2014 hyundai sonata hybrid sedan
Altair Club Cars 2014 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Sedan

2014 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Sedan

Get comfortable in this wonderfully maintained sedan with stylish cloth interior throughout, heated front seats, handsfree calling, keyless entry, push button start, dual split climate controls, cruise control, carpeted floor mats, CD player and lots of space for cargo. Under the hood it has a 2.3L engine with a 6-speed automatic transmission and comes with a Car Proof and fully licensed AMVIC inspection. Come check it out today at Ponoka Chrysler!

Hey guys this is sara’s panocha chrysler and am you taking you on a walk around on a pre-owned 2014 hyundai sonata hybrid in a beautiful sky blue paint coat under the hood it has a 2.3 liter engine with your 6-speed automatic transmission and as we’re heading down the fret you do have your daytime running lights some great styling and you do have your fog lights as

Well come here on this side you are gonna be riding on 16 inch aluminum alloy wheels with a set of general ultimax r/t tires with great tread left on them and you do also have your disc brakes on all fours as we head up to that side mirror there you do have your sine signal indicating light and your mirrors they do this in for you alright if you looked on this side

It just has a nice sleek look to it very beautiful car alright so i’m just gonna grab the keys we’ll head in inside heading on inside and we’ll keep looking to room helping us into this high-end a sonata we do have our keyless entry our trunk release button and our panic i’m a won’t demonstrate that for you today we also have our proximity keyless entry so instead

Of hitting the unlock button on the fob you can actually walk up to the vehicle put your keys in your pocket press on this button here and it will unlock alright so as we head into the driver side note we do have our power window options locks and mirrors and as we head down there is the breeze for search butts up during cold air coming in on the floor we do have

Some a sonata carpeted floor mats that have been covered by classic by our lovely service department and then as we head over to this inside you do have some nice cloth interior and you do have heated seats in the front all right i’m just gonna hop it inside check-in things up if you can see down in here we didn’t have your illumination there so you can turn it up

Or down we also have our traction control your gas tank so you can open your cap for that and then your trunk release button there so having to look at this steering wheel now we do have our volume and tuner controls and our mode button there we have our cruise control settings on this side and as we head down here there is our hands-free calling that is connected

Through bluetooth having you look up here in the adamo terraria if you can see there’s a hundred and eighty eight thousand 43 kilometers on here all right and then as we head into the center now you do have your radio there with your fm your a.m. and your sirius xm controls there is also touchscreen as well so you can kind of tap on everything you have your media

There where you can connect a device like your phone or ipod and listen to your own music you also have your cd just drive there where you can insert a disc your seat buttons there we have your phone there where you can pair a phone through bluetooth it’s asking me to pair my own i’m gonna say cancel we have your mute your scan and your set up there your volume

And your tutor controls and as we had done here you do have your hazards you have your dual split climate controls air so you can adjust them separately from your passenger if you’re not quite agreed on temperature in there for you going down there but there is there is alright so that is the throat i’ll head on into the back and we’ll keep checking things okay

So heading in on the back though here we do have our power winter options there on the door compartment for storage with a drink holder then as we head out on the floor they do have some carpeted floor mats on both ends you have holders on the back of the seats there and then again you that beautiful cloth interior in the back was seating for three the center part

Here it does fold down for you a steam is an armrest or to drink holders and then inside here you can also pull this far it and it leads into the back cargo area which will head to now and as we go around you can use the button inside the car or you can use it on the fob so you pull that down and it will pop open for you you can see there’s lots of cargo area in

There all right again you have that nice carpeted floor mat on the floor there that compartment on the back of this seat there and again those seats are just nice and clean everything looks great back here did you have your power option or window option on the door here and a compartment for storage again that nice carpeted floor mat on the floor there there is

A compartment for storage down into your walkable glove box again that nice seat there that is heated and then you have your power locks windows and professors on the door so if you guys are interested in this handy senado you want to take it off a test drive you can head on down to phase 3 we have excellent sales even a great finance team we’d help you oh we are

Located just on the south end of panocha just off a highway to 8i wonderful day guys thanks for watching

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2014 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Sedan By Ponoka Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

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