2013 tesla model s 60 for sale
Altair Club Cars 2013 Tesla Model S 60 For Sale

2013 Tesla Model S 60 For Sale

Model S 60 RWD, 77k mi., Branded title

Hello everyone today we have a 2013 tesla model s see there’s a ton of space there in the front and i’ll just go ahead and gently put that down and then you see that it does have the led headlights around and fog lights and if any of these leds appear to flicker at all that’s a refresh rate of the cam that brings you that disco party they don’t flicker to the

Human eye you can see that it does have a metal roof painted alloy wheels foreign charging cable additional space down there once again those tail lights don’t flicker at all to the human eye this has also been blue star inspected that’s a third party inspection company that would have put it up on racks taken photos of the undercarriage and such that i don’t

Have access to and come up with an objective opinion as the condition of the vehicle foreign the black tesla leather seats and then right here you see that has 3939 as the last four digits of the vin and we’ll go ahead and hop in this does have a film those and on the windshield as well here you have your have your gauge cluster and then over here you’ve got

Your stereo controls and we understand what you’re going through that sounds good so we’ll go ahead and turn it back down so there’s the stereo controls and you got your push to talk and as we come over here got your toy box open you can get cozy or you can turn on your light show that kind of fun stuff so your climate controls will change as you do this i’ve

Heard people say that so that’s a whole lot of fun and then coming down here i’m gonna actually turn this down a bit so you can hear me a little bit better but the climate controls are working it does have heated front seats and then there’s your dog in your cab settings there’s your backup camera and then here are your controls which we’re going to jump down to

Software because it’ll tell us there’s a model s 60 77 169 miles on this vehicle 39.39 the last four digits of the vin and there’s your audio system and your home link 4 garage door opener is installed premium connectivity is an included package then we’re going to jump back up here you got your pedals and steering your controls and your charging and does have

35 percent of its charge left and then you’ve got your vehicle your lights your safety and your service there’s your factory reset it’s important you know where that is then you can do a key fob update as well then we go ahead and close all that up and go ahead and jump down here you got your streaming and then your stereo there’s your toy box that we talked

About earlier we got the backup camera and your massive navigation screen and as you come up above and there’s your ceiling all right and that about wraps it up for this model s on the interior oh i do have two key fobs right here that i forgot to mention here’s an up close shot of that metal roof this vehicle does have a branded title there’s an impact here in

The front passenger quarter panel the airbags deployed but there’s no structural damage they got it all fixed up it has passed the 150 point inspection and the state of utah safety inspection for more inventory visit us at tjchatman auto.com

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2013 Tesla Model S 60 For Sale By Tj Chapman Auto

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