2014 toyota tacoma 4x4 access ca
Altair Club Cars 2014 Toyota Tacoma 4X4 Access Cab | Toyota Northwest Edmonton | 8TA1289A

2014 Toyota Tacoma 4X4 Access Cab | Toyota Northwest Edmonton | 8TA1289A

Say hello to your new side kick. The 2014 Toyota Tacoma can help with everyday errands in the city or playing around in the wilderness. Exterior features include 2 front recovery hooks, tinted rear windows, rain guards. It’s also equipped with a Bak Flip tonneau cover so your gear stays safe and dry. The interior has everything you need, with Bluetooth® capabilities, 6.1” LCD touchscreen and backup camera.

Hello and welcome to another video walk around with myself alisa here at toyota northwest edmonton and today we’ll be taking a look at this 2014 toyota tacoma 4×4 access cab so this is a two-door for passenger 4×4 access cab pickup truck and the color is called blue ribbon under the hood you’ll find a 2.7 liter inline four-cylinder engine and you’ll be riding on

Top of 16-inch alloy wheels the some of your features include your two front recovery hooks you have that awesome chrome grille surround and you also have foldable side view mirrors but there’s lots happening on the inside as well so why don’t we hop on in and take a look around helping you into your tacoma are these handy dandy key fobs so you have your original

Fob which has your lock your unlock and your panic button and then you have your aftermarket remote vehicles start that’s gonna be really handy for those alberta winters and then to push use me to open you push the unlock button once and then unlock twice to unlock all of the doors and you do have your chrome running board there you also have your rain guards

Which is going to keep the rain out of your window if it gets a little bit warm in there if it gets a bit humid you don’t have to worry about getting all wet now opening this up really nice and clean our detail department does a great job when these vehicles come in you do have a little bit of storage here in your driver’s side door you also have your power

Windows locks and mirrors your mirrors are situated just to the left of your steering wheel there moving a little bit further down you do have all-weather floor mats to keep your vehicle nice and clean then you have these great seat covers that the previous owner has installed really comfortable nice color which means that the fabric underneath is going to be

In really great condition as well so we’re just gonna open this up we’re gonna hop start it up for you take a look at the odometer and some of the other technology features there we go so taking a look at the odometer there’s only 54,000 371 kilometers on your tacoma so lots of life left you do have all of the mounted controls that you’re going to want on your

Steering wheel you have your music selection buttons with mode changer there and also have your volume control just underneath that and then right on the right-hand side here you have your hands-free calling with your voice command and then your cruise control is just back here so taking a look at the entertainment system now you do have everything you’re going

To want you have your am/fm radio sirius xm you have your cd player and your bluetooth audio which is going to give you your hands-free calling as well then you have your usb and your audio input now taking a look at the apps you do have your phone and your messages there that that’s going to be really nice and handy and then your home button is gonna give you

All of your phone information and then tell you what you’re listening to so that’s gonna be really handy for you as well taking a look at the climate control you do have your air conditioning for those hot summer months and then moving a little further down from there you have your usb and then you have two 12 volt dc plugins in case you have any other devices

That you would like to charge just below that there’s a lot of storage lots of room down here and then moving a bit further back from there you do have your cup holder here and your center console which is going to give you some storage for some smaller items nice and deep bigger than it looks so that’s nice and then this doubles as an armrest here so once again

You do have your all-weather floor mats and then in your glove compartment you have all of the manuals that you’re going to need so lots of really great stuff happening in the front of your tacoma why don’t we head on back and take a look at cargo taking a look at the back of your tacoma there’s lots of great stuff going on back here as well you have that great

Chrome bumper you also have your rear vision camera just here that’s gonna make it easier for you to back out of those busy parking lots or even just out of your own driveway making it a lot safer with eyes in the back of your head there you also have this great bakflip tonneau cover that’s gonna keep your tools and all of your equipment safe or any of the toys

That you want to bring along or if you’re going on a road trip and you want to toss all of your luggage back there it’s lockable and it’s gonna keep it out of the weather and then you have that rear window that rolls or that slides open who’s gonna open this up here for you so you can take a look at the box and you do have your bedliner really great condition so

Once again you are all set to go and once you’re done packing up all of your gear you can close this back up will give you a nice view the back of your tacoma giving you a final look then of the 2014 toyota tacoma 4×4 access cab now i didn’t get a chance to go through everything on this brief walk around so come on in take it for a test drive see how you like

It ask all of the questions that you want we’re here to help you we’re also very easy to find we’re on the corner of 137th avenue and st. albert trail we’re here at toyota northwest edmonton my name is alisa thanks again for watching and until we see you drive safe

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2014 Toyota Tacoma 4X4 Access Cab | Toyota Northwest Edmonton | 8TA1289A By Toyota Northwest Edmonton

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