2014 mitsubishi outlander sport
Altair Club Cars 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Snowy Off-Road Review & Misadventure

2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Snowy Off-Road Review & Misadventure

( ) The 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport is small AWD crossover that competes with new cars like the Mazda CX-5. With just 8.5 inches of ground clearance the 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport isn’t engineered to go steep and deep into the snowy Colorado wilderness. In another accurate, fun and informative TFLcar video we get stuck yet again in the Colorado Rocky Mountains testing the newest crossover from Mitsubishi.

We’re going backwards and see we just turn around get the hell out of here thank you couple higher a little bit of a run at it then we can back up that make that turn up a little bit and we’ll head over sam or over is like at that huh we have been stuck plenty of times and we don’t want to get stuff boys go that far yeah this is that colorado off-road snow worthy

Okay alright we’re all right nathan now last time i drove a vehicle off-road that was from a struggling japanese automaker at least here in america it was this uzuki sx4 and you know what happened to suzuki my advice is uki so now we have the mitsubishi outlander sport and i’m just hoping that this review is not the kiss of death for mitsubishi i don’t think it is

Because this is one of the best sellers and we’re going to find out if it’s any good in the snow coming up next you i happen to think that the mitsubishi outlander sport is pretty good-looking i put it right up there with the mazda cx-5 in terms of looks this is one of my favorite parts the shark knows badass looking front-end and they’ve recently updated it with

A little extra chrome and they’ve changed a few things around but coming on back here this is all pretty much the same the silhouettes the same the rear pretty much the same but you know what it’s cute enough to get right there hey sam come on over here come on over here i want to show you something so check out this panel gap right here now this vehicle is made

In illinois so this fits rub right there very easily but check this out up here not so easily so the gap is i’d say about maybe a millimeter and then widens all the way there maybe three millimeters up here this is not very japanese look at this look at this it’s plastic i think look at that reason why look if you guys remember the old saturn’s they used to have

Pasta fenders and solid hoods and the thing is is that expansion and contraction how expand coentrão go come on it’s what happened over there otherwise this is misaligned it’s completely misaligned lightly misaligned because of the plastic finger track this is if you hit a squirrel a belt right off the fenders you know what this thing’s got a nice little growl –

It’s not exactly what i call fierce but it’s okay yeah i agree with you nathan it sounds smooth yeah that’s good that’s puppy all right nathaniel sorry about the drive in the snow but these quote-unquote mud and snow seasons what kind are they once no she’s entirely nexen yeah i’ve never seen them before there we go don’t hi cetera do i say look i’ve got eight

Almost 8.5 inches of ground clearance and it’s not too bad there’s actually a little bit of a what’s not a skid places aerodynamic plate underneath but it’s nice for sliding over snow of course using is this good plate yes i am hey your old nathan don’t get stuck man touchdown oh good stuff here up i’ll push you out of here oh i’m fine nestled deep down inside

The engine bay is a 2-liter four-cylinder engine it’s peppy it puts out 148 horsepower and 145 pound feet of torque so it gets gets around nine no it doesn’t really go around that nice but it’s okay it that’s what i’ll say it’s okay what’s it made of – nathan what’s the transmission gg i’m sorry i couldn’t hear that what was that 26 miles per gallon combined that’s

What we’re talking about if you get the all wheel drive version which this is then it comes with the cvt and a pretty good off-road system actually that’s push-button and then you can also get this with a manual transmission but only with front-wheel drive yeah see vt continuously varying torque republic buzzes yeah that’s pretty good there’s this big button right

Here that says four-wheel drive don’t touch it i’m not gonna touch it we don’t think it’s stuck back here yeah we really don’t want to get stuck back here it’s pretty nasty oh you’re struggling nathan this thing is struggling oh or hi we’re close to high centering this thing yes we are so i’m just gonna keep on going as fast as i listen to air but you know what

It’s doing okay you got an it this is pretty damn deep this is about a foot deep in some spots or more billions that’s not looking good looking good uh-uh we’re gonna get stuck nathan it’s a much nicer interior and it’s much quieter and frankly it’s quieter than the mazda equivalent what i like is that they put on the doors a good foam material so it doesn’t feel

Like you’re hitting hard plastics but there are some hard plastics here and there overall i think it’s a nice looking interior it’s not as classy as some other ones that are out there volkswagen seems to come in mind with the tiguan thank you right in terms of comfort the seats are comfortable back seats pretty comfortable not a lot of legroom and okay headroom

