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Altair Club Cars 2013-2018 Nissan Altima Control Arm Replacement

2013-2018 Nissan Altima Control Arm Replacement

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What’s up everybody!

Hey what’s going on everybody today we’re gonna be doing a hell – on control arms on a fifth gen nissan altima that’s 2013 to 2018 so let’s get into it now alright so here is our signs of where i’m off that light might be too bright but if you look at that bushing see metal exposed in there so see she is bad cracking on that one as well see it hard but yeah she’s

Cracked up so this one definitely is the worst of the two but let’s go ahead and get this thing out of here guys alright guys so the first thing we’re gonna do is get out the bolt holding the control arm to the knuckle this is a 18 mil so we’re gonna do a 18 mil impact on that have 18 mil wrench on the other side where the nut is so we’re gonna go ahead and hold

That 18 wheeler inch for our impacting the bolt out so let’s go to get that done alright so now that we have that knucklebone out we’re gonna go ahead and approach these two bolts that are holding the control arm to the subframe and they are both 21 millimeter bolts and 21 millimeter nuts so 21 millimeters on both sides so what you want to do is take a wrench for

The top nut and then have a socket wrench or an impact for the bottom so i’m gonna really get backyard style here guys i don’t have a 21 millimeter so i do have an adjustable however that is exactly 21 mil at full expansion there so look you got that on there nice and tight so i’ll be using this for both of these nuts while i shoot the bottom bolt out with the

Impact so let’s go ahead and get them out now get this out but we’re a little bit stuck here oh good you got that out so just put this to the side and make sure you know which one is which because the front bolt is a different size than the back one so make sure you don’t mix these up okay guys we’re onto the rear one phyllis who are adjustable in there i’m

Gonna hold that in place just blast this thing off i’m going to ratchet the rest of the way just because i don’t have enough space between this and the impact to get the bolt out so we’re go ahead ratchet the rest off and then we’ll start trying to get the control arm out there we go guys like i said note that this one is longer than the front one so longer one

Goes to the rear shorter one goes to the front so make sure you put these in the right spot all right we got a lower bullet tell guys we’re gonna go ahead and start trying to get this thing out so i have an assortment of pry tools we’re gonna go ahead and try to start with the knuckles that try it out and then we’ll move on to the rest so let’s see if we can get

This thing out guys easy work gosh alright so as you saw we got that control arm out so here is the old one it was worn on these bushings although not being flexed off of the car it’s a little bit harder to see but you can see some of that breakage around that so definitely was time um this is the replacement we got some back or knees which actually looked

Pretty nice that’s the part number right there you match these up so the original one i mean they really look good they got the same type of markings on both sides the only difference is that horses have the nissan badge these don’t obviously they’re aftermarket but with the price i paid for these and the quality that it looks like i’m not really too upset so

Looks pretty good let’s go ahead and try to get in the car guys alright guys she’s somewhat in fought long and hard with this thing honestly you could probably get away with just disconnecting a control arm sliding it back in but i didn’t have much luck guys i decided to disconnect the strut and it made it a lot easier so i was able to slide that in and then

Jack up the knuckle with the rotor out of the way till all the bottom of the control arm to slide under and seat into the knuckle so that’s how i did it slide that corner first and this one it’s got to be even that’s the only way i really was able to get it in because if you haven’t want to angle these bolt holes we’re not going to line up you might get the top to

Line up and at the bottom or the bottom not the top vice versa or whatever but this connectiveness truck made it easier so this is a real-world situation you know sometimes these youtube videos make stuff look easy sometimes i haven’t makes them look easy because sometimes it is but this was not a fun job guys to be honest what you’re getting out was easy getting

It back in hold another story so that’s how i had to do it i made adjustments got these out allowed me to get this in so sometimes you just got to go a step further to get that step in that you really need to do so let’s go ahead button this up and i’ll show you guys all the specs alright guys so now that we’ve got the control arm in it’s pretty much finger tight

Same thing with the shock bolt so if you disassembled the shock the torque spec for these bolts is a hundred and twenty-two foot-pounds so we’re going to torque these to 122 foot-pounds if you’re cool when you got this out without taking the shock off well good for you go ahead and you can go and move to the step but we’re to go ahead and torque these on to 122

Foot baths all right guys i know we got the strut torque done we’re going to go ahead and actually move to the control arm so we’re gonna go ahead and do this bolt first now this lower knuckle bolt actually took me a little bit of time to get through there’s a notch on the end of the control arm also a team that nods right here you kind of got to get that notch in

The home so i had to play with it while looking through the hole in order to find the perfect circle in there so i could slide this through so got it in though guys so it’s in there you see we’re in there good it’s in the right position so we’re gonna go ahead and tighten this down and torque a dispatch all right guys so we’re gonna go ahead and torque this down

We’re expecting 72 foot petals so let’s go ahead and get this thing torqued in and move on to the back to control arm bolts alright guys so we got the knuckle mount right here we got that torque to 72 foot-pounds now we’re going to go ahead and get the last two rear bolts these are both a hundred and fourteen foot pounds so these 21 mills are 115 let’s go ahead

Start getting this torque alright guys and we’re gonna go ahead and get this last one torqued and that’s going to be a hundred and fourteen foot-pounds as well all right guys we got everything back together it’s definitely not the funnest job but you know we got everything torque to spec i did disconnect the strut like i said that was just me you might not have to

You know made it easier for me i mean it’s two bolts and i gave you the torque spec i don’t know you know but it’s kind of easy but you

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2013-2018 Nissan Altima Control Arm Replacement By BeeCee Built

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