2013 toyota tacoma double cab v6
Altair Club Cars 2013 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab V6 | Toyota Northwest Edmonton | 8RA3793A

2013 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab V6 | Toyota Northwest Edmonton | 8RA3793A

Work hard and play harder in your 2013 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab V6, and finally enjoy tackle that list of everything important to you. Fully complete with convenience features like your remote starter, touch panel display integrated with Bluetooth connectivity, and back up camera for the ultimate driving experience. With its box liner, cruise control, and upgraded Firestone tires you will have no excuse but to take on the challenges ahead with the grace and passion that sets you apart from the crowd.

Lo and welcome to another video walk round with myself jen for a toyota northwest edmonton today we’re looking at your 2013 toyota tacoma double cab v6 it’s a four-door five-passenger 4×4 pickup truck in a calm cool and collected silver streak mica under the hood you find a four point liter v6 cylinder engine and you’ll be riding on top of 16-inch wheels this unit

Includes a backup camera as well as a remote starter plus you have an extended platinum warranty for the ultimate driving confidence and convenience helping you into your to come as your remote starter and your keep up your remote start will definitely come in handy during those cold winter months to unlock your driver side simply press once unlock all four doors

Press twice opening it up now to take a look right away you’ve greeted by a two-tone interior below here you can see much you have your running board which stretches all the way across to your rear passengers to help everybody in and out with ease take a closer look you have your power windows your power locks you also do have your power adjustable side mirrors

With your traction control below you can see you have eight all-weather floor mats plus you have your well conditioned gray cloth interiors which are extremely comfortable and easy to keep and maintain but why don’t we hop on inside and start it up turning up your tacoma simply put your foot on the brake there fixing in the ignition – boards gonna light up with that

Cool ambient screen they do look at your kilometers you have 60 3341 you also do have your leather wrap steering wheel what’s that perforated – leather detailing you have your mode changer of volume control mounted on one side hands-free calling and mounted on the other you also do have your cruise control available below they’re perfect for those high weight it

Drives taking a look at your touch panel display and now it’s open to your audio system so open up your sources the other am/fm radio i’ve got that cd player on top you also have your usb auxiliary and bluetooth audio so you can bring your music wherever you go shifting in to reverse now you can see that your backup camera pops up on your rear-view mirror so you

Don’t have to check multiple points everything is available to you and everything and everyone nice and safe below here you have your climate control equipped with air conditioning you also do have your 4×4 option which is a definite must for your tacoma’s of versatility you have two 12-volt easy charges plus a usb also input media storage cupholders with removable

Pieces for easy cleaning sylars shift knob and you have this sweet metallic trim which just finishes off that plug it stuff your central console opens up from the side here and you have plenty of space to store everything that you need plus additional cupholders on the back here we’re seeing that perforated trim to tie all that stuff together with your steering

And inside your glovebox you will find plenty of storage space and you keep your manuals there so you’ll know everything there is to know about your tacoma plenty of style and function built right into your truck but won’t we hop on back and take a look at cargo here we are at the back cargo area of your tacoma taking a closer look you do have that manual side

Rear window to let in some fresh air during those hot summer months we also do have your backup camera installed you have your chrome bumper with that step into equipment with your spare tire storage underneath opening ups and that tailgate you know you do have your box liner to keep everything nice and protected plus you have additional storage on the side you

Can see that your mud flaps are installed standard to keep those rock chips down plus make sure that that cabin length is reduced as we take one more look taking one final look at your 2013 toyota tacoma double cab of these sets with built-in bluetooth connectivity as well as your box liner and your cruise control you have no excuse but take on that next adventure

Ahead but don’t just take my word for it come on in take for a test drive we are an toyota in northwest edmonton on the corner of 137 thousand single bertrand

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2013 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab V6 | Toyota Northwest Edmonton | 8RA3793A By Toyota Northwest Edmonton

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