2012 toyota tundra crewmax plati
Altair Club Cars 2012 Toyota Tundra Crewmax Platinum 4WD 5.7L V8

2012 Toyota Tundra Crewmax Platinum 4WD 5.7L V8

Thank you for visiting west coast auto enthusiasts today we’re featuring in 2012 toyota tundra this is a crew max it shows up as a limited it’s got platinum edition equipment on it it’s a clean title clean carfax car you know we can finance that through alaska federal credit union and we welcome trades we can also put an extended warranty on it out until a hundred

Thousand miles so we took this on trade from a customer he bought it from kuni he was just looking to downsize on his his car payment and his loan so we sold him a nice older 7 series and took this on trade we don’t deal with pickups a lot which is funny because i’ve got about four of them in here right now it’s a 5.7 liter that’s got a towing capacity of up

Around 10,000 pounds this is a tow package car which means that it’s got focus there we go it’s got larger brakes on it’s got an oil cooler and a transmission cooler and then of course the hitch itself and the electronics for the hitch so super-clean it’s got front and rear parking sensors as you can see i think they call it sonar actually you can see the trailer

Hitch there it’s got bed liner in it also beds in good shape so it’s got gertz good service history on it they did a water pump i think about a year ago here and have to go 60,000 miles on it and i’m not really sure i don’t understand the difference between you can’t in the 2012 we’re not able to select the platinum package although it is you can see it’s badge

To platinum so it’s got heated and cooled seats navigation bluetooth backup camera super nice for a truck i mean trucks aren’t really trucks anymore there i mean god when i was growing up a truck no air conditioning was like one of the options that’s like no they’re just i got all kinds of gear on them so anyways on it’s got black interior it’s been well taken

Care of it’s super clean you can see that i’ve got a power rear window in the back sunroof its wood trim it’s got jeep jbl sound on it so there’s your door trim leather they concede that perforated leather in the center here that’s provides the ventilation on the seats sunroof so i’ve got one master key but that’s also acts as an alarm so i’ll start it just walk

You through the gear real quick so you can see the passenger side door it’s clean them and there’s really not any signs of wear and tear anywhere on this thing so there’s your dash near your display up front so automatic transmission which i think i don’t can’t get them in i don’t know maybe we can get in manuals so you’ve got a you’ve got driving you’ve got the

Ability to shift manual if you wanted to your tow haul package this is operates the back window so just to show you that it works and then traction control is here so he didn’t ventilated seats driver side and passenger usb and aux input do a lot of climates control your transfer case which is two wheel drive for high and then for low so this is your basically the

Brains or the high drive or mmi as the european stuff would be called so if you put it in there’s your backup camera you’ve got a sun or if you hit the sonar sensor up here see that that’s cool so backup camera you’ve got satellite radio you have a six disc changer you have am/fm you’ve also got bluetooth so operates through your stereo system so that’s nice and

Then of course navigation so you’re onboard information selectable through your onboard computer system the ability to change or setup your settings and the sonar multifunction steering wheel so you’ve got cruise over here you’ve got voice activation bluetooth volume control and your ability to scroll through radio stations or cds over here you’ve got a rear in

The bed rsca which is a form of traction control power folding mirrors you’ve got driver’s side mirror our driver’s side memory settings heated mirrors as you’re gonna notice on that little indication there and then signal indicators on your mirrors as i mentioned it’s got jbl sound on it sixty-eight thousand eight hundred and sixty seven miles trying to think what

Else i think that’s about it so really well-equipped again the platinum badging it shows up as eliminated you can in thirteen that changes so i don’t know if they made it how that designation is different but this is a platinum package as opposed to or an option level i guess as opposed to a trim level anyway super clean car if you’ve got questions or would like

Additional information please feel free to contact us we can be reached at 503 two two seven two three five four and we’d like to thank you for visiting west coast auto enthusiast

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2012 Toyota Tundra Crewmax Platinum 4WD 5.7L V8 By West Coast Auto Enthusiasts

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