2014 64 land rover defender 130


2014 (64) Land Rover Defender 130 2.2 TDCI 4X4 with Brand New Galvanized 130 Marsden Chassis **NEW BESPOKE ARBORIST TIPPER BODY WITH INDEPENDENT TOOLBOX** WOW only 40000 miles, Leading the way in the supply of Low Mileage Commercial Vehicles 1 Owner Direct RAF (Royal Air Force) A superb Truck very much sought after Single Cab, Fitted with Air Conditioning, Electric Pack, 6 Speed and a Superb Train Weight (3.5T) A really one of Build with a lot of man hours has really gone into this vehicle any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact me and we will assist you or answer any questions you are needing, A Short List of all major components replaced on this vehicle -Marsden 130 Galvanized Chassis -New Front Coil Springs -New Uprated Rear Coil Springs & Shock Absorbers -Full Re-Pipe including Fuel Lines -All wheels Shot Blasted & Powder Coated with 4 x as New Matching Michelin Tyres -Major service **BRAND NEW BESPOKE ARB/TREE TIPPER ALLOY BODY CONVERSION WITH INDEPENDENT TOOLBOX, CHIPPER LID, LADDER RACK** **PLEASE VIEW FULL WALKAROUND VIDEO FOR COMPLETE PIECE OF MIND** Available with immediate Delivery anywhere on UK Mainland Recently awarded Autotraders Highly Rated Dealer for 2021 we are also The North Easts only RAC Approved Commercial Dealer Established 1947 4 Generations We Pride ourselves on the Presentation of our vehicles and I am confident that you wont be disappointed, We are a Local Business who have been trading from the same premises for over 70 years Spanning 4 Generations, Full Service History, Spare Keys, Recent Major Service including, **MUST BE SEEN BEST EXAMPLE** Vehicle also fully prepared through our in house workshops including RAC Approved 82 Point Check, Fully Serviced, Full Diagnostic Health Check and 12 Months MOT at Point of Sale Vehicle also supplied with RAC Warranty & 12 Months RAC Breakdown package RAC Approved Dealer & Trading Standards TSI Code (Buy in Confidence) £34995.00 PLUS VAT All Finance examples Prepared on our Website Finance available with our New E-Click System, You control your own finance, We Offer Zero Deposit, Zero Payments for the First 2 Months, Drive away within the Hour, No Paperwork Needed, Apply direct on our Website (www.gwholmesandson.co.uk) Any Questions don’t hesitate to Contact us on (Thomas) 01388 603417 or 07436262297

Hello and welcome to gw homes and so on i’m going to take you through a walk-around video of a vega what we’ve been working on over the past four to six months it’s a really really really special commercial truck this it’s the 2014 now this should come back on the 64 plate land rover defender now this truck came was direct from the mod only forty thousand miles

And full main dealer service history and we’ve been getting this built over the past like this here three to four months by my father as a vintage and classic wedding car business and the lads maintained the rolls royces he’s bent knees and everything like that and obviously with the wedding season being a little bit quiet and we’ve decided to go out and build a

One-off build of a bespoke arborist tipper truck so what we’ve done is we’ve taken this taking this right down there obviously to a cab putting brand new marsden 130 chassis underneath it and built uh obviously an independent tool box and a brand new arborist tip of body to the rear full fully aluminium body that best you can get take your insurer won’t get

Any better than that truck doesn’t really need much introduction i do believe that this is where i know it is i know that this is the best one on the market best available anywhere in the uk in the world in fact you will not find another one as good as this everything is totally as new this year we’ve built it on a brand new 130 marsden chassis best you can

Get all the wheels has all been shot blasted powder quarters brand new michelin latitude cross tires all the way around brand new bespoke individual toolbox the cab area totally is new best you will find if you just look at the detail under the body of it no marks no dents no scratches i do personally think i don’t know why you would ever come across a one as

Good as it has been built to last forever i do believe any self-employed any arborist man looking for a truck i think that will last them forever as you can see again totally as new in the cab lovely clean cab area air conditioning six-speed gearbox it’s only covered forty thousand one hundred and fifty one mile i’ll send the body up show you underneath it show

You the detail and the stuff what we’ve gone into with bundle for you headliner as you’ll see is new really nice cab area has come around to this side as well immaculate cab area brand new bespoke arborist tipper body with the full aluminium floor bulkhead really good weight ratio of that one and as you go around we’ll see brand new latest here 130 chassis

Underneath it upgraded shockers and springs all around brand new tipper pump vehicles also fully serviced 12 months mrt by ourselves i just really really don’t know where you go and find a better one take you around and show you as much as what i can on the video but as you can expect everything is just totally as new stunning stunning vehicle this truck has

Also been built by some of the best mechanics that there is around at the moment like i say they do maintain all my fathers vintage and classic wedding cars so as you can see when you go into the detail the way that you’ve renewed all the brake pipes there all the wiring’s all as new all the axles what they did with the axles was we take them axles off and we

Had them all shot blasted and they were all too packed ended it’s just just a total one-off obviously with the wedding season coming back into swing now um we wouldn’t have time to do anything like this again but i do believe this deserves all the credit that it can get the real real cracking example this is something you are interested in or you are looking

For look enough do give us a call i’m thomas it’s all one three it is six zero three four one seven now this won’t be obviously on me for card for obvious reasons so if you are wanting to come and have a look at it you would have to give us a ring and make an appointment and i’ll get the truck out ready for either of you but anybody that’s looking for that

Looking for something like that i do believe that that would last you a lifetime and the real real real credit to have in stock again for taking the time to watch the video finance can be can be done on this vehicle as well but you would need to contact us to arrange deposits stuff like that or if you do have your own asset finance in place we are fully

Licensed credit brokers so we can we can work with other finance lenders as well that’s not a problem but just really do take the time to watch the video and just see the detail and hours what’s gone into this truck and it’s really really really worth all the time and the effort i don’t know where you’d find some of the squad absolutely over the moon have it in

Stock it’s going to be one what goes down in me in my books of eagles what we’ve had in stock over the years that’s getting up there absolutely perfect thanks for taking the time to watch the video

Transcribed from video

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