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Altair Club Cars 2014 Land Rover Range Rover Sport: First Drive

2014 Land Rover Range Rover Sport: First Drive

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The range rover sport’s always been a little bit of a puzzle it’s just about as capable off-road as the original range rover it’s shockingly quick though and pretty athletic too it’s new this year but has it become more range rover or more sport and the range rover sport is in the middle of the range rover branded vehicles lineup so it blends a little bit of

The bigger range rover and also of the evoke and you can notice that more this time around and the way the roofline tapers there’s really a lot of evoke character in here even the led headlamps look like they want to take wing now there are two drive trains available with the 2014 range rover sport the version we’ve driven this morning is a v6 with supercharging

And it might sound familiar we’ve talked about it before in the jaguar f-type 340 horsepower in this version and the other version will drive later on today it’s a 5 liter supercharged v8 with 510 horsepower both of them are mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission now on the range rover and the range rover evoque had gone to a rotary style shift control you’ll

Notice here that the range rover sport is back to a shift lever and that’s because they say it’s a sporty type of suv you want some shift lever control and in fact it’s the same unit that’s used in the f-type sports car all range rover sports have four-wheel drive but there are differences between the two different versions some versions have a torsen limited slip

Differential rear end four-wheel drive it’s an all wheel drive system that operates automatically there’s also a version with locking differentials it’s a little bit more rugged more designed for hardcore off-roading terrain response to is the updated version of land rovers driving controls it enhances throttle and transmission responses steering assist suspension

Damper settings and it has a traction stability control setting for sporty driving it also has a dynamic active rear locking differential system aids traction on acceleration and locks up to 70 milliseconds quicker than the previous model there’s only one way to put all this technology to the test and that’s to get a little bit dirty range rover sport has thirty

Three and a half inches of waiting depth not to mention 21 and a half inches of articulation yeah you could say it as a nice departure angle and it’s good to know if you’re ever late for that flight the range rover sport won’t have any problem getting you there on time right up into first class hey uh get a refill on this so long as we live we will never get on

A mobile lounge again that’s one way to make an arrival we’re here at the cotswolds airport we’re gonna show you a little bit about the sports side of the equation with the range rover sport a vehicle that with a v6 can go zero to 60 in 6.9 seconds and with a v8 5.0 seconds we’re also going to take you for 155 mile an hour top and run now what you’ll need to do

Is put the range rover sport in the dynamic mode you’ll also want to have a spare airport laying around and for these kind of stops you’ll also want the optional sport break package the street performance is better than ever and so is off-roading but the r8 rover sport hasn’t forgotten that it’s all about luxury you could choose almost anything you want from 11

Different interior colors 19 different exterior colors you can even paint the roof a different color if you want just like that other british car we know the range rover sport even managed to bring us a sunny day in wales maybe it was witchcraft maybe there was some money that changed hands we don’t really want to get involved it’s lighter than before and it’s more

Capable off rather than before but the thing you might want to remember most about this new 2014 range rover is the name sport i’m already padgett for high gear media thanks for joining us don’t forget to follow us on social media and twitter at car connection motor authority and green car reports

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