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Altair Club Cars 2013 Honda Odyssey EX-L | Power Doors & Liftgate – 8 Passenger

2013 Honda Odyssey EX-L | Power Doors & Liftgate – 8 Passenger

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Hey everyone mike sherry here at paul sherry used cars behind me is this 2013 honda odyssey i’m not test driving it today this is a one owner minivan local trade-in and it’s just under 125 000 miles now it’s powered by the 3.5 liter v6 and hooked to the five-speed automatic transmission drives down the road really good it’s in a deep cherry exterior paint color

And yeah excited to review this for you today so let’s take a look i always like to check the front windshield for cracks and things and i don’t see any up there that looks good front end really looks good doesn’t look like it’s running into anything so that looks good coming down here so it’s got goodyear assurant tires on it i checked the tire date if you see

Here it says zero seven two one that means it was put on the seventh week of 2021. so just put on a year ago um and then we’ve got alloy wheels that those are put on there so honda alloy wheels pretty much brand new goodyear shirt tires and the tread shows it as well so not an expense you’re going to have really within too many miles so that’s good it does have

Keyless entry here with power sliding door feature and power liftgate in addition to your lock and unlock so i just opened up that door with the keyless entry this is an eight passenger so you’ve got the third seat here that can be removed if you don’t need it beans fit three in the second row three in the back row two up front for a total of eight has the rubber

Matting down here on the floor which is nice and then kind of above the passenger back here you have heating and air conditioning controls that they can control and then you can close the door either with the keyless entry or the button right there as we work our way back exterior really looks pretty good we’re gonna go ahead and open up the lift gate with the

Same keyless entry button there’s a few scratches here in the lift gate i notice a nice deep well down here these seats will fold down into that if you need more cargo space which is always nice kind of see how it does it there in the picture they call it the magic seat and it’s really easy to do just pull a couple of these straps here and then you can lower

It again with the keyless entry or push that button right up there it’ll give you a beep and a little bit of a warning so you can get out of the way that’s super handy if you got groceries in your hand or whatever it’s just nice to be able to push the automatic gate opener wiper has backup camera and defrosting rear window and as we come over to the driver’s side

There’s a few scratches that i notice on the exterior here nothing major it might even buff out when they get it through detail but a few scratches check out this power door i do always like to mention that financing is available and if you’re interested in that i’ll post a link down below where you can fill out your information right wherever you’re at on the

Device you’re on watching this video on so check that out i know a lot of our customers do that watch these videos all right as we come in take a look at the driver and passenger compartment driver seat really looks good a little bit of wear but nothing’s full through the leathers they use nice leather in these hondas power c and power lumbar again rubber matting

Down here and then as we come in we’ll go ahead and get it started here fires right up really runs out well we have 124 764 miles on this uh there is no um warning lights on on the dash which you can see there which is nice and then let’s start looking at the options here so it’s got the power doors you can control that in the liftgate here and you can turn

Them off so you don’t want them on maybe kids messing with them whatever also you have traction control you have power mirrors locks and power windows steering wheel is leather wrapped and at your fingertips you’ve got the hands-free connectivity volume and tuning for your radio and then on the right side you have your cruise control so a lot right here at your

Fingers got the big color radio up there i’m going to put it in reverse check out that backup camera nice big color screen there that was a big deal back in 2013 and then here we have your heat and air conditioning controls there’s three zones you have your driver zone your passenger zone and you can control the rear zone here as well which is really nice you

Also have heated seats up front here in the driver and passenger area does have a cd player looks like it has am fm and sirius xm as well as cd and usb and then this here will control that screen what shows up there power outlets ox port it says cool box down here a couple beverage holders nice deep tray there does have an opening skylight up here controls for

Your garage door openers and all that right there so really it checks out really well it is a 2013 so by name no means perfect but i definitely think the last customer took real good care of it based on its condition oh yeah i did pull up the history report it shows out really well it’s showing it’s a one owner which i told you and never been in any accidents or

Anything and scores better than the rest which i would agree this is a about as nice as it comes for a 2013 honda odyssey so this is something you’re looking for maybe for you and your family some you know honda reliability transportation get a hold of one of our representatives they’ll be happy to assist you and as always thanks for watching if you like my stuff

You want to help me out just subscribe or even comment down below i always like to see those so thanks for hanging out with me today and we’ll see you soon bye

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