2012 volvo s60 cel p0301 and p03
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2012 Volvo S60 CEL P0301 and P0300

This 2012 Volvo s60 t5 has been stuttering under hard acceleration accompanied by a flashing check engine light. It also has developed a hard cylinder 1 misfire. Let’s figure out why.

Hey guys welcome back not enough projects today we have some daily driver maintenance and well troubleshooting really uh this is a 2012 volvo s60 t5 i believe i bought this for i think it was like 1200 or something with a failed timing belt the timing belt had snapped and obviously all the valves had bent so long story short the head was reworked and i put it

Back on this thing’s got a pretty cool motor in it it’s a inline five with a turbo and really it’s pretty quick for what it is it’s really a pretty fun car to drive i mean it’s not the sportiest car but you know it gets out of its own way pretty good i don’t drive this car very often but i’ve been told it has symptoms that tell me it’s misfiring so down on

Power running rough shaking so you know classic misfire symptoms so we’re gonna see if it’s gonna do it for us answer is no it is running nice and smooth right now there’s no check engine light so this thing’s running pretty smooth it’s got a little bit of a shake but it’s an inline five so it always does i am noticing i hear a little squeak if you hear that

That might be an idler sling and it looks like the belt is starting to shred so that’s awesome something i’m gonna have to look at great so we’re gonna we’re gonna be dealing with an intermittent issue obviously but from the way it was described to me it was a pretty violent shaking but they said the check engine light never came on so that’s a little bit strange

Usually these later models are more than smart enough to figure out when there’s a dead miss all right i went ahead and pulled codes there’s no fault code stored current pending or historic so how about we take it out on a quick little drive and see if we can replicate the issue okay so the check engine light blinks under full throttle which indicates obviously

Misfire but it’s running smooth right now check engine light is still blinking though and it turned off check engine light blinked briefly there and it stopped i’m gonna slow back down again try it didn’t do it that time let’s see if that ended up storing any codes all right bingo it’s it’s misfiring right now it’s probably not very obvious on camera but

It’s shaking not horribly but it is shaking okay so there is a stored pending fault for cylinder one misfire i’m really surprised the check engine light’s not on right now because it feels like a dead miss now it doesn’t feel as bad as if it were say a four-cylinder because this is a five-cylinder so one of the cylinders missing impacts it less balance wise

Obviously though it still affects it there you go you can see the engine jumping okay so now we’re gonna pull cylinder one coil harness i gotta go grab a pick all right here we go no change see no change so cylinder one is a dead miss i’m really surprised the check engine light’s not on for that but hey whatever all right let’s pull cylinder two and this

Should cause a pretty drastic change well that’s a hard one to get to let’s pull uh three see running quite a bit worse that probably threw a check engine light no okay surprising you can see big difference there but again one no difference let’s try two actually just for kicks see watch me not be able to get it back in go on there we go all right so i’m

Pretty confident we’re dealing with the cylinder one issue spark probably most likely so let’s shut her down and i think i do have an extra coil we can give a try and we’ll check the plug as well all right so we gotta get this timing belt cover out of the way it takes a t30 and yeah uh i’m sure you guys see the oil up top and that’s probably leaking out of

The breather hose up there i have it clamped with a zip tie right now because if i remember right the factory uses a non-removable permanent type clamp so i just need to get something a little bit more clamping force on there obviously this stuff is all very hot all right now we have full access that could be our culprit you guys see the oil in there oh yeah

We have a leaking valve cover of course awesome this thing was not rebuilt very long ago and this is weird but the the sealant that the manual called for is this weird blue like toothpaste looking stuff that doesn’t harden it stays as a liquid you can see it in there i was kind of skeptical of it but i used it because that’s what it called for so i don’t know

If i used it improperly or what but uh yeah it’s leaking so that is awesome that could be our issue there this thing does burn oil pretty quickly like all of the 2012 volvos with this motor it’s a really well known issue so also a carboned up spark plug could be contributing to this just from burning oil so we can pop the plug out and check but first i’m going

To want to soak up most that oil all that i can get at least it’s obviously got carbon build up on it from burning oil however looks like it’s been cleaning on the ground strap at least it could do with a new set of plugs i’m sure that wetness is from the oil and the plug well okay well let’s use the rag and clean up the plug well as best we can again okay

Well i say let’s put the other coil in give it a go see if this fixer issue and we can go from there we’re gonna leave the plug alone for now just so that we are we’re changing only one thing at a time yeah hopefully you guys can see the ground strap is kind of getting cleaned from the heat like it’s supposed to i mean obviously there’s a lot of build up

But all right so i’m just going to get the plug back in and put in our replacement coil this is just a junkyard one i have laying around i had to pick up a couple because the i think one of the two of the coils went bad from sitting or something when we first started up this car so i’ve had to replace them before so we’ll give this one a go all right i’m going