So all in all it’s a small vehicle there’s a little place it opens up up here where you can actually turn it around okay option the good news is that it’s small light and there’s three of us in here so if it gets stuck we can push the bad news is we didn’t bring the raptor which would pull us out of some major trouble yeah but you know it’s doing it all right and

I got to admit the all-wheel-drive system in here yeah it’s allowing a little bit of slippage and at the same time it’s keeping us moving and this is a very very difficult snow to drive in right now this is heavy grooves yeah i’m not i don’t want to how about if we turn around right here right here okay right there go up the hill and then we’ll have momentum to go

Down the hill what the hell huh always going down and it’s going up this little tiny hill this is that colorado off-road snow worthy okay alright we’re so no that’s not fair to say i completely disagree with that this snow here would get a subaru stuck i don’t think get a super sick ride i grew it do anything it’s it’s meant for fifth no erode i mean the reverse

No you wouldn’t go that way no you can samantha that way problem yeah well just stop how can i turn now which way do you want me to go that way to get out of here yeah so i got to go in and i got a turn like this no no yeah that’s what i’m trying to do but it’s the grooves won’t let me there we go i’ll back it up out of here all right you’re doing it my man wanted

Chibi she’s doing it no no keep going keep going get back in those jews and get the hell out of here so i’m gonna give this one to nathan yeah the mitsubishi is small but it’s tidy it’s kind of the right compact size i’m getting a little tired of every vehicle always being bigger than the previous generation and this one is a nice size if you live in a city where

There’s not a lot of room for parking it’s also a nice size if you happen to be in the backseat i’m pretty tall obviously 62 but my head fits my knees do kind of push in the back of the seat but i could see myself sitting back here this is a little bit too upright for my overall comfort but you know what for a small i say urban vehicle it does very well for the

Back seat occupants and speaking of big guys in small cars it’s actually very roomy back here nathan it is very much so if the seats are down it has over 51 square cubic feet of storage space and that’s not to do hair ibly bad hey how much is this bad boy cost this one this particular model costs 25 850 and that is a nearly loaded vehicle the only thing it doesn’t

Have is the sunroof option which is actually more of a giant panoramic moonroof and leather oh and navigation it doesn’t have that either but it has everything else and that’s a pretty good price heated seats yes cool teats no dead but that’s not even an option a subwoofer yes yes right next to you yes it’s right massive yeah this doesn’t provide a lot of value for

Your crossover dollar but the question is what does it sound like and how does it do off-road let’s find out right now hell yeah so we have three lessons we’ve learned from this outlander sport testing right yeah number one when it says mud and snow on the tire don’t believe them yeah not necessarily not unless you’ve actually uses the tire before which we haven’t

Number two nathan’s got momentum on the side momentum is awesome and without that we probably be stuck the number three we’ve both locked ever after next time we do this yeah we do so we can go run and get it and get a snatcher up but look i’m going to back this up 100 percent on really nasty snow which is very hard to pilot this little guy is doing really well

So the question nathan is can the mitsubishi outlander sport save mitsubishi’s bacon in north america maybe they need to build more vehicles like this or better frankly but i think it’s a good vehicle and on tfs go buy or at least i rented or forget it i gave it two scores this one i’m going to give a lisa – i think it’s great but it’s not as good as it could be

And if you’re looking for a cheap vehicle front-wheel drive with a manual transmission that gives you lots of stuff for the money i said go ahead and buy it and i’m going to give it to ratings as well if you’re an urban dweller i say lisa otherwise inexpensive i say cheap rented as always this is roman and nathan saying thanks for watching and see you next time

Bye alright nathan tell him come on you have a confession tell him oh yeah i was wrong about the measurements it’s actually forty nine point five cubic feet with all the seats folded flat really i thought the other one you know the squirrel yeah okay i hit a hit a squirrel it was a suicide girl killer squirrel killer it jumped in front of the car it was like you

Know i’m not the leap and go the other way i’m just driving and he left into the car and yeah blaming on the suicidal scroll why don’t you i don’t know if he’s dead or not he might just have a really bad headache maybe he was laying on the ground sleeping that’s what i was talking about not the cubic who cares oh and by the way if you were wondering this is twenty

Five thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars oh that’s ooh yeah that’s the important part right there are all our corrections for today you

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2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Snowy Off-Road Review & Misadventure By The Fast Lane Car

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