2013 ram 2500 laramie mega cab t
Altair Club Cars 2013 Ram 2500 Laramie Mega Cab Truck | In-depth Walk Around | Grande Prairie Nissan

2013 Ram 2500 Laramie Mega Cab Truck | In-depth Walk Around | Grande Prairie Nissan

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Hello and welcome to grand prix nissan my name is janelle and today we are taking a look at this gorgeous 2013 ram 2500 laramie under the hood we have that powerful hemi engine six-speed automatic transmission and this vehicle has less than fifty six thousand kilometers on it so still tons of life left in it here in the front you can see we have some nice details

With the chrome grille and bumper as well we do have fog lamps in addition to those headlamps coming around this side we’ve got a two-tone paint job here chrome running boards to help you in and out of the vehicle as well as chrome side mirrors with turn signal indicator lights as well as we’ve got the concave and convex mirrors and they do fold in for parking

In those tighter spots alright so let’s head on in and see what the interior has to offer helping you into your 2013 round 2500 we have your proximity key with your unlock lock and panic buttons as well as a remote start great for winter and to use this key if it’s stuck in your purse or in your pocket you can simply walk towards the vehicle and press the button

Here on the handle wants to open the driver’s door and twice to open them all here on the door we have some nice wood grain and chrome detailing your power locks and windows as well as power and heated side mirrors pocket storage here as well as on the passenger side or an adjustable vent with your light controls beneath it and then we have your heated and power

Driver’s seat here in a super well maintained black leather and some nice laramie branding there as well alright so let’s hop on into that driver’s seat so here we are in the driver’s seat of this 2,500 we’ve got a nice leather wrapped steering wheel that is also heated and we’ve got steering wheel mounted controls for your bluetooth phone connectivity your dash

Screen your cruise control and then back here on the right we’ve got your volume controls and on the left we have your scrolling alright so let’s start it at to start this vehicle you just press on the brake and push the button down here and it starts up and as you can see we have fifty-five thousand seven hundred and eighteen kilometers don’t worry about that

Battery will get it replaced for you there so there’s still tons of life left in this vehicle make sure you talk to one of our product advisors about any remaining warranty that might still be on it so we’ll just scroll through some of the options here on the dash screen right now we’re on your digital speedometer we’ve got your tire pressure monitoring your fuel

Economy trip meters trailer tow your audio messages there and screen setup alright and then coming towards the center i’ll just show you a peek right here we’ve got an alpine sound system here 10 speaker surround sound audio system so your music will sound fantastic in here nice little spot to stick some spare change more of that wood grain detailing two adjustable

Vents on each side of your 8.4 inch touch screen really nice to have you have am/fm and satellite radio we have your other media including usb and auxiliary your seat controls heated and cooled seats here in the front you also have heated seats in the back and your heated steering wheel climate controls dual climate controls your navigation we’ll just go to the map

Here super nice to have that as well and your bluetooth phone connectivity as well as your settings you also have a cd player here which i’ll show you in a minute so on the left there you have your 4 wheel drive options your manual controls for your climate and volume your heated and cooled seats down there a power all that there on the right with a nice little

Place to stick a pen nice little nook here to keep your phone while it’s charging another power outlet here some beverage holders and then here we’ve got a two layer center console so then the first layer we have some spots to stick your spare change and then we also have your usb auxiliary sd and one more usb inputs there and then in the lower level nice big bin

Here you can keep your cds there and your cd player is just tucked inside here then coming up this way we have your auto dimming rear view mirror grudge door openers interior lighting here as well as the button to open your back window and then we have this really nice sunroof gives you a brighter and bigger feeling and this already huge truck and then here in the

Sun visor we do have a vanity mirror with lights as well alright so let’s take a look at that back seat so here we are in the back seat this laramie features the mega cab so it’s really big back here seating for three passengers really well maintained black leather and the seats are heated as well to show you here heated seats as well as a power that there and some

Adjustable vents for your back passengers map holders in the backs of the front seats and this nice one piece rubber liner back here it’s super easy to clean so this is a split folding bench so you can have a ton of cargo space inside all you have to do here i’ll just show you the seats do recline as well a little bit so if you just pull on this lever the seat will

Fall forward and it goes nice and flat here and then back here we do have some little storage cubbies underneath there so let’s take a look at the box so back here we do have a lockable tailgate more of that chrome detailing and we also have a total cover up top and there’s your back up camera really nice to have it’s got a lined box so it’s super easy to clean

You can just spray that right out and this tonneau cover just released each side the handles there it’ll just fold forward so you can keep all your stuff in rocks and ice and i it’s all ready to hook up your holiday trailer and we do have a spare tire underneath coming around the other side again you can just see how well maintained exterior is this awesome truck

And we’ll just check out the passenger side backseat very center to the other side but i’ll show you again and we pull that lever the seat falls forward and now we have this absolutely massive cargo space like you could actually sleep in here if you really wanted to and last but not least we’ve got your passenger side seat power adjustments there again heated and

Cooled and the gorgeous black leather then we have your dual layer glove box system here so there’s the upper layer and then your glove box there and there you have it folks a gorgeous 2013 ram 2500 laramie will make a cab again under fifty six thousand kilometers so come take it for a test drive you can find us here at grand prix me sad 1031 for 160 theft turn

Grand prairie on the bypass next mr. mike’s thanks so much for watching and have a great day

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2013 Ram 2500 Laramie Mega Cab Truck | In-depth Walk Around | Grande Prairie Nissan By Grande Prairie Nissan

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