2014 honda accord hybrid touring
Altair Club Cars 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring | WHITY OSHAWA HONDA | STOCK #: U3609

2014 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring | WHITY OSHAWA HONDA | STOCK #: U3609

Experience unparalleled breadth of talent and goodness with this beautiful 2014 Honda Accord Touring Hybrid. Finished in a gorgeous White Orchid Pearl exterior with beige leather interior, the Accord Hybrid is one sharp car! Boasting luxurious features such as Honda’s Jewel Eye LED headlights and taillights, upgraded 17-inch diamond cut alloy wheels, proximity entry, and adaptive safety features such as Honda Lane Departure Warning and Honda Blind Spot Display the Accord Touring will definitely have you covered in the newest technology. Step inside the cockpit and experience Japanese engineering at its finest with classy leather interior, chrome accented highlights, Honda’s factory satellite linked navigation system with Honda Link system, bluetooth, upgraded audio, heated front and rear outboard seats, rear-view camera and much more! The 2014 Accord Hybrid Touring is powered by Honda’s 2.0L 4-cylinder engine tied to the ECON and HEV mode giving you enough get-up-and-go to tackle all terrain while taking advantage of fuel economy with Honda’s ECO assist. The Accord Touring is offered certified and emission tested. Come test drive this vehicle and experience this great piece! Ask us about our special payment options to fit your budget and drive away today!

Hello and welcome thank you for tuning in it’s kristen freilich whitby oshawa honda and today we have this unique car proof clean 2014 honda accord touring in the hybrid edition equipped with led projector beam headlamps with of course the led daytime running lights you’re also gonna get led tail lamps and these mirror indicator turn signals pop open that hood and

You’ve got a 2.0 liter vtec four-cylinder engine and of course that’s gonna give you 140 horsepower and around 120 foot-pounds of torque but if you add in the electric drive motor that will boast just over 220 torque giving the total hybrid system enough power to give you around 190 horsepower that’s phenomenal coming down to the side guys we’re gonna be riding

Atop these 17-inch 2-tone aluminum alloy rims and these are complemented by disc brakes all around and front splash guards now of course with a 17 inch aluminum alloy rim you can expect a 17 inch all season radial tire and guys check out that tread you have tons of driving years left to go well with the navigation touchscreen onetouch power moonroof and all of the

Amenities waiting inside let’s step in turn her on and show you around come with me helping you into your accord touring is a smart entry proxy to me key fob system check out our extended video to learn a little bit more about your fob but you do have unlock lock trunk release and panic mode for now we’ll tuck this away in our pocket and open on up using our chrome

Handles to reveal the gorgeous tan leather interior you’ve got that beautiful light down below wonderful storage full power amenities including two driver position memory seating and coming up top we do have the expanded driver view mirror as well as our tweeter speakers by the way it’s a 7 speaker stereo system including a subwoofer coming into our driver seating

We do have power heated driver seat it’s a 10 way powered with a four-way power passenger that’s also heated loving the 10 leather it’s perforated giving you tons of room carpeted mats all around we also have a multi-function lever for your gas as well as trunk release that’s lockable our hood release down below and then we have our tilt and telescopic steering

Lever right there now because this is a touring we’ve included the lane departure warning you have your vehicle stability assist of course your parking sensors and your econ mode coming up top we also have our blind spot displayed that activates either by pushing the button or turning on your signal projects the image over to that middle screen there on the console

Well why don’t we step in turn it on so you could see the feature lifetime follow me so just turning over our hybrid engine super quiet you could barely hear it come on there love that it tells us ready to go so we can go ahead put in drive reverse or whatever gear head on the road taking a peek we’ve got a very low seventy thousand kilometers and very high 27

Degrees celsius outside today got our battery as well as our fuel consumption over to our right and of course our speedometer in the middle now to access this information and cycle through you’re gonna do so using the controls at the bottom right-hand side of the steering wheel leather wraps during why my dad so you can cycle through and change your vehicle settings

Go into your vehicle info see all of this information and you can go into the sub menus as well taking a peek over on our left-hand side these controls are actually going to control our upper screen there so as i hit the button it’s gonna change from navi to phone to info to audio back to navigation so you select what you want to see up top positive and negative

Are gonna be for increasing and decreasing your volume where the arrows are gonna allow you to skip ahead radio presets or tracks and source will change you from am to fm xm to any type of external connectivity you have bluetooth is found right below very convenient as well and then again over on our right-hand side we have the controls for that instrument panel

And our cruise control so it’s very easy you set it and you forget it now behind their steering wheel we’re gonna come into that signal lever with our lights as well as blind spot display and to the right we’ve got our windshield wiper lever now gotten to use this we’re gonna simply put our vehicle in to make a right-hand turn and the image comes on automatically

