2013 ram 1500 sport crew cab air
Altair Club Cars 2013 Ram 1500 Sport Crew Cab Air suspensions

2013 Ram 1500 Sport Crew Cab Air suspensions

2013 Ram 1500 Sport Crew Cab Air suspensions

Hello ladies and gentlemen this is norm from go test-drive dot ca and let me introduce you another sport truck this is around 1500 2013 sport crew cab a really nice truck you see that cool lights it’s got a bigger door in the back so there’s a quad combat a crew cup so this is the bigger door and there’s a 5.7 block so this one is four by four as well with a hemi

Engine so it’s 5.7 v8 when it’s shut down system when it’s shut down all the time from eight to four cylinders that then on an rpms right and that’s a nice truck because what also is good as a bonus it’s got the air suspension so for independent air suspension so you can rise it up and down it’s pretty cool you see the dual exhaust in the back it’s got the full tow

Package it’s got them five receiver class hitch here four and seven pin wiring then it’s got a twin inch wheels for disc brakes abs traction control and ac sport i always give your body color bumpers so it’s pretty cool this is 5.7 box and you can see that’s a bigger door in the back so there’s a lot of room and this one also comes with a sport hood except as in

A cool option and it’s a really convenient because it’s look really cool you know like an aggressive looking truck and then you see the new i’ve been new project alarms they have all the leds they about 10-15 percent brighter than the previous model so they also change it real little bit hood so nice and looking truck you see all the fog lights also improvements

Right now they have our new mirrors their power folding mirrors when you click the button over there here we go it click the button you see they go inside so it’s kind of cool if you’ve gone to roll parking definitely will help you along right so what we got in the back this is how big is in the back so we have a full leather it’s cool it’s perforated so it’s

Not gonna sweat your bomb like like if you have just a leather seats right then this is a cool option right now you can get also felt of volt flak storage right and then you have also the storage underneath you see just put this steps up like this and you flip it down and you can make everything flat before it was only available quad cup now you can get the same

Feature in a crew time so it’s really cool even kids you see when you drop like this the kids have like a small step so it’s gonna help to sit down comfortable right and then on the under other singers that amplifier and the subwoofer so this one has alpine premium sound system this is the reclinable rights of armrests and cup holders there’s 12 volt power outlet

In the back and this is how it’s look up prom so 8.4 touchscreen and showing second so power also window in the back so obviously how the power windows power door cell conditioner here’s your power mirrors power windows power seats adjustable 12 position all the way you want with a lumbar support as well all the lights everything is automatic then you have all the

Bluetooths and leather wrap steering wheel cruise control and your radio control in the back so a full control on the steering wheel it’s very convenient for safety because your hands always will be on a steering wheel right then what else you can see you see like a cool seven point seven point zero premium display and it will show you full information of the truck

Favorite people usually leave speedometer on this one and it will show you the speed while you driving plus if you see when you go for example to us you can just click the button change miles per hour just one button over there click it pretty cool easy and then you can see all the information like tire pressure your favorite radio trips fuel economy so basically

Everything is the way better all the trucks was here and it’s that i think it’s the worst place where you can get because for safety your attention always goes away right this is definitely better you can see everything in front of you right then 4×4 one of the most advanced at 4×4 system there’s a five different options tool drive for automatic for lock for low

And neutral so for auto this is just so you just live automatically for wintertime and it’s automatically adjust when you need it when you don’t need it the kind of temperature traction and everything else but some of them just leave two little guys is the best way to go and if you need off-roading you always have four low or if you pull the bolt in them in in a

Water when you back it up definitely put in four low and easy get in and get out it’s more convenient now push that button to start it up engine and also proximity key when you put your hands inside the handle it’s automatically will unlock your door and there’s a button to the lock your door as well and this is held a key lock looks basically just need to keep it

In your pocket or in your back just to keep with you and you don’t need to use it but in case there’s also a remote start this is when it put twice the truck lowered down for parking mode so it’s more easy to load this stuff and also get in and out definitely more easy and here’s your you see left you can looked at off-roading to package or you can for parking

Mode all the way up and down and also the rising system works automatically for example if you leave leave by mistake maximum up and when it starts to drive it for a certain speed is lowered down because you’re not gonna roll over right and here’s another control you can see the heated seats ventilated seats for driver heated steering wheel this is a ventilated

And heated seats for the passenger the traction control tow hull there’s the regular power 110 so you can plug a computer charger or anything else dual temperature control for driver and passenger separate and this is everything touchscreen se can use your radio media all the controls for your seats navigation phone and the phone is pretty cool you just pair

By bluetooth and then automatically will download all your phone book your recent calls your messages like it’s very easy to use then you don’t need to touch your phone everything on this screen and it’s touchscreen and even your favorite phone calls will be over there and radio have am/fm satellite satellite one year for free and then there’s always also like

Equalizers surround sound it’s got the alpine the alpine sound system with the subwoofers and it’s really cool sound system you see also our premium dashboard is get the leather with all the soft touch materials and all the stitches really nice and there’s a two compartments over here as well let’s see one up one down so on there’s that two compartments in this

Middle console this is a smaller one and there’s a small media center you see you can’t block sd card usb axillary and another usb and there is a place also for cable i see here just pocket phone and you can charge it and at the same time use it and there’s a big storage underneath with a cd player some people don’t use cd that’s where some talks doesn’t have it

But this one particular has it but to be honest it’s an old school system and pretty soon all the trucks will be gone no cds because everybody you satellite bluetooth usb or this kind of technological device so nice truck and six-speed transmission right there you can also shift as a manual transmission like this you can change your gears yourself many people don’t

Like 8-speed because this is gone you’re gonna have like a dial over here that’s why six-speed with air ride suspension it’s a really good combination and i have it it’s a mineral grey and you can have it guys and any questions give me a call my name is known from go test drive dossier my phone number seven seven eight three two one zero four five three give me

Call ask me any questions we accept the trade-ins also we do that zero down financing and our possible financing even if you have a bad credit history or you think you have a bad credit don’t worry let us to deal with this we are professional so we get all the time to deal sent for last five days i saw like four trucks so it’s awesome what’s going now and yeah i

Will take care of you don’t hesitate to give me a call or email me and any questions we’re gonna see you soon and yeah go test that don’t see my name is north thank you very much have a good day and we’ll see you soon bye-bye

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