2014 nissan nv200 front strut re
Altair Club Cars 2014 Nissan NV200 Front Strut Replacement EASY

2014 Nissan NV200 Front Strut Replacement EASY

Hello youtubers good morning this is gq auto diagnostics and repair here with a new video this morning i will show you how to replace front struts on a 2012 uh nissan nv of 2014 never mind four automatic front-wheel drive and i will be working on the passenger side because i have better lining lighting there so this is a very easy procedure we already have

The part now one of the things that i would suggest every time do you get a new part make sure you know you check it it is the same so that way you don’t go through the whole repair and uh find out you don’t have parts if you have the parts ahead of time so it can save you a bunch of time and money because time is money okay now here you can see you have some

Oil coming out of it so the seal is not good even if the car is no bouncing so anyhow to do this repair you’re gonna need i believe a 13 millimeter bolt that is on top for the straw mount a 21 millimeter or 13 16 ratchet and wrench and socket flat screwdriver 18 millimeter bolt and that will be pretty much it now before i continue if you are new to the channel

Welcome and please take a a second a fraction of a second to hit that subscribe button leave your comments down below and bring that notification bell so you can be notified every single time we upload a new video so without further ado let’s get to the repair let me place the camera in an angle that you guys can be able to see right now the lighting is not the

Best oh my goodness i thought i’m gonna have something better okay okay so we’re gonna start right here with this part okay so as i said in the video nope i was not helping okay i think that’s better all right let’s get to it oh hmm these two bolts they are the same so no need to worry about which one goes where this can be interchangeable but if you like

To just keep everything neat you know put it back the same spot that you found it okay now we got to move and be careful with the speed sensor right here so you got to pop this pop that here’s what the screwdriver is going to come handy here we have the clip retainer for the brake brake hose so we’re going to tap there and that should bring it out of you know

If you don’t know how to look like it’s like i see retainer so that’s the part of the spring load i don’t place put it in a place that you don’t going to uh lose it now here you’re going to push the hose back in between sometimes the new shocks depend on the quality this area can be very uh tight fit so sometimes you have to just open it up with a screwdriver a

Little bit more so that when you put the new uh hose that i mean the hose back in place you can just center and allow you to put that retainer back in place without no issue next 18 millimeter right there boom now one tip that i want to give you guys when you do this if you’re gonna do obviously one side at a time make sure both sides of the vehicle they are lifted

Okay if you just lift one side and the other one the opposite side is resting on the ground that’s gonna put a lot of load on the on the sway bar and you’re gonna need to use a screwdriver to to bring the sway bar down or up depending where the lows goes to be able to pull it out of the place that’s it beside that everything else is pretty straightforward all

Right so next we’re gonna go up all right and i’m gonna be using i believe a 13 millimeter swivel that’s me you don’t need to a socket and a ratchet would be just fine so let me bring this here i don’t know if you guys can see there that that is the area that we’re going to be working on let me place a camera trying to do this quick so that way i don’t keep it

Too long in the video right there have more light now perfect now this is quite tall so i need to use a short one uh i’m gonna use this yep 13 millimeter now i want to warn you you’re going to take those three around it do not do not i repeat do not touch the one in the center the one of the centers that one keeping the the spring compressed if you remove

The center one that all that energy is going to release and you’re going to hear a big pop any potentially can harm you do not touch it stay away from it okay now lastly with the other hand right here you’re going to try to hold this so that way it doesn’t drop or very simple you can actually put one of these bolts back here let me do that and uh let it rest

There okay let me place the camera again so i can do it but some of you guys might not be so mechanically inclined and i don’t want comments somebody got hurt because they followed my direction but i didn’t have the experience to multitask so i do not want issues i still i’m going to try to hold it with my left hand here done boom now i can let her rest

And here now the brake hose is going to go behind the strut and and the speed sensor is going to be on the front just remember that just be careful here okay now we got the the new versus the old one side to side this is in the same direction this is in the same position even here we have an r for right there you go so we want to make sure everything looks

The same all right the same height here to here same time believe it or not everything looks the same but one of the straws a little bit longer that is no good oh this part here can be longer a shorter one even if it dresses the same always check your parts okay now here you can see the oil now okay my hand is see oil when you see that i mean it’s time to

Change your struts all right so let’s put this back together try to keep this a very very short video so first make sure you remove the bolts on the top this one can with the bolts new ones it’s always a good practice to put in that great so this one i’m gonna go like this it’s a lot easier okay let’s see if i can put the bolts on top first nope can’t

Have a bad angle okay here it is a good practice to have somebody to actually help you to support this but in this case it’s not the case in this situation i have nobody else to help me today no big deal i always work on myself so okay with it again make sure the brake line brake hose is behind and the speed sensor it is right in front of a strut so that

Way you don’t put everything and you have to remove the bolts and push it and all that stuff now the next thing that i’m going to do i’m going to bring the floor jack on the bottom so i can lift now it’s a little higher at the center it lift it a little bit more center it and we are good all right so you can see the floor jack this is some position with one

Hand i was guiding it here and when my leg was pumping the jack up now here you can see that the hole is lining up that’s one that is stew and obviously the other one it’s gonna go in paris perfect okay so in the description below i’m gonna add okay that one two three i’m gonna add the the torque specs so you can find it there and uh the next thing we’re

Gonna reinstall this push it in place this one comes here sometimes you have to twist it a little bit so you can just put this part here sometimes you need a pliers to squeeze it in but that’s about it guys so anyhow this is how you replace torque uh strut mounts so um like i said i will include this uh the torque specs in the description below and when

I edit the video all right if you find any value in this video please please like the video subscribe to the channels comment share the video and hopefully with this 15 minute video some of you down there around the world can save some money and have your car reliable again again do your best forget the rest god bless and i see you in the next video later

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2014 Nissan NV200 Front Strut Replacement EASY By GQ Auto Diagnostics

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