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Altair Club Cars 2014 Ford Transit Connect XLT – Walkaround Review & 3 Year Later Condition Report @ Ravenel Ford

2014 Ford Transit Connect XLT – Walkaround Review & 3 Year Later Condition Report @ Ravenel Ford

Lets take a look at this passenger van by Ford the Transit Connect XLT. I happen to like this one better just because of the color. Most come in White or Black this Gold color looks nice.

What’s up everybody ravenel ford carbine may easy just stay tuned because this next video is for you what’s up everybody welcome ravenel ford today we’re going to looking at the 2014 ford transit connect wagon xlt this is a this is a different kind of vehicle we have two of them sitting out here today today we just happened to be filming this gold one and what i’ll

Do is i’ll do my famous condition report and slash walk-around review on this pre-owned ford transit connect again if you’re not familiar with this vehicle this particular vehicle is actually a transport vehicle to transport people okay so it’s got the back seats in the back kind of like a minivan but just definitely different it doesn’t look like your traditional

Ford windstar van alright so anyways this is what you have to get nowadays if you want to buy ford minivan or you can roll over to purchasing a ford flex okay which is a really sporty vehicle as well if i see any dents dings or scratches i will point them out to you the front end is pretty much kind of looking like a ford focus don’t it yeah how’s that look a

Little bit with the headlights which is nice how ford kind of keeps all the vehicles with the same kind of look to the front end you definitely know it’s a ford coming down the road very clean so far it does have alloy wheels or those aren’t ours they’re actually steel wheels with a ford hubcap plenty of tread on the tires though that’s a good thing take a look

At the price so it was 17 780 now 16 980 so they’ve dropped it down a thousand dollars the mileage is 52,000 681 he’s got a 2.5 liter 4-cylinder up under the hood and front-wheel drive okay now the nice thing about this is you got both sides of the vehicle you can open up these back doors we’re going to go ahead and open them up now i wish it have remote start

That would be really nice but it doesn’t now look at that interior that’s really clean wow and it’s vinyl so it’s easy to keep clean when you’re transporting people around town this be great if you got a cab company or maybe the airport or your church you know anything like that would be great for a vehicle like this getting people around does come with a 3 month

3000 mile warranty from ravenel ford so we’re going to take care of you plenty of room in the back let’s take a look and see you know what all is going on when you open up those doors it does have backup sensors and a backup camera so those are nice features to have on this let’s see how wide these open up that’s something people always like to see and that’s what

I’m going to show you there you go that’s about that is that’s all the way open on those back doors right there and then you do have third row seats that come standard and you can also remove the third rows if you don’t need them which is great you know if you’re taking someone that needs a wheelchair or wheelchair-bound you know you take these seats out and you

Can slide the wheelchair and right in the back so that’s kind of cool or a lot of cargo for luggage and things like that as well so it’s nice to have the option of third row seats already in the vehicle if you need them tail lights a pretty big aren’t they yeah not bad and it’s not too tall i’m six foot and it’s really about is just so i’m a little bit taller than

This cargo or this transit or maybe maybe it’s right at six foot or so in height so again like i said earlier you can open up both sides that’s great if you do carpooling or whatever you got both sides here to open up a lot of legroom let’s see what’s going on in the cockpit where you’re driving to that power windows power door locks seats look good and they’re

Also perforated seats with the whole zone lets them breed and stay cooler which is nice power seat on driver side cruise control audio functions on the steering wheel automatic transmission microsoft sync big cupholders nice little screens even got a cd player in here how about that at the top got your lighting there and even got some storage area up here to throw

Things at so this is actually really nice not bad and it’s so clean it’s in good shape look at that nice solid easy to close those doors that price 16 980 that’s a really good deal for something like this you’re buying it for again for your business or your church definitely be a tax write-off which i don’t think churches have to deal with tax stuff but anyways

Thanks for watching again it’s available here june 2017 at ravenel ford car buy made easy visit us online ravenel ford calm and also if you’re watching on youtube right now let me know what you think about this van like subscribe and comment and what do you think about the walk around used car walk around videos are they better than just traditional pictures are

You been able to see a little bit more and learn a little bit more about the vehicle by watching the video compared to browsing through the website looking at pictures and reading a description let me know what you think about that thank you have a great day visit us online at ravenel for.com car-bomb really is made easy at ravenel bored and don’t forget this video

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