2014 ford transit connect wagon
Altair Club Cars 2014 Ford Transit Connect Wagon Walk Around Preview

2014 Ford Transit Connect Wagon Walk Around Preview

( ) The 2014 Ford Transit Connect Wagon is the mixture of a small cargo van and a road-friendly people carrier. This is Ford’s first North American small van with sliding doors since the Windstar. Going on sale soon, the 2014 Ford Transit Connect Wagon looks like a contender.

Here with the fastlane truck and behind me is the brand new ford transit connect wagon it’s both a family slash human hauler and the truck so which one is it not too sure but we do have an in-depth little expose coming up next on the fast lane truck the new transit connect wagon this thing’s just launching in the north america right now it’s been on sale in europe

For a couple months all-new transit connect wagon we’ve had a transit connect wagon in north america for a number of years sold about 40,000 last year been real successful for us but it’s been directed more towards the commercial buyer the plumber or the florist people that use it for commercial work with the all-new next-generation transit connect we’ve moved to

More of a consumer orion will still sell the actual commercial vehicle there’ll be the van version but what’s new is the wagon version and this thing is directed more to the consumer seven seats three rows smaller footprint we think with the price with the sliding doors the convenience of the thing we think it’s gonna be real successful one of the things i really

Like about this car is even the optional rear door package which i think it’s a great way to open up the back of the vehicle we have a traditional lift gate we also have the big wide opening and actually with this little button here you can slide these doors sorry about my back to the camera slide those doors even wide or open really convenient for people and then

When you lay those seats flat tons room inside but it does have a full three row so seating capacity up to 7 it’s actually a really good fuel economy story it’s smaller vehicle small footprint lots of room inside and with a van version highway you get about 28 the converter is with the ecoboost engine the one six ecoboost good fuel economy city and highway and we

Think they’ll be real successful if you come around this way you can look good look on the inside of it again 3 row 3 row capacity these seats actually fold down all flat and all that we’re gonna move it down but you can see the 3 row big wide opening people like that and then you know all new interior and all and you’ll see that interior is reminiscent of some of

The other successful products we have the new ford escape the c-max the focus so we updated the interior a little bit made it nicer a lot of headroom in there so real successful starting to hit the markets right about now i hope you like that in depth look at the 2015 ford transit connect wagon i think it’s a little bit of both i think it is a wagon and i think it

Is a proper little van it’s gonna be interesting to see which one works best reporting from the chicago auto show this is nathan nathan and i will see you next time on the fastlane truck what’s that right oh yeah you know what you might be right about that at least and we can move it up the previous generation one did yeah actually that might not do that anymore so

We’ll edit that part out of it so i think you’re actually we don’t lay that down but the amount of room you get here at the headroom and off it’s an excellent excellent vehicle i really think again guy like meeting that road bike its kind of park it almost upright you know actually rolls right in upright without removing a wheeler in high that opening is really

Big to another yeah then again it’s also a cargo vehicle so yeah yeah so it’s a little bit of both and i think a lot of families you know if you got a family you got cargo i’m just gonna indulge myself and password i just sell this oh there you go thank you i bet you we put this down there you go those good now i’ll bet you got pull these out yeah actually it’s

Probably yeah exactly get that down yeah yeah yeah there you go thank you i remember yeah yeah that’s right i remembered you were right cuz i’m going to earlier version and i hadn’t played around with this thing in a while so looks really good

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2014 Ford Transit Connect Wagon Walk Around Preview By The Fast Lane Truck

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