wheel drive factory brake controller heated seats heated steering wheel buttons and your factory exhaust brake stability control and you can turn those backup sensors off you can also do your climate control up here this is the cargo camo is telling you about so that’s a really

Neat feature you can take a look at what’s in the bed of your truck make sure it’s not rolling around and everything’s secured 115 volt hundred fifty watt plug in we have the 911 assist buttons right there you also have home link and a power sliding rear window passenger seat is very clean as well no rips or tears on that very nice condition and we got a goodyear

All-weather floor mat on that side as well take a quick look at the back seats and then we’ll check under the hood so the mega cab just has a ton of room back here more legroom than any other cab in its class you can see that these seats are very clean as well no rips or tears it does have the latch child safety system so these seats go down in two different ways

You can put the whole seat down flat like so or you can just put this backrest down so they got two different folding capabilities you can see more latch and storage back here there’s two little storage bins back here as well and then you get the power sliding rear window take a quick look under the hood 6.7 liter powis cummins diesel my bad engine bay is very

Clean runs very smooth this truck has been fully safety dan inspected by our service shop has a fresh oil and filter change all the fluids have been checked and topped off and this truck is 100% ready to go and to see more pictures of this truck or one of our other 400 new and used cars trucks suvs minivans wranglers you name it we got it go to our website wwlp.com

Full pictures and descriptions of every single vehicle on our lot videos of every single used vehicle that we have all at summit auto comm thank you so much for checking out my video if you liked it want to make it yours give us a call right now 9 – 0 9 – 1 0 8 5 0 ask for one of our sales associates to make this truck yours today once again that number is 9 – 0 9 –

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About it’s wwe summit auto calm thank you so much for checking on my video we look forward to helping with this super clean ram 3500 mega cab short box dually thanks again

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