2013 toyota tacoma access cab fo
Altair Club Cars 2013 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab For Sale Walkaround and Test Drive

2013 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab For Sale Walkaround and Test Drive


All right gang here we are european motors we’ve got a really uh clean trade in here these are kind of hard to come by and if you’re looking for a reliable uh kind of commuter truck you know these smaller trucks are kind of hard to come by if you want a truck that you can kind of do be a weekend warrior diyer and then also drive it to work and not be parking

A skyscraper in your parking lot you know this is a great great option for you this is a four-cylinder rear-wheel drive uh tacoma probably i mean i don’t know if there’s a vehicle with a better bulletproof reliability reputation than a little four-cylinder two-wheel drive tacoma um just really good shape you know this isn’t going to have lane departure or nose

Scratchers or anything like that but it’s kind of everything you need it’s got ice cold air got a brand new set a good year ats on it and it also comes with another set of tires in the in the cargo area the bed uh just kind of regular all-season tires so you can kind of choose which ones you like now nice white on gray color access cab so you can haul your dog

Or whatever or kids just a really clean little truck little bed liner there’s the the tires or bed cover i should say this rolls up out of the way these are really handy to have you got a slider back window this is a clean carfax truck and it was a local trade-in let’s take it for a quick drive things drives out really nice did you kind of go over the options

Tommy what do we got so it does have a usb and auxiliary um phone or for your media it’s a newer style radio so really nice feature with a truck like this now does this have bluetooth phone then this i let me double check so i cannot remember off the top of my head here and then there’s the bluetooth phone so that’s nice for hands-free calling so you know it’s got

A lot of nice features there again you’re not going to get leather seats or a sunroof but it’s got power windows locks mirrors ice cold air ac cloth seats no check engine lights on it’s got 117 000 miles just a super clean little utility truck and like i say it’s just a nice size it’s hard to find anymore this is a really torquey four-cylinder we got traffic

Here but i’ll run it up a ramp and you can see it’s got plenty of power it’s just kind of a fun little truck to drive and you’re getting great gas mileage while you’re doing it and you go to the local home improvement store and haul what you need so i’ll shut up here and you guys can listen to it we don’t have any weird noises or anything like that okay i’ll

Kind of run it down this ramp here and i’ll kind of squeeze it just a little bit get it up to highway speed so there’s basically 60 miles an hour you can see it tracks nice and straight no shimmies nothing like that i’m going to get on the brakes because of traffic i don’t think this guy sees me so there’s the brakes there’s no brake pulsation anything like that

No check engine lights it’s been fully inspected we did service it changed the oil for you so it’s it’s ready to go two sets of tires clean carfax europeanmotorsiowa.com 319-393-8496 uh if you’re from out of the area please keep in mind we’re happy to help uh get this ship to your driveway no contact delivery good service if you like what you see and this is

The truck you’ve been looking for give us a call and we can give you the details on that europeanmotorsiowa.com this is a 2013 i want to say yep 2013 2013 tacoma four-cylinder two-wheel drive everything you need and nothing you don’t nice clean little truck um i do see a little just kind of driving there is a little rock hit there in the windshield i didn’t

Really see anything else other than kind of normal wear and tear uh when we were kind of walking around it’s actually a really clean truck it smells good in here there’s a non-smoker truck thanks for watching

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