2014 mazda mazda3 gs sky review
Altair Club Cars 2014 Mazda Mazda3 GS-SKY Review

2014 Mazda Mazda3 GS-SKY Review

This Mazda3 GS-SKY is available and waiting for you to come see it today. Equipped with heated front seats, power windows and mirrors, power locks, power lift gate and five passenger seating. Features include:

Hello folks welcome to sherwood park today – located out there do you want auto mall road and sherwood park alberta canada today i’m gonna be showing you this 2014 mass 3gs sky and the most suitable features on this gs sky is its bluetooth connectivity you know your steering wheel audio controls as well as your backup camera now i’m gonna go through a couple more

Features on the inside and outside of the vehicle just get you better familiar with this 2014 master 3gs sky let’s get started now a couple of the exterior features that you will see on this gs sky is its daytime running lights you also have your fog lamps taking a closer look just down below you’ll see your 16 inch aluminum alloy wheels you also have your foldable

Mirrors and the color we’re gonna be taking a look at today is grey now to start off with we’re gonna be taking a look at your front – as well as your front seats just so you have a much better idea of how much space there is now you have your black cloth into your seat surfaces over on your left hand side you’ll see the your traction control on and off on the

Inside of your driver’s side door you have your mirror controls when it locks power locks and wind controls now a couple of the controls you’ll see here on the steering wheel include your seat function volume control info button voice recognition bluetooth and then your cruise control settings over on your right hand side now you do have that push button start

Just actually show it to you there so all you have to do put your foot on the brake push in the clutch and then just hit the push button and will start up for you automatically now as you can see there you do have your cruising range when with an exterior temperature gauge now if you hit the info button here it’ll show you your average fuel economy as well as

Couple of other additional features in here as well now taking a closer look at the center – as well as your display you’ll see a couple of different options on you the controls to actually use the main display is just located down below here so as you can see you just use it like a dial just to scroll through the different menus that you can go through on here so

As you can see you have your applications entertainment communication and a couple of other additional features you also have the digital clock on there as well and your volume control settings will be located down below as well you have your hazard lights temperature control settings located down below with your heated seat controls for your driver and passenger

With three different settings depending on how hot or how low heat you would like to have for it now it’s matted to a manual transmission and i’m just gonna throw this into reverse just so i can show you the back up camera looks like so as you can see you have those nice guiding lines and they’re making things much easier for you when you try to back into a stall

Finally we’ll be taking a look at your rear cargo area as well as your trunk now locate on the back your trunk you’re gonna see your backup camera just underneath your mazda emblem and one of the nice things with this gia sky is it does have that keyless entry system as well as an automatic trunk release so taking a look at your key fob you have your lock unlock

Charcoal easton panic button so pull down the trunk release for approximately 2 seconds it’ll pop open for you now closing in on the rear cargo space you have a couple of different options in the back here if you need some additional space for yourself so if you want to fold down that rear seat you can pull on one of these two tabs that you see here now if we take

A look now underneath the floor you’ll find your spare tire as well as your jack and tool kit so if you find yourself in a bit of a pinch you know exactly where it’s located thank you so much folks for watching this video today if you have any questions on this 2014 mazda 3gs sky please visit us we’re located at 3100 mile road in sherwood park alberta canada

The phone number is seven eight oh four one zero two four five five or please visit our website at sp toyota comm to get us by email once again folks thank you so much for watching this video today if you have any comments or any additional questions please leave them in the comments section locate it down below then that makes you have a great day and i hope to see you next time

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2014 Mazda Mazda3 GS-SKY Review By Sherwood Park Toyota

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