2013 ram 1500 laramie longhorn e


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Hey this is mike i just want to show you this 2013 laramie longhorn it’s the ram with a hemi 5.7 liter and looks really nice it’s gotta to get all the features that you want and more than what you want really it’s got a lot of features that probably don’t even know that it has it’s got the ram boxes that’s that’s one feature of a lot right now but all you got to

Do is use your key fob and uh not only locks your outdoors it also lost your ram boxes and unlocks for locsin here’s the inside of this one you got the lights on the side this is ram box here in the middle and you’re the the key fob also up blocks that unlocks your tailgate this one’s got a spray and factory spray in bedliner it’s got the towing package it’s

Got the backup sensors and a backup camera a little camera right there and we get a read lock it because i’m gonna start it up because it has the remote start unlock it you hear that hammy rumbling now here’s the back see here’s the inside of the back door you see you got a stitching right here nice soft everything we got a pocket here and down there everything

Looks really sure if i hope it picks up really good in the camera you get the nice graham symbol right there or it’s got the it’s got the ram there with some barbed wire then you’ve got some carpet here built into the floor mat and is kind of embellished with some designs here on the sides and right here you’ve got the vents and power supply and your edit seat

Controls and for the back and and all that here’s a cup holder right here and and the embassy seats are brown i don’t know if that’s pick it up but very good but in the seats you’ve got this dish it and learn me long hornet or long horn addition which is really cool yeah so right here is the center armrest with cupholders that comes down and and these seats lift

Up on this side is the storage department now on the other side we’ve got the this has got the alpine sound system so you’ve got the subwoofer on that side so that’s really cool seats down sits down all right now you see how it’s got the long one there and there this one’s got the step sides already on it and this is a crew cab you got the full door here in the

Back all righty and the other thing is let’s have a lock the doors as long as you have the key in your pocket or in your hand or whatever all you got to do is just touch this handle it’ll on a lot for you it senses your hand and it senses the key it’ll just unlock alright now here’s the inside of the front door you’ve got your power window controls your power

Side mirrors but also they fold into you got a button here the photo man i’ll show you that in a second and lock it down lock the doors and all that and here’s your pockets here and cupholders and stuff by that ramp right there all right no front you’ve got the ram here but you’ve got the the format’s that are really nice to get that laramie longhorn symbol like

A metal symbol here and the carpet in the middle the seats have the memory seats lumbar support and all electronic i’ve been here already i’m going to turn the volume down on the music turn the fan down a little bit so it doesn’t interfere with the camera all righty so this has got everything like say right here that button i was tiny before of us the folding

Side mirrors you just push it like that and it goes in and it that side goes in as well so what i push it again just right back so get automatic headlights you’ve got the volume of stuff here on the back of the steering wheel if it was here volume down holding the steering wheel comfortably like this and i can access my fingers here back here turn the volume up

And down and i can change the track on this side with the same type of system different stations or different tracks now you’ve got the really cool really neat embellish to see if you can see that i’m gonna get a little closer on the gauges there let’s get a little designs of stuff it’s really cool right here in the middle see here all right i don’t left it okay

If you see that on the camera but it has the let’s see you can change change different things here higher pressure i mean it’s got like it basically all kinds of different options there for display on the on the digital on the digital speedometer here you’ve got the digital temperature on the top right and the compass on the top left and you’ve got nice ram here

In the steering wheel and your controls for that where i was at the buttons i was pushing is right here you can answer the phone here once you sync your phone with the bluetooth system and you could you connect and your cruise controls here for drive controls here check out the shifter that cool he’s got like stitching and stuff in it your trailer brake system is

There and it has heated steering wheel heated seats cooled seats and you got ac adapter there you can control stuff here but you can also control it here like right here or it’s just controls and you can change the settings there on your climate control your seats and stuff and it also has navigation like the view map shows will wrap so and you’ve got your digital

Temperature and the clock and all that stuff here at the top compass it tells you the speed limit and all that stuff where you’re driving and and it’s got you have to you can connect vices out devices i’ll show you that in a second but i’m gonna put it back on nav all right so you got a pocket there here cup holders here bucket here and here you got a power adapter

Power there and get a see their pocket all right here’s your center console see if you can see that with a sun it’s got that stitched patch right there so we need alright but there’s the big center console it’s thought bigger armrest comfortable looks nice and you know the first opening is right here and here is where you can add stuff to you connect system there’s

The usb auxiliary and sd input’ and also has a there’s a there’s a usb charger right there and of course you got a pocket here and a place to put change and stuff already and you can close that now the next opening is this place right here and there’s a big old space there’s a pocket on this corner here and over there is where your cd player is right there you

Put your cds in there there’s a pocket there all righty over here you’ve got some designs there and this is long one on the side laramie longhorn we got opening there and there’s your glove compartment now already and you got a pocket right here on the other side and the door the other side doors got lots of stuff seats are really cool-looking all righty up here

We’ve got the sliding back glass right here i’ll move that so you can see gonna open and close that alrighty and you got a sunroof which you can has a van so close that or you can um you know you can push a bit and they’ll pop up the back and close the van and get it backwards i put it up like that ok and close in you got your garage door controls here and let’s

Look at the visors we’ve got some lights and mirrors but the mirrors on that side – alrighty so yeah it’s got the alpine system i don’t know if you can see that little thing there and it sounded the sound system sounds really good i know this camera won’t do it justice so i try to show you here but yes it was really good in person hopefully it come through in the

Camera but yeah if you’re interested this vehicle you want to take it for a test drive check it out my name is mike and my phone number and email address will be in the description see you next time

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