2012 ram 3500 laramie longhorn 6
Altair Club Cars 2012 RAM 3500 LARAMIE LONGHORN 6.7 HIGH OUTPUT CUMMINS MEGA CAB#FraziersFriends


2012 Ram 3500 Laramie Longhorn Flame Red Clearcoat 4WD Cummins 6.7L I6 Turbodiesel 6-Speed Automatic

Good morning corey frazier here with castle auto sales and hashtag frasier’s friends uh today in the pouring rain i’m going to be doing a video walk around of this 2012 ram 3500 laramie longhorn six seven cummins high output pre-def diesel uh that was a mouthful uh but just like in all my videos we’re gonna do the outside uh we’ll do the inside condition and

Features i’ll turn it over let’s see the dash on the lights that you hear it run but first we’re just going to get outside condition whatever features there may be then we’ll get to the inside here in just a moment but as you’re seeing i’m getting both angles for you as well so you can see condition you’ll be able to see if there’s any dents dings dimples those

Kind of things uh but absolutely gorgeous uh six seven cummins again pre-dead free admissions um you know very popular very sought after i’m sure you know if you’re watching this video uh we do have a couple of other um 11 12 212s and 11 uh six seven cummins pre-def in stock at the moment um laramie and up but as you can see it has the wheels tires running

Boards uh back up camera backup sensors tow pack um there’s a bed here it does have an extra fuel tank in the back i think it’s a 100 gallon tank so keep that in mind exhaust tip tires are dang near new if not new uh just a good looking truck tinted windows rain guards uh does have the remote start might as well just go ahead and do that now all right let’s

Get to the inside condition and features flip up tow mirrors uh we do deliver nationwide including hawaii and alaska just reach out give me a call or a text for further information and some quotes stuff like that uh but you have uh power windows power locks power memory seats heated and cooled seats the laramie longhorn saddle type leather sunroof dvd player

Center console let’s get the passenger side here hopefully this rain isn’t growing in the video here but i love how these mega cab doors open up so wide in the back it’s crazy um but again the saddle leather the seats power rear slider rear heated seats rear entertainment all the goodies just a gorgeous truck factory trailer brake pedal adjuster steering wheel

Controls there’s a mileage there let me just turn it over here real quick there we go i’ll back this up so you can kind of see everything best i can here but you got the media center navigation backup exhaust brake heated and cooled seats heated steering wheel four-wheel drive can shift manually auto dim rear view mirror and the steering wheel controls let me

Turn on some lights it’s coming down in seattle today folks well guys hopefully this helped answer some questions um you know if there’s anything that i may have missed or you’d like me to come out take photos shoot another video walk around again if you’re on the islands in hawaii up in alaska nationwide my contact information information is in the description

Below you can reach out give me a call or text and i can get you that instant poke for delivery transformation go over all the details i do want to say thank you for your time and consideration and hopefully we can earn your business we’ll see you next time guys

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2012 RAM 3500 LARAMIE LONGHORN 6.7 HIGH OUTPUT CUMMINS MEGA CAB👀💪💪💪💪💯👀#FraziersFriends By #FraziersFriends

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