To leave the upper cover off just in case we got to do any more monkeying around in there so i’m going to go take this for a quick drive see if we have the same symptoms and if anything happens i’ll let you guys know okay so we’re back at a solid dead mess cylinder one misfire i pulled the code and we have a set check engine light so either the plug is too fouled

Up to be giving reliable spark or any spreak at all with this dead mess or we have some other kind of issue going on here so i’m going to drive back and we’ll take another look oh you can see the motor clearly misfiring we do have a code set this time so how about we swap number one spark plug with number two and we can also compare the look of the two if that

Solves it then we’re just gonna need to throw another set of plugs in this thing because otherwise we’re gonna need to tear it back down and you know do a ring service okay here’s number one and here’s number two number two is clearly burning quite a bit less oil than number one it’s a little wet because there is also uh a small amount of oil in the plug well

But you can see there’s some buildup but not nearly as much as cylinder number one so i’m putting my money on a fouled plug so uh it would be a good idea to just swap them out now but i’m gonna swap these two and see if the spark if the misfire follows the spark plug okay plugs are switched we are clearly misfiring slope to shake check engine light is not on

Yet i’m going to drive it for just a second see if it’ll come on and tell us which cylinder if not we’ll do the old unplug the coil trick and see what happens it doesn’t want to seem to throw a code so we will pop the oh that’s i guess i just needed to say that because now through code so i’m going to pull that and i’ll let you guys know what it says okay so it’s

Thrown a p 0 300 and a p0 301 so it’s still a cylinder one misfire but this time also a random saunder misfire so the ecm could be misreporting a senator two misfires that i don’t know but we did have a change we didn’t have the random misfire before so that’s kind of indicating to me that we need to put a new plug set of plugs in this which it needs anyways

Um you can see number one’s fouled up or the one that wasn’t number one is filed up so we’ll do that and we’ll see if we see any kind of improvement if not then we’re gonna need to do some more digging into cylinder number one all right i’ve got our new plugs let’s go ahead and swap them out and see if it helps our issue at all we’re gonna need a towel to clean

Up cylinder three alrighty here’s what we’re working with that one’s wet number three is wet just because of the valve cover leak see heavy deposits on number one number five number three number four number two is not bad so we’ll switch them out i’m sure these are not helping looks like these are the exact same plugs as what we have in there oh i know these

Are xps these are aps maybe these are platinum and these were iridium i don’t remember you see the electrode is different hopefully you can see that i’m gonna go grab some never seas it’s not a bad idea to check the gap when you’re installing these i’m just these are pre-grapped so i’m just inspecting them visually making sure they’re all fairly similar to each

Other all right new plugs are in so it’s time to do a little bit of testing on her and see how she does okay so we are still misfiring and i cleared the codes just so you know see if they come back and we have a pending sunder one misfire is still ongoing we are gonna need to do a little bit more digging so we’re now mildly confident that our spark is good i guess

It’s possible our replacement coil is also faulty but that seems unlikely so let’s check our fuel i do feel cylinder number one the injector is clicking away i just feel it in my finger so we know the the injector is at least firing it’s still possible there’s some kind of issue there however unlikely so let’s check our coil again let’s swap it out for the

Other one see if there’s any change at all if there is then we’ll know there’s possibly something there if there’s no change then we’ll know we need to look elsewhere all right coil is swapped out no misfire very smooth interesting okay just to be sure let’s swap it one more time and see i’ve got the junkyard coil back in that red marking is their warranty mark

It feels like it’s missing that’s wacky so i guess i mean obviously this junkyard coil is faulty but now we have to decide whether our previous misfire under acceleration and it was doing this kind of dead mess was due to the coil the original coil so it is possible that we have two faulty coils that we were swapping between each other with the factory one

Being intermittently faulty and this one being continually faulty so let’s swap the factory one back in and see if we can get it to replicate the dead mess again all right the original factory coils in nice smooth idle revs really easy like we would hope so i’m going to go drive it see if i can get it to go back into that miss like we did originally if i

Can i’ll bring you guys in and see what’s going on guys i’ve been driving around for a while flooring it you know just driving like a an idiot basically trying to get it to misfire and if you remember back before under heavy acceleration once it got up around 5000 it would start misfiring and blink the check engine light i can hold it all the way up to 6500 and

It does nothing so i think for now we’re gonna call it good it must have been some weird i mean thing of chance where basically the spark plugs were bad or fouled really they were causing a misfire especially under high cylinder pressure like you would have up at 5000 rpm and switching out the coil was just a red herring because the junkyard coil is defective

Obviously because it runs fine on the oem coil the other one’s oem as well but it must have gone bad with age or something i don’t know but uh yeah i mean we’re gonna drive it around a little bit if there ends up being an issue i’ll bring you guys back and let you know if not i think we’ll call it here and call it fixed hopefully if this did fix it somebody else

Had this issue i think it’s related to the oil burning problem that these 2012 volvos have and hopefully this will help somebody else solve their issue so i’ll see you guys next time thanks for watching

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