2013 ram 1500 slt quad cab
Altair Club Cars 2013 Ram 1500 SLT Quad Cab

2013 Ram 1500 SLT Quad Cab

2013 Ram 1500 SLT Quad Cab

Hello ladies and gentlemen this is norm from go test-drive again and this is 2013 slt quad cab 4×4 with a 5.7 hemi engine when it shut down from eight to four cylinders so this is how we can get that great fuel economy also compared with all the trucks there was a five-speed this one is a six-speed automatic transmission and also their latest models of 2013 i have

Also an 8-speed transmission you can see how many trucks i have it’s a big selection so so okay about this one this is a quad cup it’s got their 20 inch wheels 6.4 box right then if you get a ku cap you’re gonna get that 5.7 box do-all exhaust so it’s mean the core group slt 4×4 you can see tow package it’s gonna gives you the hitch all the wiring always is ready

Right only that some trucks missing the hitch ball sliding window in the back for disc brakes abs traction control 4×4 fog lights you see really nice truck and it’s off to give you this cool chrome package like a chrome bumpers and chrome handles and it’s a higher model right and a lot of standard features like power seat for example so this is a quad cab you can

See it’s a little bit smaller than the crew cup but the same time benefit from our cup you can have this all your back totally flat right then another one also goes up and he can make it flat or if you have kids you see when you flip your sinks down you can use like a stand for them it’s pretty cool right or if you have dog a lot of people in construction they

Use for the carry on tools or even for the dog when you make everything flat it’s more easy right for animals and then you just flip it down like this so and then here you can see it’s got a power seats power windows power door set condition and a front windows both automatic then all the lights everything’s automatic you just leave out there in the sensor will

Check if it’s dark in the night right steering wheel is leather right and here you have audio control so you can switch your radio stations and your volume and everything else for it’s good to own your hands all the time on the steering wheel so this one has a central console is optional now you can get also six c’s this is a five seats and some people like just

Have to have a console because the shifter is in the middle and people like it right so let’s see what else we have here this one has a bluetooth for the phone there’s all the buttons for it and this is for your small computer here you can see can change your up-and-down different settings you can see a fuel economy you see people’s favorite usually it’s a speed

Then you just want click button over here and change your sea miles or kilometers it’s very handy if you’re traveling it’s stayed so or if you’re coming back to canada right now cruise control 4×4 shifter and this to first want to drive and fall lock you can switch on the fly when you drive not more than 40 and sorry 70 kilometers per hour here’s your shifter and

Shifter you see when you put like this you can change your gears yourself like a manual transmission and you’re gonna see over there when you start to drive you can switch like 1 2 3 4 and up to 6 a neutral reverse and the parking right central console this one is it has a media center small i call it right usb one to octillery sd card sd card you can use like a

Hard disk drive just plug 8 gigabytes from your laptop store all your mp3 music and good to go you don’t need any cds anymore it’s all technologic right big storage underneath for daily use there’s a cool storage in the sides like the receipts or small papers you can always tomtom inside right there’s a regular power 110 you can block a computer charger or anything

Else there’s the two compartments over here right and this is everything is touchscreen very cool you see media climate your phone you can this automatically will download all your phone contacts to the media center you like phone book recent calls you can memorize your favorite cause this is temperature outside clock radio you can see satellite radio one here

For free fm am it’s got all the bells and whistles most important features right so air-conditioner already built-in and here you can change the temperature this is your fan ac ceiling screen you can turn it off if you don’t like or it’s too bright in the night also can make it lower as well so and there’s a gap our sliding window see here in the back very cool

If you have any animals it’s it’s good to have extra air right and this is your garage door opener if you have any garage doors or gates you can memorize them then in the then you don’t need to keep all your faults together right it takes a lot of space so i have a lot of trucks this is mineral gray but i have a white i have black whatever you need any questions

Give me a call my phone is seven seven eight three two one zero four five three or just go website go test out see there’s all my contacts and and a lot of trucks we do financing zero down trade ins cash back bet credit whatever you need give me a call and i will take care of you guys and referral see if you have anybody looking for vehicle send him over to me

And i will send you check three hundred dollars thank you very much guys good to meet you again and we’ll see you soon bye-bye

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