2013 2018 ram 1500 back seat mod
Altair Club Cars 2013-2018 Ram 1500 Back Seat Modification Tutorial

2013-2018 Ram 1500 Back Seat Modification Tutorial

Tutorial on how to modify your rear seat SAFELY in order to get the back to fold down as well. Step by Step process.

Today we’re gonna be doing a back seat modification no.1 1500 it comes up like this back seat comes up but it does not allow you to fold this part down there’s no way to do this so we’re gonna make a slight modification to this seat i saw a video on youtube i’ll make my own i’ll show you what needs to do step by step so we have two bolts on either side to hold the

Seat in place 18 millimeter wrench will do it i’m gonna take these off and then i’ll show you the second step alright now we got one side out we’re gonna do the other side these also have a lot tied on them so it’s gonna it takes a minute to get them out it takes forever actually but again one ball here one ball here okay so finally after 20 minutes of playing

With a boat i got this thing off what we’re gonna do here is we are going to go get a hacksaw and cut just to the bottom of this plastic thing off that should give us enough lift to get the seat up and may i’ll fold it down like this so you can actually put stuff behind here too so that is the goal at the moment and so i am off to lowe’s to get a hacksaw and we will

Cut these off all right guys we’re back from lowe’s and i just got a hacksaw we are going to use this and just use this plastic piece as a guide now we’re going to cut this part of the metal part off just flush with this plastic piece all right as you can see here i cut it flush with this piece and now when we actually picked the bottom of the seat up it should give

Us enough clearance for the top to be able to fold down now but it does not compromise the structure of the seat because this just clips in to these hooks here and now we should just be able to just pick up the seat so i’m gonna do the other side we’ll come back alright so now i went ahead and put the seat back up as you can see it still locked into place what i’m

Gonna do let’s try to put in one of these bolts down here and now i’ll probably put loctite back on these just to make sure that they’re secure so i’m gonna go and get some loctite real quick these one bolt back in to make sure that this thing sits down properly alright guys we were done with this backseat modification i will show you how it works i may need two

Hands so bear with me so now you can still pick bottom on your seat up but i gotta fold down just like that so again you see the back seat is secure no problem and now you can actually use behind the seat to is just under but again you can just pull it up like normal back seats gonna stay in place or so this again pick it up about half way that slides forward so

Now you get extra and source diffic here and that there you go guys so we’re done with that all you need is a 15 dollar hacksaw and an eight millimeter ratchet for a wrench so yes thank you for watching this video if you have any questions let me know in the comments below take care and have a nice day

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2013-2018 Ram 1500 Back Seat Modification Tutorial By Jd turbo

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