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Altair Club Cars 2014 RAM 2500 LARAMIE CREW CAB LONG BED


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Hey this is mike just want to show you this really awesome ram 2500 2014 heavy-duty pickup truck it does have the cummins 6.7 liter turbo diesel really awesome truck tons of features it looks really nice now this is a long bed and it has just about everything you can imagine in a truck like this it is a laramie let’s take a look here the front it’s got the chrome

Grille it’s got the led accents on the headlights as well as projector headlights fog lights it’s got the tow hooks in the front check out those wheels now one of the features it has is the remote start which i’m going to show you here’s the key here and i’m going to go ahead and start it up all right now that it started i’m going to show you the you notice the

Key is just like a fob but doesn’t have the actual key there’s one inside of it and as well they also have an extra key there but i’m going to put the key in my pocket and walk up to the door because it does have a proximity key put my hand here on the door lock and opens up automatically i can relock the doors i pushing stuff so i’m going to go ahead and open

It up this is a big truck on the go ahead and go through on this side first this does have a black interior stitched here on the door you got your door door lock controls power windows controls you got pockets pretty much everywhere down there big speaker in the door you have a power passenger seat as well as lumbar support you have leather seats perforated here

Leather seats and let’s look underneath this you can see the carpet mat there you do have a pocket here that fits a full size file folder there’s a storage compartment here there’s your glove compartment there put a pocket right there as well as there continuing on this is a crew cab so it has a nice full-size back door it’s amazing how much room this has in the

Back backseat and you see the four the back doors are just as high quality with the the trim here the leather stitching the pockets everywhere here’s the seats that are perforated and that also they are heated to heated seats in the front and back and these seats lift up and it does have some storage here under the seat on that side on this side your subwoofer

Because it does have the alpine premium sound system so there’s your subwoofer for an amplifier this folds out and creates a flat surface in case you need to put something back here that you don’t want to put in the back of the truck this fold down folds down here you have cup holder as well as an armrest and these seats do have the latch system for car seats you

Can see that is there in the middle seat and on the other side then you got your back tether back here for your car seat under this mat we have a store on floor system tourists like a little storage compartment under the floor here and it’s kind of like a wastebasket type thing where you can dump it and put it back in some people use it put ice in there and drink

Some people use as trash can or just about anything you want tools and it’s completely out of the way and there’s the same thing on the other side which i’ll show you now the back of the truck here you can see it does have a backup sensors parking sensors here has a towing hitch of course you got the four and seven white plugs here’s your tailgate and you can

See the little lens right here for your backup camera and it is a long beds you got plenty of room for cargo and this is a factory spray in bedliner very durable and since it’s from the factory it’s a directly on the truck without any kind of prior scratches or anything like that like say if you were to buy a truck and then put it on there might be some moisture

Or something but this one is a spray in bedliner run the factory you see it does have the coil springs into there see if you see that really nice the wheels on this truck is eight lug and sis is a diesel it does it use diesel exhaust fluid and there’s your input for your diesel exhaust hood right next to the fuel cap there’s that one does i have a cab with the

Capitalist azam but you get the idea so here’s the inside of the other side basically the same thing on the door just want to show you the storage compartment here now here’s some accessories and stuff here’s an adapter for the trailer hitch because it’s it’s two different sizes there’s your storage underneath the seat and there’s a storage here just like on the

Other side store and for and all that storage is out of the way when you’re not using it and here’s your mirror it does have a a chrome mirror and their trailer tow mirrors you’re separated you get a a different view here as well as there and also they are heated but you can also lift them up like this so you can get a little bit more review when you’re pulling

A trailer you snap them back like that if you want here’s the inside of the driver’s door on the front side there’s your pockets and everything there’s your window controls and door lock controls as well as your side mirror controls now the 2500 as of yet does not have a power folding side mirrors so that’s one feature this truck does not have but never none of the

2500 that i know have them does have automatic headlights adjustable pedals see the button here you can adjust them in and out here’s your adjustments it’s for in it for your seat power adjustments as well as lumbar support and you have presets right there so i’m going to hop in this is a tall truck i’m turn the radio down all right here’s your steering wheel

And on the steering wheel is lots of buttons on this right side you’ve got your cruise control on the right side on the back is your volume so you can turn the volume up and down you see right there you can feel it better than you can see it now i also change the station on this side right now it’s on satellite radio so i’m just scrolling through they’re really

Awesome sound with the alpine sound system i’m going to turn the volume back down and on this side you have your voice recognition button which is a whole guide for that and also your bluetooth where you can ask your fund and you once you pair your bluetooth phone to the system as long as your phone is in the vehicle and somebody calls you and you’ll hear the