Right there now if you’re parallel parking maybe you’re just wanted to check for cyclist one push will turn the camera on and a second push will turn it off awesome you can actually go ahead and take those guidelines off so if you find that they’re not helpful you can do that through settings now going over to this part of the vehicle our upper screen again you

Can access using your steering wheel controls or if you just come right down here these four controls will allow you to do a quick switch and put that information on the upper screen so if i hit phone it goes to phone audio will go to audio and navi goes back to navigation now if you’re in any of these features taking a peek at these controls down here your menus

Gonna call up the menu option for said feature so this is going to allow us to enter the address maybe search go home go to a previous destination or check our address book once we’ve entered an address however we can go into the route option and then utilize these features and all i’m doing guys i’m using this toggle here you can turn this you can move this dial

Up and down and you can also push that in so it’s a multi-function toggle i’ll go back to navigation now this screen here one thing i like to do leave this one on navigation and you can have this on audio because you still have access to your presets you can change your source if you don’t care to use the steering wheel control you can utilize this option going

Into your second screen to see the other options you have and then we can also go back into tune so maybe we want to just adjust the station slightly or see more options so it’s pretty cool that you can have two different things going on at once and then a third option with seeing whatever information you put on your upper screen there so coming back down below

What we’re going to find is our automated tool climate control system so you can set it forget it again just like a thermostat in your house so using auto we can set it to a temperature that we’re comfortable with and air conditioning your heat will automatically come on if we run sync it makes driver and passenger the exact same temperature so see now remove 17 or

Might take it off we can increase or decrease accordingly so loving that feature perfect now we have air flow mode fan speed air conditioning option and then not only air here you are mutated but we also have defrost for the front and rear so that’s going to come in handy come these winter months directly below we are coming into those options we were playing with

A little bit earlier now some of the buttons we didn’t go over we have this button right here which is back and then that’s going to be for your lighting control coming down below that we have our connectivity power outlet usb and axillary complete with some storage for the mobile while charging and then we come in new york gear shifter as well as our heated seats

Nice leather wrap knob and our parking brake now this is an e v mode so you can put it in the electronic mode or put it in the hybrid mode it will override ads as it needs to so don’t worry about that guys but i am gonna go ahead and throw us in reverse you can see your multi view mirror a reverse camera so if you want to change the view point all we need to do is

Go back down to this toggle and i’m just gonna push it in while the view changes pretty awesome never again will you back up over recycling box or the children’s toys got ours nice cupholders and then we’ve got this leather wrapped console which if we open it up it has your power outlet as well as a wheel lock so you want to keep those in at all time our passenger

Has the same storage as the driver and then we have our love compartments very handy when using mla coming up top we have our auto dimming mirror with our onetouch open and closed sunroof with tilt option you’ve got a tri link home remote system as well as lights which i’m gonna set two doors so when we open the door they automatically come on can’t forget are

Your sunglass holder let’s check outside beautiful loud last day i’ll go ahead and close that back down for us and lastly before we pop in to check out rear seat got a beautiful vanity with lights well why don’t we hop in the backseat and check it out race ya hopping into the back seat of your brand new accord you can really see the great looking styling we’ve got

That shark fin antenna the rear decklid spoiler and then of course that beautiful tan interior that they’ve continued right from driver passenger got windows all the way down cubby storage and what’s that heated outboard rear seats fantastic so whomever sits back your weather adults or children occupant they’ll be warm leather pockets to hold all of your valuables

And we’ve have just ball headrests right across speaking of across if we pull that down we’re revealing more cup holders for those back seat occupants of yours and we also have the latching capabilities so if you’re traveling with the little ones hooking them up and getting them safe and secure is not gonna be an issue tan interior looks so good and leathers very

Easy to keep clean awesome we’re gonna take a peek from the behind loving our chrome detailing right along the bottom there that stripped it makes it look super sporty but we’re gonna go ahead push it our trunk please show you what the hybrid trunk looks like scratch-resistant rearview and lift this up check it out so as you probably know most hybrids lose a lot

Of trunk space because it’s just the hybrid component but check it out you have tons of space guys you can get a hockey bag full of golf bags of course some gift supplies plant even some storage items underneath here as well why don’t we go check it in from the other side loving new chrome handles and window trim so check out all of that space even the rear vents

I truly thought of everything well we don’t get the hybrids in too often and when we do they’re usually quick to go so why don’t you check it out give us a call stop by in the showroom or send us an email we’re happy to help any way we can guys check it out before it’s gone thank you for viewing and have a happy honda day

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2014 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring | WHITY OSHAWA HONDA | STOCK #: U3609 By Whitby Oshawa Honda

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