2013 chevrolet trax 4 guys in a
Altair Club Cars 2013 Chevrolet Trax: 4 Guys In A Car review

2013 Chevrolet Trax: 4 Guys In A Car review

This is it: Chevrolet’s smallest SUV since, well, the Tracker. Unlike the Tracker, though, this is no tough off-roader—this is a crossover, built on the Sonic compact car platform.

How’s the turning circle look it’s really good that was great a telling it for the city this thing’s like that every still ride and merry gonna do that right in front of the police officer ah it’s christmas time he won’t mind this is for guys in the chevrolet trax which sounds more like breakfast cereal than a car it’s like a chevy sonic crossover right yes if i

Goodness a chevy sonic out back his tracks a contraction for a tracker that’s funny you say that because if you read the press material on this thing you’re like leeds gm’s first entry into the compact suv market and i’m like no one remember the chevy tracker i remember it it’s not an equinox like matt said because it’s underneath it’s all the greasy bits from the

Sonic subcompact okay so it’s platform and suspension in its engine which is the 1.4 liter turbo so can you get a slower motor hell worst motor in this well no but i mean that’s a like in the sonic when you when you drive the tracks the turbo engine i think it’s because of how the transmission is geared it’s a six-speed automatic it’s very aggressive in its shifting

And it won’t let the motor kind of spool up too high speed so even though it does make decent power you never really get like this real rush of power that you would expect from a turbo engine you can get there if you kind of look pop it into manual and then use these little buttons but otherwise this thing starts at roughly eight just over $18,000 and loaded up

With everything all wheel drive leather seats the fancy radio everything it’s still under 30 so i mean yeah you’re not getting you know bmw quality right here but your house you’re also getting a really all wheel drive vehicle but woody beam under 30 these seven ish you want you throwing tax and stuff on it it’ll probably get to like 32 that’s that’s like the base

Price of a hyundai santa fe i mean you’re something you would be getting the base motor but you’re getting a much bigger vehicle as well that you don’t want big that’s the whole thing about this tracks that i like it’s really small yeah okay why not buy a subaru impreza it’s cheaper it’s got all-wheel drive it’s a hatchback it’s got more space has a cvt back and

Close i look for a lot of people there isn’t a subaru dealer near them plus people buy suvs because they sit higher than in a car and that’s that’s one of the key reasons suvs are so fashionable these days you get a better view if you want to waste thousands and thousands of dollars to sit like that much higher you know that’s fine but it’s not a waste i mean you

Know the this the trax is a great size for the city i drove it in san francisco and that that city is crazy with its traffic and it was it was great in that environment i don’t think you want to you don’t you don’t want to buy this if you live in saskatoon or winnipeg but for for urban dwellers who want a little crossover this is great i was driving the the tracks

A few days ago and after great trouble and expense of sourcing a japanese dub cd from the mid 90s i found to my disappointment that i wasn’t able to actually play it in this vehicle because there’s no cd slot and if you’re an older buyer or someone who listens to cds can you can you get in the cd player and this thing though this is the first vehicle we’ve yet

Encountered that deep cd player has been you know showing the same door that the 8-track and the tape deck work if you look at especially the cargo area it’s it’s relatively small you know could we fit our big stroller in it and all the stuff that comes with the kids probably not at least right now you know when we have all that stuff so for a really young family

As the primary vehicle probably not a good idea but if your kids are a little bit older maybe or as a second vehicle for sure and actually it’s funny because my dad has actually been asking me a lot about the tracks because you know he’s a retired guy and him and my mum like road trips and that kind of thing so he likes the idea of something compact with a really

Easy ingress and egress to get into the car and the fact that you know it’s it’s sort of practical but it’s not as big as an equinox now rad has been avoiding bumps in the tracks why have you been avoiding bumps brad when you drive this car the road is not super smooth the dashboard rattles like a like a box of walnut and i don’t mean to be rude but i think it’s i

Mean it’s funny because michael and i were talking about this the other day when we first picked the tracks up it’s funny how the americans still can’t seem and it’s not just yet it’s ford and chrysler too they still can’t seem to build the initial run of their cars as well as say the five hundredth car off the line so this tracks were guessing is one of the first

On canadian soil most of the car is put together very very well but there is a distinct rattle in the dash that kind of drives you a bit nuts especially driving in toronto where you’re going to railway tracks the roads are broken and hopefully it’s something that would be probably burnt there and be sorted as we know as production goes along that’s why they call

It the tracks because it’s got traction yes there you go i could i can work in a gm marketing department

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