2013 toyota tundra double cab sr
Altair Club Cars 2013 Toyota Tundra Double Cab SR5 TRD Rock Warrior For Ed from David

2013 Toyota Tundra Double Cab SR5 TRD Rock Warrior For Ed from David

Hey add it’s david over here at handy toyota so this is the rock warrior here pulled up obviously kind of underneath the tree so basically i mean i don’t see any issues in terms of the truck at all i mean the glass looks good obviously just kind of giving you that walk around that you know i told you about this here i do see though has to be like that spot that

You were noticing as far as paint was concerned i mean it’s totally something that can be fixed it’s you know within the capabilities of the guys we have here i think obviously you know i want to find a buyer what have you probably only cost us about one hundred hundred fifty bucks to get the guy to do it so it’s not that big of a deal something that if it need

To be done we probably could do kind of thing depending on your deposit and stuff like that but other than that i mean i’m really not seeing blemishes or anything you know tires are an obviously excellent shape these are probably gonna be brand new ones i mean i didn’t look into a kind of thing but there’s so much tread left on them they are what would otherwise

Be on it when it came new and them maybe they are the original new ones i mean i guess i could learn more about that but they really did a ton of tread left on them so i just it just surprises me to really see 18,000 miles on those tires that is the case but just kind of will focus on the outside here as far as the body is concerned again you know no blemishes

What-have-you the algate looks good obviously a lot of times people are gonna be using that i am gonna stand to venture a guess that the person that owned this did not use it for work purposes i do not see any scratches in the bedliner i don’t see any scratches at the top here which obviously can’t happen if you using the vehicle now you notice obviously here again

You’re gonna have a toe wiring tow hitch excuse me this is all stuff that you’re gonna have already seen i mean obviously our department has a great job of taking all those photos think it’s 144 photos that we have on this truck so anyway in good sheet good sheep yeah that’s great good shape a little piece of plastic in there would take a good look at that back

Seat again really i mean obviously very lately used this is as brand new of rock warrior that i’ve seen they just really don’t make the trucks obviously didn’t make up ton very lightly used again you know i’m not seeing scratches and the paint or anything the seats obviously good condition as you would expect it to be you do have a power lumbar adjustment in those

Two as well but take a good look these 2013’s have that that shifter that’s a little unique they’re the trd and of course you have voice recognition on these so you could pair up your bluetooth and talk to the intercom of the vehicle but i mean i don’t really know quite frankly if this gives you more of a perspective or you know as much as the pictures really do

Anyway but this is a very clean truck absolutely no worries about that being that certified and everything obviously gonna be good for the long haul so let me know if you have any other questions on this what i’m looking at is a total and absolute total and i mean a 500 hour discount on that on this truck so that’s what i’m gonna do for you there is you’re gonna

See a $29.99 sale price i’m willing to discount another 500 but that is absolutely it and what i mean by that meaning is if you want me to get the bumper fixed or something like that after your deposit that’s gonna have to come out of that you know we just can’t be in it for more than that is i guess where we’re at with it so anyway very reliable very awesome truck

That’s our offer to you i’m happy to figure it out in terms of making the rest of the deal work for you so give me a buzz let me know what your thoughts are you can also give me a quick email but my direct line here 802 five two eight two two one three right there at the bottom of your screen also my email as well d burns at handycars.com but thank you very much

Again for the opportunity on this edie and if you do choose to do business with us i’ll make it as enjoyable as possible process and i know i’ll make you a great truck thanks

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2013 Toyota Tundra Double Cab SR5 TRD Rock Warrior For Ed from David By Handy Toyota

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