Sound system dim you’ll hear it ringing through the sound system you just push that button and start talking your microphones are in the top of the rear view mirror – to get a nice clear sound there’s that now here’s your gauges and in the middle there’s a nice screen right here where your digital speedometer is right now now you can also see the top left at the

End that’s because the truck is facing north it’s 68 degrees outside right now there’s your diesel exhaust fluid right here your fuel is on the right all the gauge is pretty much self-explanatory from there now the center screen like i said they’re controlled these buttons here on the left side of the steering wheel so i’m going to go ahead and just kind of scroll

Through just so you can get an idea of what they look like so i can scroll through there’s your tire pressure on each tire i can pan to the right and get a like the oil life fuel filter life battery voltage exhaust turbo different severities summary on all your different things so i can go back like that now i can scroll down fuel economy different trips trailer

Tow no trailer connected audio messages will show up there but you kind of get the idea that this is a customizable screen here so you can have different information when you need it so there’s your steering wheel there’s your gauges does have a nice handle on all four doors to get in another truck since it is a elevated truck that has some elevation there now the

Shifter is here and on the shifter you see a plus and negative that’s for shifting up and down while you’re driving that is specially important if you’re going downhill you can use your diesel your exhaust bike which your control is here i’ll get to that in a second and you can actually go from 70 miles an hour without touching the break and just gear down with

That exhaust where i can come to a complete stop it’s amazing so there’s a little pocket up here there’s your vents now here’s your 8.4 uconnect system it does have navigation satellite radio so right now it’s on your satellite which i demonstrated with the volume and everything there’s your time your compass hopefully go to see that because there’s a little bit

Of a glare from the sun it looks clear with my eyes but the camera is kind of picking up a glare it’s facing north right there and there’s your temperature where it says low right here that’s corresponding to your dual climate as it zooms see i’m gonna jesting him now they’re synched now i’m going to go here to the media button there’s a cd player usb auxiliary

Input as well as a sd card and bluetooth and those connections are in here i’ll show you that a second your controls that you have heated and ventilated seats heated steering wheel climate control you have your different climate controls there for your you know your temperatures and and all that good stuff you do have the controls down here as well navigation you

Can set it to go different addresses you can watch the map as you go kind of see where you’re at a lot a lot of interesting things with the navigation you can set addresses all kinds of cool stuff there’s your phone you have it’ll download your your phone book and all that stuff hopefully be able to see it i know there’s a big layer on here i’m sorry about that

But anyway really nice screen do you have you connect apps and has you know wi-fi hotspot travel link where you can look at different fuel prices movie listings sports weather all kinds of cool stuff weather map and all that so really cool features on the uconnect system you can turn the screen off if it’s distracting you and turn it back on by touching it and

There’s your control suite your climate controls here’s your forward drive controls by the way down here you’ve got the your trailer brake system which is already factory installed and you’re towing haul buttons there now there’s your exhaust break you can turn your parking sensors off in case you’re getting close to something and you need you don’t want to hear

The beeping noise while you’re getting close it is pre-wired for different like lights or anything like that in case you need to add something to the truck like a winch or lights or anything like that you can you can hook it up here that’s how you turn them on and off anyway there’s a pocket there place to put business cards there’s a power supply there there’s a

Storage compartment cupholders another storage compartment place to put another file over there or a book or anything this like paper related i guess you could say here’s your armrest assistant does lift up and you do have a place to put like a small tablet a tablet or a small laptop or cell phone and you can charge it there there’s your sd card usb and auxiliary

Inputs for your radio and there’s a usb charger here this whole thing lifts up and there’s where you see your cd player and then you have a big storage compartment there it does have an auto dim rear view mirror here’s your garage door controls right here this little round thing is a infrared sensor for your temperature control this button here is your power rear

Glass you see how it opens up back there you do have some tap lights and right here is for your sunroof which it does have you have a shade like that and you can also open it up slide it like that all the way back or you could just spin it if you want to or when you’re not using it just close it up alright there’s lots of features in this track just kind of show you

The quickly go over this and if you’re interested in this vehicle or whatever we’re gonna want to know more about it you can go on our website and it will have you know a pdf version of this window sticker we just want to show you the overall what it says on it alright let’s look into the hood let’s have two batteries and they were insulated nice low temperature

Does affect battery seven liter cummins turbo diesel is your other battery there you notice everything is color-coded all things that you would check alright so if you’re just in this vehicle let me know my name is mike and my phone number and email address will be in the description see you next time

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