2014 subaru xv crosstrek premium
Altair Club Cars 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek Premium

2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek Premium


Good morning everyone this is matt croissant over at mccarthy hyundai blue springs missouri giving you some information on this 2014 subaru xv crosstrek premium get some aggressive looking alloy wheels on here a little gray and alloy on there got this beautiful uh sand color on here kind of give it a very rugged look very nice rail system with crossbars up above

Like every other subaru this comes with your symmetrical all-wheel drive system so you get that full-time all-wheel drive with that center differential distributing that power exactly where you need it see uh no backup camera on this model just to confirm with everybody we do have some privacy glass on all your rear windows fuel for being right keep that in mind

Subaru’s a little strange got color matched door handles and mirrors giving you a sporty look get some nice halogen headlights and fog lights up front for you this crosstrek has a very nice increased ride height and with the hatch you’ve got some great utility you also get a decent fuel economy this comes with a little uh two liter boxer engine this color is

Called desert khaki by the way inside see we’ve got some leather appointments on the armrests power locks windows and mirrors driver window being automatic storage in the doors and some nice improved visibility with this glass edition in the a-pillar here cloth interior with white stitching you’ve got a six-way adjustable driver seat here fuel door release down

Below to the left real quick we’ve got dash illumination controls and traction control go ahead and hop on in this model currently has 108 643 miles nice round steering wheel here this does unlock just right here you can move this up and down in and out for you mounted on here we’ve got some nice paddle shifters giving you some extra control of this crosstrek

Especially if you’re going off-road or dealing with some snow give you just that extra feedback from the vehicle on the left-hand side we’ve got some entertainment controls volume tracks and presets your audio sources as well as voice recognition and bluetooth then we’ve got cruise control on the right hand side left hand one is going to control your blinkers

Rights and headlights and those are manually controlled by the way folks right hand one will control your front and rear wipers with the front and rear sprayers as well on screen here we can see we’ve got some trip information and our current drive selection oh and that actually does not change so this one changes that just looking at our two trips and then we’ve

Got some information up here as well on this little display too showing some ambient temperature time and we can cycle through some data here like our fuel range average fuel economy for the trip that we have selected on our dash active fuel economy information trip information as well and average speed information you’ve got some nice vents here with your hazard

Light control a little entertainment center here for you keep in mind you do have the bluetooth so you’re going to have some bluetooth audio on here cd player also included and then you’ve got an auxiliary port hiding down here somewhere as well i figure in the center console take a look in a second analog controls for everything for your presets then we’ve got a

Nice little single climate manually controlled air conditioning system vents fans temperature power center with some storage we’ve got a 12 volt down here then some standard shifting right here park reverse neutral drive and then some manual shifting capability which is going to show right up on screen here for you too okay a little bit of storage here in there

A couple cup holders you do have heated seats right here which is pretty nice so that’ll be for your front two passengers then opening up our center console we’ve got a little bit of utilization on the other side as well as two cable routing ports driver and passenger side usb and auxiliary ports in there with another 12 volt outlet for you so that’ll get you

Connected to your entertainment center too i’m sure your glove box is lockable it has your owner’s manuals inside for you and then we have a nice little set of lights up above dome light in the rear as well for you too guys and then checking out our visor this is mirrored and i’m going to assume that’s about it a mirror and a visor and this little holder slot

Right here okay let’s go ahead and check out our back seats as well as the hatch we’ll go ahead and assume passenger adjustment is just four-way adjustable over here to save some time yes four-way adjustable passenger seat checking out the back seats got some more bottle holders and storage in the doors for you floor mats are already installed back here you got

Your latch system for child seating seating for three people you can see uh your center seat belt can actually retract back there if you want this does have rear air bags as indicated you got them on the b pillars as well and uh back here too in the hatch too so very safe vehicle as subarus are known to be rear seats fall down in a 60 40 split for you looks like

We’ve got some all weather mats available in this model let’s go ahead and take a peek back here see what we got going on all right so yeah we’ve got a set of all weather mats for the front two seats it looks like as well as the rear and then a nice rubberized cargo mat back here too you’ve got some nice hooks that you can hang bags off of this is always great

For when you’re going to get those groceries get those tied on there got this tonneau cover to keep items out of direct sunlight or concealed from view that uninstalls just like a toilet paper roll holder so you can always remove that if need be lifting this up you can see we’ve got a little piece right here we can pull on to expose our spare tire as well as our

Roadside tools so that’s going to be available for you and of course this nice little uh lighting feature right here too uh to give you some extra visibility and then plastic cargo transfer plate right here protects your paint looks like that has uh gotten some good use as well not damaged by any means but uh great accessory for sure so guys that’s gonna wrap

It up for this subaru crosstrek you guys would like any more information pricing purchasing options on this 2014 desert khaki crosstrek head on over to mccarthyhyunday.com make sure you like and share this video with your friends and family leave a comment if you have any compliments questions or corrections about the information i provided to you today on this

Vehicle most importantly don’t forget to subscribe so that you can stay up to date with all of the vehicles we’re uploading to this channel for your informational and shopping needs thank you so much this is matt croissant at mccarthy hyundai blue springs i hope you’re having a wonderful day

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