2012 toyota tundra double cab vs
Altair Club Cars 2012 Toyota Tundra Double Cab vs. CrewMax

2012 Toyota Tundra Double Cab vs. CrewMax


Hi everybody good afternoon jr. tate here rorick toyota right down on the ave west liberty avenue for one to two nine zero for one to six today i get a lot of questions from customers what’s the difference between a crewmax and a double cab tundra this is our 2012 tundra double cab notice first just the doors you have one regular door handle on there and then you have

Another little door handle on the back just to show you the difference here opening the front door show you the interior room real quickly here lots of space ample legroom in there for anything that you might need to do now the back door even though it has a different door handle it does open regularly it’s not a suicide door like some of the vehicles out there if

You’d open up the back there that sort of shows you the legroom in a tundra double cab truck a little bit shorter door good bit of room back there but not much as you’ll see in the crew backs if you watch my other video specifically on the crew max nice truck lots of equipment right now we have 0% financing up to 60 months on these vehicles or a $2,750 rebate once

Again called junior take for your toyota tundra today down on the ave west liberty avenue four one two two nine zero four one two six or you can visit my website website at junior take calm thanks hi welcome folks jr. tate rorick toyota here for you down on the ave west liberty avenue at four one two two nine zero four one two six part two of the tundra crewmax

Versus double cab videos this vehicle is a 2012 tundra crewmax you’ll notice if you looked at the other vehicle the vehicle has two full doors on it and two regular handles to open those doors that’s the first thing glaring thing that that sticks out at you just to show you the inside of these vehicles first again versus the double cab room in the front is pretty

Much the same again ample space for anybody workers anything you might need to get into the truck lots of nice room there the big difference is in the back first and foremost you notice the door handle here and then secondly the the room in the backseat i mean it is it hate to say it night and day between the double cab but there’s a lot of space back here a lot

Of room for three three people to sit comfortably no problem all problem at all a little bit bigger than that double cab i showed in video number one here but again this is the 2012 toyota tundra crewmax vehicle this is actually a limited give me a call today junior at four one two two nine zero four one two six or stop by and see me you want to learn more about

Me check out my website at junior tate comm look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon thanks

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2012 Toyota Tundra Double Cab vs. CrewMax By Junior Tate

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