2014 accord hybrid touring test
Altair Club Cars 2014 accord hybrid Touring Test drive

2014 accord hybrid Touring Test drive

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What’s up my friends as you can see i’m pretty loaded up got my gopro another camera my dealer plate and hold on hold on hold on the keys to this 2014 honda accord hybrid touring time for you and me to take a little test drive of this baby but let me just do a quick walk around for you got the blue tint on the headlights blue tint on the grille it’s got the signature

Hybrid alloy wheels these are 17-inch looks like we put some splash guards on this car alright let’s take this for a test drive you have your memory seats you have lane departure warning you have forward collision warning you have adaptive cruise control you have navigation with the voice activation you have bluetooth you have backup camera you have your audio you

Have info for what the hybrid system is doing you got the heated seats as well this is what the back looks like we’ve got a moonroof on a hybrid leather wrap steering wheel push-button start smart key entry you got an all-electric mode save you in more fuel it even still has the econ button oh and it has your lane watch system got the camera on the side you can see

What’s on the right side of your vehicle when you turn your turn signal on or when you just push the end of this button let’s go ahead and start her help it says ready to drive let’s do it so just so you know the specs on this car this car is rated 50 miles per gallon so that is huge to get 50 miles per gallon with all the perks you get with this car i mean you

Do get you know your bluetooth backup camera you get a moonroof heated seats power seats all that good stuff you’re not skimping on any of the luxuries but you’re still getting 50 miles per gallon that is huge my friends so the reason for this test-drive mainly is so you can get a good feel for the atmosphere of the car the space of the car kind of the ambience

So to speak so there will be part of the drive where i will definitely be quiet in terms of power i mean it definitely feels good it does not feel like it’s lagging or anything like that definitely got tons of power this car still even has the adaptive cruise control so if you set it it’ll keep the space between the car in front of you and your your car if the

Car in front of you slows down the car will shut off its cruise control and until it moves away you’ll be able to pass it up later on that adaptive cruise control function comes only in the touring model a few other features you’ll get as well our dual climate control and you also have memory seats let’s try it in all evie mood hear how quiet it is forty miles

Per hour i’m barely pushing on the gas essentially how the honda’s hybrid model works it’s a true hybrid this one actually is more of an electric vehicle actually a yeah an electric vehicle with a gas assist so again my hopes for this video were that you would get a good feel to what it’s like behind the wheel of this vehicle so hopefully i accomplished that if

You have any questions let me know i will continue to do point of view test drives on the new honda models as they come out alright my friends well my test drive is almost over i appreciate you checking out this video if you are interested in the 2014 hybrid accord touring i really hope this video helps you get a good feel of what it’s like behind the wheel as well

And see what this car is all about again i appreciate you checking out this video i will be doing more i’ll catch you later bye for now the video is gonna be bad so two people are driven already that’s crazy dude this thing’s gonna all right

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2014 accord hybrid Touring Test drive By Your Honda Man

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