2014 mercedes benz cls 550
Altair Club Cars 2014 MERCEDES BENZ CLS-550


Hello guys this is xados here of atlanta georgia today i’m going to be showing you around this very nice mercedes-benz the 2014 mercedes-benz cls 550 i’m going to go ahead and give you a quick tour around it then we’ll go inside check out the interior but once again it’s a pretty nice 2014 mercedes-benz cls 550 wasn’t finished checking out the interior we will

Come back outside take a closer look at the wheels headlights tail lights just to make sure that they are working properly we’ll also pop the hood open so you can take a look at the engine this vehicle does come with a sunroof so we’ll also retract that make sure that it’s working properly so and go ahead and grab the key here’s the key the only key remote we have

For you the interior is going to be leather in great shape great condition so the passenger seats also in pretty good shape pretty good condition as you can see there so in this vehicle you’re also going to have uh power wind power windows power mirrors got your power locks power seats a memory driver seat and you’re also going to have harmon and carton sound

System um so i’m going to hop inside i’m going to go ahead and press the brake and then press the push start button there we go we’ve got some other seat controls here let’s see we’ll turn down the volume of the radio real quick so we’re waiting for the system to load up so navigation system is equipped on this vehicle we’re located in atlanta georgia right off

Burton road also guys you’re going to have a backup camera so as you shift to reverse that backup camera shows up looks pretty clear we’ll definitely help you out allowing backing out parking trying to get out of tight spaces uh with your ac controls you got them right on right underneath um ac is working pretty good you do have heated seats air conditioned seats

Here in the front which is a really really good option uh also your mileage you got 51 000 miles on it which is still pretty good mileage on this vehicle you do have some steering wheel controls you can turn up turn on the volume multimedia also you can answer hingle cost cosplay for your steering wheel so it does come with bluetooth guys also you’re going to have

Other media options you got a usb connector there all right so you can maybe connect an adapter for other media accessories you also have your cd player your amf and radio along with the bluetooth i mentioned before so um pretty good media options in this vehicle got a clock down the middle on the center console you can see it right there and just go ahead and

Retract this arm roof just to make sure that it is working properly um sorry is working fine as you can see right there no issues with the sunroof let’s go ahead and take a quick walk around make sure the headlights and tail lights are working properly good working good tail lights also working good looking good so no issues there were headlights or tail lights

Everything’s in place guys working properly we’re located in atlanta georgia and the trunk open just hold the button here on the remote to open the trunk um do got some great great space back here all right when you are going to have a power trunk lid so you have to do is press this button right here and it’s just a close pretty smooth once again it does come

With a backup camera guys and the backup camera is going to be um right above the plate in pretty good shape pretty good condition that’s the backup camera you’re also going to have your backup sensors there as you guys have seen this vehicle is still in great shape great condition uh with your backup camera navigation system um heated seats air conditioning

Seats sunroof looks in pretty good shape so here’s the engine engine is going to be detailed most importantly as you guys heard nowhere noises or hesitations while we have this vehicle running how are you always mother welcome come check it out yourself take it on a test drive see if you like hot drives or not we’re located once again in atlanta georgia right

Albert road so you can check it out all right but that’s the v8 engine right here uh let me go ahead and give you a look at the headlight at the tires so you can see that they are working properly see that they are working fine you can see the tires there the rims in pretty good shape look really nice this room also in great shape great commission let’s go

Ahead and go to the right side try the wheels the tires you see the amg so the rims are still in great great shape you can see the thread there also great in great shape um you’re more working once again can’t give it a test drive see if you light high drops we’re not relocating in atlanta georgia right upper road all right so overall this mercedes is still in

Great great shape great condition um that’s pretty cool nice features um and pretty comfortable to drive around as well however this vehicle does come with branded title that’s because first order damage was reported on this vehicle just detailing cosmetic work was done to this vehicle to get it fixed as you guys have seen so far it is back in pretty good shape

Pretty good condition and um you can see right there great great shape so if you would like to know more information you can go to axolotls.com or give us call 404-935-6700 thank you guys

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