2014 infiniti qx60 hybrid awd at
Altair Club Cars 2014 Infiniti QX60 HYBRID AWD at Delaware Auto Sales – DVD, 20 Wheels, Dual Sunroofs, Extra Clean

2014 Infiniti QX60 HYBRID AWD at Delaware Auto Sales – DVD, 20 Wheels, Dual Sunroofs, Extra Clean

Hi everybody it’s nathan here at delaware auto sales and we’re taking a look at this very nice infinity suv today this is a 2014 infiniti qx60 all-wheel drive you can see right there on the fender it says hybrid this is a hybrid model four-cylinder gasoline engine combined with the hybrid makes this guy get uh really really really nice fuel economy 25 miles to

The gallon in the city 28 miles to the gallon on the highway nice exterior color it’s a dark gray the technical color name is diamond slate diamond slate metallic it’s it’s a nice color with black interior two sunroofs front sunroof and then a big panoramic sunroof in the back we’ll take a look at here on the inside in a moment this has been well cared for it’s

Very clean very nice and it shows the tires are like new literally like new they have nine thirty seconds tread you can see there uh all the wheels are in very nice shape uh brakes front brakes are at 10 millimeters you can see how new that rotor is right there so the front brakes have 10 millimeters which is basically equivalent to brand new uh rear brakes

Back here in the back have eight millimeters um brake pad material remaining so they are eighty ninety percent remaining also nearly like new you can see the back tires just as perfect as the front this has been through our inspection process and service facility received a new valve cover gasket set and some new spark plugs that was really all that was found

That was needed and both items were taken care of so it is ready to go and ready to drive and ready for you so 20 inch wheels 265 50 20 is the tire size 20-inch wheels this is really well equipped let’s get into the inside here it has all of the safety features with forward collision alert blind spot monitor rear traffic alert intelligent cruise control also

Has a easy access key so the button here it’s running right now but the button would lock or unlock the doors right there it does have both original keys so both original keys all of the owner’s manuals memory seat right here on the driver’s side power folding mirrors right here uh this is the blind spot indicator right there rubber floor mats on the floor the

Original we’ve got the plastic covering on top but these are the original infinity rubber mats you can see how nice the driver side seat is 120 000 miles but it’s been well cared for the piping still very nice on the edge bolsters very very nice there’s the sunroofs on the inside let me open this one so the front sunroof is you know normal size and then back

Glass back there so third row seat in this also let’s just take a take a quick tour and then we’ll look at the rest of the features in the front so bench second row seat factory dvd entertainment very very nice the screens tilt uh if there’s a glare with the sun you can tilt the screens there’s a remote for these screens this here lifts up and slides forward and

There’s third row seat which of course can fold flat so slide that back ah let’s see all right so inside here we have heated seats cooled seats on both front seats cup holder there’s an outlet down here radio information even has bluetooth audio um all of our main controls some other climate controls up here navigation screen right there i’m going to put it in

Reverse back up camera so here’s the back camera here’s the top view camera so this is a top view all four sides surrounding you can click here to change the view it shows you the right side of the car like for parallel parking you can change again and see a full screen backup camera so definitely very nice xm radio right here aux and bluetooth audio right there

So there’s that there are cables connections uh here is the remote for the dvd system you select left or right side and then accordingly inside this box there are rca jacks in here and a power outlet there and a usb right there also can be configured if you click on rear right here this is the screens in the back so you can turn them on turn them off decide

What source the media is going to come from dvds go in up here and then the movies can be watched in the back so bose sound system in this vehicle push button start right here very nice leather wrapped steering wheel excellent shape uh intelligent laser cruise control so it has distance pace and cruise control this is the safety features on and off quickly on

And off button basically some other steering wheel audio controls there is the exact mileage one two zero five one one here in this main menu well we need to put some gas uh driver assistance uh driving aids we’ve got forward collision aid lane keeping aid blind spot aid uh backup collision intervention intelligent brake assist is just what it sounds like it

Will break for you if you’re going to have a collision in the front to try to minimize the collision so there is all of those there’s the safety screen menu dca ldp lane departure warning bsi blind spot indicator and then this screen uh hev hybrid electric vehicle will show you how well the battery’s charged and how much battery life there is of course you’ll

Hear the gasoline engine turn on and off depending on how well charged the battery is so that is most of that um there’s some more buttons down here this is for the tailgate power tailgate opening and closing to turn that on and off there is a regular 120 volt outlet on the back we’re going to see here in a moment this is the switch for that this is the switch

For the heated steering wheel which it does have it’s fantastic uh this is the beepers around the car if you want to turn them off this is a headlight range adjustment to make the headlights point up a little higher when you’re driving out on like country country type roads i personally own and drive an infiniti can’t say enough about them because mine is uh six

Years older than this power seats mine is 2008 and i have over 200 000 miles and i love the car and have no intentions of getting rid of it so very pleased with the infinity brand as a whole the screens that we saw i slide this seat back rubber floor mats covering the whole floor which is fantastic climate control in the back there’s the 120 volt outlet here’s

The regular 12 volt um power outlet heated seats in the rear right here yes so heated seats for everybody except the third row packs the seats are very nice condition very very very nice power tailgate so this is uh cargo space which is a little small with the seats up but of course you can fold the seats like this fold the headrest and fold them down to gain

More space just like that some additional a little bit of storage here this is to do with the bose system and underneath this compartment is the jack and the tools and all those things there’s that button on the tailgate of course we’ll make it close love these integrated drink holders on these type of most japanese cars have them like that it’s fantastic in

The front and the back very nice for tall bottles passenger seat is just as nice as the driver’s seat rubber mats again all the way through ah a little tricky with one hand there we go nice and quiet hybrid i give a 15 second pause for you to listen to the engine all right sounds good running well front bumper and front end is in very very nice shape for the

Mileage thanks for taking a look at this with me today hopefully you’ve made it all the way through this video this is really really a nice suv for the money in my opinion very well equipped definitely uh excellent to have if you have kids with the dvd in the back send an email or give us a call and we’ll be happy to get you set up to take a look at this take

It for a drive delaware auto sales here in delaware ohio phone number seven four zero

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2014 Infiniti QX60 HYBRID AWD at Delaware Auto Sales – DVD, 20" Wheels, Dual Sunroofs, Extra Clean! By Delaware Auto Sales

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