2014 gmc acadia spark plugs
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2014 GMC Acadia Spark Plugs

Showing how to change all 6 spark plugs on a 2014 GMC Acadia.

Today i’ll be working on a 2014 gmc acadia we’re going to be replacing the spark plugs when doing these spark plugs i’d use a combination of multiple different size um extensions sometimes you can do the very small one in the medium-sized one together get to those back spark plugs before you get started make sure the engine’s been cooled off for a while you

Don’t want to be working on a hot engine first thing you’re going to want to go ahead and do is undo the oil filler cap i can get it there it goes go ahead and set that aside i’m going to pull this cover off it just fits on with these little rubber boots onto these little metal pegs right here next you’re going to want to put your oil filler cap back on just so

Nothing falls down in there while you’re working next we’re going to remove these plugs off the back of the coil packs i’ll try and show you the best i can we’re pretty much going to push down on this little tab and pull back at the same time like that just move them out of the way go ahead and do all three there’s one right here here and here those are gonna

Be your front three i’ll show you the back three later next we’ll be using a 10 millimeter socket to take off these bolts and you may need a swivel head as well to help get into kind of some of the weird angles to get to a couple of these all right next after get your bolts out of the holes we’re going to go ahead and pop these up what i found works best

Is one of these plastic body panel tools just get it right underneath all the way underneath the part where uh plugs in i don’t know how you can see the camera will focus so you don’t want to go inside you want to go underneath of course it’s going to be out of focus there it goes but just going to pry up on them pop them all out there goes the third

One just want to gently maneuver these guys up out of here pull them out inspect them see if they have sometimes i’ll have oil all down at them sometimes that shows you the sign of the valve cover leaking these ones look pretty dry though so we’ll just be going straight to the spark plugs now with getting this last one off kind of have a problem looks like i

Need to take off this right here um it’s got a little 10 millimeter bolt right there go ahead and remove that and we should be able to pull this right off and get it up out of the way should be able to leave it plugged in on both of these though now this guy’s out of the way should be able to remove this coil pack right here to get down to each one of the

Spark plugs you’re gonna need a 5 8 socket with a very long extension i have the spark plug sockets i have like a little rubber boot grab onto the spark plugs you can use a standard 5 8 as well and then go in there with a pair of uh like pliers and pull them out or maybe a magnet even now you can see the difference between my old one and my new one the old

Ones aren’t terrible but we were getting a misfire so i want to replace all them it’s always going to double check the gapping on your new spark plugs for the gmc acadia it comes to be .043 which is about it’ll focus about right where my thumb is whatever the nail is you see about right there should be good you go ahead and go put the new ones in it’s pretty

Much the reverse order slide it down in the spark plug tube and tighten her up once you get the new spark plugs in we’re gonna go ahead and put the coil packs back in pretty much the same way you got them out nice and easy i like to put the same ones back if this one came out of this tube i like to put it back in that one same with that one and that one and

Then on the back as well once you go ahead and set them back in there you don’t want to get them good and snug so i like to use a piece of wood just kind of give them a good little push just to seat them in there and then next we’ll be putting the bolts back in their little holes to hold them down all right next we’re going to go ahead and plug the coil packs

Back in just like that to hear a snap that’s getting in there also don’t forget to replace this back where it goes and then put the bolt back in as well all right that completes our front three spark plugs now we’re gonna move on to the back three they’re a little bit harder to get to but let’s see if i can find them with my hand right here you can see the

First coil pack it’ll focus there it is um second one’s about right here and third one’s right over here so you’ll be set up the same way you’re going to have the bolts and the plugs on the back just going to kind of do it with barely seeing anything on the back side we’re going to do the back three exact same way as you can see i unplugged the first coil

Pack now i’ll be getting the bolt i don’t know how well you can be able to see it with the camera but it is right all right my finger is touching i need to do that for each one again i used a body panel tool pop up that coil pack but she should come right out see it right back there there it goes again no oil that valve cover seal should be good next

We’re going to get down there with our spark plug socket again and extracting that spark plug down in there after you get your old spark plug out again it’s pretty much reverse order putting the new ones back in get it down in here back down your spark plug tube after your spark plugs back in gonna go ahead and put the coil pack in as well just gonna rotate

It around so the bolt lines up with the bolt hole again if i can get it back in there there it goes sorry that’s out of focus um all right next i’m gonna put the bolt in i’m gonna plug it back in once that one’s all back together go ahead and do the other two the exact same way uh you can do all three at once if you want i just like doing them one at a time

That way keep track tracking exactly what i’m doing as i go once you get all the spark plugs back in and they’re all tightened back down all the sensors are plugged back in and everything maybe plug this little guy back in go ahead and take the oil filler cap back off the engine cover back on i like to line it up with this and i feel around make sure all

Those plugs gonna fit back in there’s one two three four and reinsert your oil filler cap go ahead get back in the vehicle start it up make sure you don’t have any check engine lights on and also take note of your odometer if you have any questions or comments leave them down below i’ll answer any questions as soon as i can hope this video helps you

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2014 GMC Acadia Spark Plugs By LSC Car Videos

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